Note: Even though this is supposed to be a serious story, there will still be lots of humorous stuff like randomness and 4th wall breaking. If you do not like these kinds of humor, then this story is NOT for you.

Note 2: Since this takes place after Rise of the Negativities, there are some things you might not get if you have not read that story yet.












First episode






Chapter 1

It was a normal day at Onett, as normal as that place can be. Reed and Luigi were talking with each other as they walked along the path leading to the Smash Mansion. When they got there, the sound of hammering could be heard, and Reed turned to the mansion to see what was going on. He saw a building 'skeleton' on top of the garage and Snake was working all alone on the wooden planks.

"What's he doing?" Reed asked Luigi.

"He's building himself a new room," Luigi replied. "He didn't want to share the same room with Falcon all the time due to privacy reasons."

"Why doesn't he just find a new room in the mansion instead?"

"All the rooms are occupied and there's no more place to build a new one except here. He does like machineries, so I guess it's no surprise he wants to build a room near the garage. He's building speed is amazing though; would you believe that he just started yesterday and it's almost near completion?"

"Whoa! That fast?!"

"He's a really fast builder."


Inside the mansion, some of the Smashers were just sitting around lazily. There's nothing to do, so it can't be helped. What else is there to do other than slouching on the sofa and reading books and watching TV? For kids, they can go out to play or play video games, but for adults, there's really not much option. Why am I saying all these anyway? By the way, the TV is turned on with the news on it.

"Once again, the greatest soldier in the world, Big Boss, hunted down another group of Pessimism Cults and took them out without a single sweat! Such an amazing feat can only be accomplished by nobody but Big Boss!"

"This guy is making quite a name in the world right now, you know?" Fox said. "He was a hero during the Cold War back in those days."

"You know? I've been noticing this for a while and I'm not sure if any of you noticed," G&W said.

"What is it?" Bowser asked him.

"I think Big Boss looks a lot like Snake, except older…"

Bowser thought for a while. He imagined Snake's face in his head and then imagined Big Boss's face, and then he placed them side by side and compared it. "Hmmm… I see where you're getting at. They do look similar somehow, except one is older and has an eye patch."

"I wouldn't be surprised if they two turned to be related in any way," Fox said.

"Why don't we ask Snake? Perhaps he is related to Big Boss!" G&W suggested.

As they were talking among themselves, the door opened and a robot came in, carrying a tea tray in his hands. "Peach brought afternoon tea for you all," said the robot.

"Oh thanks, ROB!" Fox said. "Just put it on the table."

The robot placed the tea tray on the table, and then he turned to the viewers (you!) and said, "Allow me to introduce myself. Perhaps you all are aware of my existence towards the end of Rise of the Negativities."


One week before…

"It's done…" Fox said, wiping his head.

"Sure took a while," Snake said, cleaning his hand on a towel. "This thing incredibly complicated, even more so than any of the machines that I built in the past!"

Then the eyes of the robot slowly opened and flickers with greenish light, and then the head turned and looked around the place, and then the robot began to speak, "Where am I? What has been happening to me?"


"ROB… My name is the only thing I can remember," the robot, ROB, said. "My core memory is lost and I do not have a single memory of my past, but right know I am trying to cope with the person who brought me back to life, and I feel grateful for them."

"Hey, don't start talking to the person in front of the monitor all of a sudden," Bowser said to him.

"We would also like to broadcast to you news we just received," the news reporter said. "Some weeks ago, there was a diclonius that escaped from a research institution in Japan. Now that same diclonius has been found and killed. The defense force concluded that this was the best choice for a dangerous creature such as that."

"I couldn't agree any less," Falco said, looking bored. "Some things are better off dead."

"What's a diclonius?" Parry asked.

"A type of human or something like that," Fox answered. "You can easily recognize them by their cat ear-like horns and they have these slightly invisible arms called vectors that have tremendous strength. There are still a lot of things people do not know about them, so experiments are done to them all the time."

"Hey, you know one of those story writing techniques where you introduce a seemingly unimportant character early on in the story and then that character disappears for a very long time or something like that, and then he eventually makes a surprising return and reveals himself to be a major character all along?" G&W said all of a sudden.

"That was pretty random of you to bring that up," Bowser commented.

"I know…"

"I am off to assist Snake in his works." ROB then left the room, and as he was heading out the door, Peach came in.

"Are you doing all right?" Peach asked him.

"I thank you for your concern. Everything is fine as of now," he replied before leaving.

"Take care!" Peach said to him, and she went to a sofa and took a seat. "ROB is very fine fellow. He's very helpful and kind, not to mention very smart!"

"Yeah, I'm quite surprised about this too," Fox said. "He has some incredibly complicated inner works. Whoever created him in the first place must be a genius. Too bad his core memory is missing; otherwise I would really love to know his origins."

"I'm sure he will remember things by himself as time goes by."


That evening, everyone was at the dinner table obviously settling down for dinner. Not everyone, as Snake and ROB were still at the construction site. Plus, ROB doesn't even have to eat.

"Need to call those two in?" Zelda asked as she sat down on her chair.

"They'll come in by themselves, and one of them doesn't even need to eat," Link told her.

Indeed, the door opened and Snake and ROB came in. "All that left to do is the painting," Snake said. "I'll get that done tomorrow."

"You sure work fast," Luigi said to him.

"It's something I do for living, plus, I was able to get it done faster with the help of ROB. He sure learns things really fast!"

"I am glad to be of help," ROB said.

Ness turned to the robot and asked him, "I got some complicated summer holiday homework to do, so can you teach me after this?"

"I'll gladly be of assistance."


As everyone else was eating, Marth asked, "So when is Mewtwo coming back from his journey to enlighten himself or whatever?"

