Lucius sat in his office trying to push Hermione from his head by overloading himself with work. He hoped in time she would cool down and he would be able to explain himself. Even though he knew he didn't deserve an explanation, he had a feeling dating him would mean drama no matter what. If it wasn't one thing there would always be something around the corner.

"Lucius" Hermione whispered.

Lucius didn't bother looking up. He had been hearing her voice all day and his heart couldn't handle looking up and not seeing her there again.

"Lucius please" Hermione pleaded.

Lucius took a deep breath and looked up. His chair crashed behind him when he bolted to his feet. He rushed around his desk and smashed his knee on the corner.

"OH LUCIUS!! Are you okay?" Hermione gasped and rushed to his side.

"I don't know, am I?" He looked down into her eyes.

Hermione wanted to tell him yes, that Samantha had told her the truth, and she had heard about his involvement with Amycus' arrest. So many things were going through her head she didn't know where to start. So she stalled by kissing Lucius.

His warm breath mixing with hers felt like such a relief. She never thought they had kissed much before but his lips felt so familiar she got lost in the moment.

"That certainly helped my condition" Lucius smiled.

"I'm so sorry. I jumped to conclusions before and I'm sorry I didn't give you the chance to explain" Hermione's voice broke in desperation.

"It's ok. I'm use to people jumping to conclusions with me" Lucius smiled back.

"But I shouldn't have! You shouldn't have to worry about that from your girlfriend ….or …erm… whatever I am" Hermione stuttered. She was nervous saying girlfriend; she wasn't sure their relationship had gotten to such a definable point.

"I wouldn't use girlfriend either………You're much more than that" Lucius admitted and locked Hermione into another kiss.

Her head was spinning after the emotional rollercoaster his words sent her on. She was gitty with excitement; this rough and tough ex-death eater might really love her. His words sure sounded like it and his kiss defiantly felt like it.

"Don't you want to know what made me change my mind" Hermione asked regretting breaking up the kiss.

"Not particularly. All I care about is that your back" Lucius replied.

"Will you stop being charming for one second so we can talk this through" Hermione said taking a step back.

"Hermione you have to see it from my point of view. I don't deserve you, so I'm going to do what ever it takes to keep you around" Lucius said closing the gap between them again.

"No I don't deserve you" Hermione put a hand on his chest.

"Now you're not making any sense" Lucius said and wiped a tear off her cheek.

"Samantha came by…" Hermione started.

"Hermione you have to understand about Samantha……" Lucius said quickly.

"No I do. She told me it was all her fault" Hermione said.

"She did!!!" Lucius felt like he was in another world. He could never imagine Samantha admitting fault, or speaking eye to eye with Hermione.

"She also told me what you did to Amycus…for me" Hermione continued.

Lucius fell silent. He wasn't sure he wanted Hermione to know. He didn't know how she would react and even more how Harry would react.

"It's ok. I think it's amazing, probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me" Hermione admitted.

"Ruining a man, humiliating him, tearing apart his marriage and lively hood, then having him thrown in jail is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you? You are a strange girl" Lucius laughed.

"I guess I've just been dating the wrong men" Hermione laughed back.

Lucius picked her up and walked her into his room. He laid her down on his bed. Her hair flared out under her head and she looked beautiful.

"Will you do something for me?" Hermione asked.

"Anything" Lucius leaned over her so he could be closer to her.

"No magic" Hermione winked.

Lucius laughed and placed his mouth gently on hers. She let his tongue open her mouth and swipe across her teeth. She pushed her tongue against his and found her way into his mouth. He tasted so sweet.

She pushed him back onto his feet, as she sat in front of him on the bed she found the clasps to his robes. She began unfastening them as the butterflies in her stomach started flying around. When the garment suddenly fell from his shoulders revealing his bare chest she had to catch her breath. She immediately was distracted and began tracing his muscles with the tips of her fingers.

She found the waist of his pants and slid them down his thighs. She placed on hand on his very erect penis and pulled her hair to one side.

"I don't think I could handle not having you in my arms any longer" Lucius sighed and pulled Hermione up to her feet.

He placed his hands around her waist and slowly ran his fingers under her shirt and up over her head. He kissed her shoulders and the base of her neck. He could feel the vibrations of her moan in her throat. He reached around and unfastened her bra. He let it drop to the floor as he massaged her breasts. He felt her nipples get hard in his hand and moved his lips from her neck to lick them.

"Lucius…please" Hermione managed. She was beginning to lose her senses and she didn't want to miss anything.

She quickly wiggled out of her skirt and fell back onto the bed. Lucius crawled over her and kiss her with every bit of passion he could muster. He reached down and positioned himself between her legs. She buried her face in his neck and pushed her hips up to him.

He slipped into her easily. The days of missing him had left her very susceptible to his touch. In all honesty just being in the same room as him brought her close to orgasm. Lucius held her in a kiss as he molded her to fit him and she gripped his back for dear life. He found a rhythm she agreed with and they had to break off the kiss to get enough air. She could feel her body warm from head to toe. His strokes were long and increased with intensity at every beat.

She was getting hypnotized by the rhythm, so she stopped him in mid stroke. She planted both hands on his chest and rolled him over on his back. She leaned in and nibbled on his ear as she slid him back inside her. She rocked back and forth, rotating her hips left then right. She tried to keep switching things up but his cock pushed against her just right and she couldn't help herself. She pulled back and made him rub against the spot again and again. Her head fell backwards and she braced herself on his knees.

He reached down and pressed his thumb against her clit. He could feel himself reaching his climax and he wanted to make sure Hermione was coming with him. Hermione suddenly became stiff and he felt her muscles contract around him. He pushed up inside her and released with her.

She fell limp on top of him and breathed heavily into his neck. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her. After she regained consciousness she rolled over onto her side.

"I thought I said no magic" Hermione said breathlessly.

"There was no magic involved" Lucius winked back at her.

Hermione wasn't exactly sure she would call what just happened magic free, but she was more than willing to explore that later.

As Lucius lay beside Hermione he could feel his soul making one last transformation. He was in love with a muggle born, hopelessly in love. He prayed she would stick around for a while longer so that he could prove to her how much he loved her.

That night Hermione had another dream. She dreamed she was in the Malfoy manor, not as a prisoner or guest, but as its mistress, and she was happy there.

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