"No idea; he only said he'll be gone for a while," Ganondorf replied. "But rest assure that he'll be back someday, whenever it may be."

"Where do you think he went?" Pikachu asked.

"Probably up in the mountains training himself and encountering the clich้d wise old man that you see meditating on the mountains all the time. You know what I mean…"


Meanwhile, Mewtwo was up on a mountain somewhere far away, just like Ganondorf said, and he encountered someone in front of him. "So you are the psychic master they said…"

Before him was a beautiful girl with long black hair with tanned skin and a red dot on her forehead. "Yes, and why do you look surprised?"

"I was expecting a clich้d old man with lots of facial hair. The kind you see a lot in kung-fu movies, you know."


Bowser finished his meal and said to Peach politely, "That was great dinner you cooked up!"

"Thanks for the compliment!" she replied.

"I'm not like some fat penguin king who is so proud of himself that he looks down on others!"


Meanwhile, in Dream Land…

A chef asked King Dedede, "How is the dinner, king?"

Dedede turned to him and sneezed, and all the food splattered onto the chef's face. "ACHOO!"

"Thanks for the compliment, king…"

"Are you not feeling well, your majesty?" Meta-Knight asked Dedede.

"No, I'm all right," Dedede replied while wiping his mouth. "Just had a feeling that a strong pressure is coming down on me from behind."


"I think it's more like you only want to show Peach the good side of you," Luigi said while wiping his mouth.

"I'm not always a bad and ruthless person, you know," Bowser told him. "Everyone has a soft side!"

Everyone finished his or her meal and began to leave the dining room one by one, and while on the move, Popo said to Young Link, "I'm glad that summer vacation is on at last, but we just had to have projects and homework…"

"They're not very hard actually," YL told him. "Besides, we're going to my birth place for this vacation, aren't we? That is an ideal place to get our nature research project done!"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Let's hope we can find some interesting subjects there!"

"Rest assure that you will. I'm also glad that I'm going to meet my brother again!"

"You talked about him once in a while, but I never saw him in person. I wonder if he's really like how you described."

"Pretty much…"


While all these were going on, something was happening in a place really far away. It is the main headquarter of the world government, the place that is called the 'central pillar' of the whole world.

The five of the greatest world leaders, called Pentaglorious, were currently deep in discussion about the current events. "It seems that the Cult of Pessimism is up to something," Mike the Smart reported. "According to the report Big Boss gave us, the cult is undergoing a secret project, but he was unable to find out anything else about it."

"We should keep a watch on that organization," Ice Dragon suggested. "Even though that cult doesn't look like the type to become a huge threat to the world in the manner like that of the former evil organization Negativities, there's still no telling on what they can come up with."

"Asides from this, is there any news on what the Smashers are up to?" Hyper Knee asked. "They have been very quiet for the while and they seem have gotten more trust from the world after their defeated the Negativities."

"Rest assure that all these are being taken care of even as we speak," Church Caller. "A faithful pupil of mine knows what he is doing. No matter what the Smashers plan to do this time, they cannot escape my grasps. Those Smashers are nothing but a sucking piece of s--."

"You should consider watching your language, Caller," Mike the Smart said to him. "Besides, the Smashers are not people to be underestimated. We do not know what you are up to this time, but you tend to do things you see fit and sometimes without our consent."

"Because you guys are too scared to do anything! Face it, you people do nothing most of the time but rub your big wrinkled foreheads. I sometimes even wonder why sucky people like you can become world leaders!"

"Well, the same could be said to you!" Smash Pumpkin said to him, sounding offended. "How come you are a world leader when you have such a foul mouth?!"

"Enough is enough!" Mike the Smart said. "There is no need for us to argue among ourselves, or this will ruin the reputation of the government! As long as Caller knows what he is doing, let him do as he pleases. But seriously, you should learn some courtesy, Caller. You are not showing the behavior of a world leader."

"Pfft! Kindness has no place in this world currently! What you need is an arrogant and strong mind! That is the only way the strong ones can survive in this world nowadays!" Church Caller said, and then he got up and left the room.

"That Caller… I really am very pissed with him some times!" Ice Dragon said. "Is that how Americans are all the time?"

Hyper Knee said to him, "Stereotyping isn't very nice, but I get what you're thinking. Compared to all other countries in the world, America really is… you know…"


Time kept on moving without waiting for anyone, and midnight arrived eventually.

On an island off the coast of the country Foolurene, there is an island called Dumb Man's Island. From the name, one could easily tell that it is an island that belongs to Foolurene.

Currently, the island is not at peace, for a volcano on the island has blown its top and is going wild even as we speak. The natives and residents screamed and ran around with hands waving around in air, and they kept on running in circles and banging each other like idiots, which they are.

"Run for the sea!" shouted the village chief, who was smarter than most than most of them and therefore not very well respected. Intelligence isn't accepted very much among Fools in case you forgotten.

Nevertheless, the villagers, in hope of saving themselves, ran for the sea and dove into it one by one, and there they watched the volcano as it spewed out fireballs and lava that destroyed their village.

As the volcano continued erupting, a large fireball was shot out from the opening and it crashed down onto one of the largest huts in the village and smashed it into smithereens.


As the hut burned up from the fireball, the fireball itself began to cool down, and as the fire and lava around it disappeared, the orange, fiery heat that it was originally releasing began to turn purple. As the lava around it flowed away more and more, it started to become clear on what that thing is.

"We are… Gamfax…"


Perhaps this is not the best beginning chapter. It looks very rushed, but that is because today is my birthday, and I want to begin this story first in honor of my birthday. Hope that the next chapter is good enough! Good day and God bless you all!

BTW, what G&W said should be taken in consideration...