Final Chapter

After the fall of the Big Letdown, the civilians of Onett began patching up the whole place. Not much was destroyed, so things were pretty easy to deal with.

That afternoon, the airport finally delivered Olimar's rocket over to him. He was overjoyed that he can finally fly around Eagleland and go on adventure again. And thus he took off shortly afterwards without saying good-bye or anything to the Smashers. He left suddenly and without a word...

Wolf, with his Wolfen gone, couldn't travel anywhere. Fox was the kind person however, so he offered to build him a new jet. Though he doesn't like the idea of being helped by a rival, Wolf had no other choice if he wants to continue flying around with his team.


That night at the Smash Mansion…

"A lot sure happened while I was gone…" Dr. Mario said after he heard the whole story from G&W.

"Too bad you weren't here to experience things yourself," G&W said to him. "But then, you're not the fighting type, so you probably wouldn't care if you missed a thing."

"I'm starting to think that I am getting lesser and lesser spotlights in the stories all the time…"

"Cheer up; at least you're still with us!"

Then the phone ran and Bowser, who was munching on pizza called from Pizza Palace, went over to pick it up, and he said, "Yes, we have pizza here. But no, this isn't Pizza Palace, so I am not giving you any pizza!" And he hung it afterwards.

In the dining room, Master Hand was talking to some of the other Smashers who were there eating pizza. "I heard from Bahamut about what happened this morning," MH said. "I'm so proud of you people, though I'm sorry for not being around to help you out."

"Don't-a worry! Everything eez okey-dokey here!" Mario told him.

"That's because I was here!" Falco boasted. "It's all thanks to me that this whole thing was resolved!" Nobody cared about him though.

"You really showed the right attitude. Indeed, optimism will lead one to success. As long as you believe in the best, you can surely do it," MH continued.

"I just hope that one country out there would be more optimistic though," Luigi said.

"I'm also surprised to here that Gamfax is still not destroyed," MH said. "But I think that should be the end of it already."

"Let's hope," Samus said while drinking coke from her cup.

"Gamfax… It really is something to be feared... A living evil that was created from the negative thoughts of the world… Also its resemblance to that website is eerie too… The website that gives the image of hell…"

"Is the Gamfax site really that scary?" Luigi asked.

"It's not something you can put it in words," MH said in a creepy tone. "Their reputation exceeds your imagination. However, Gamfax isn't the only website to give off such terrible reputations. Smash Pro is another website that is gaining worse and worse reputation to the point that it may rival Gamfax someday."

"Are the Pros really that terrible too?" Yoshi asked reaching for the last pizza, but then Kirby sucked it into his mouth. "Hey!" Yoshi stuck his tongue into Kirby's mouth and grabbed the pizza and tried to pull it out, but Kirby kept on inhaling and they both fought for the pizza in this method.

"Smash Pro… You do not even know the half of them," MH said. "If Gamfax is the incarnation of hell, then the Pros are the incarnation of pride. Their arrogant nature led them to the path of evil. To press down people with the power of words is what they enjoy doing the most, and if all else fails, violence is used. To me, the scariest kinds of people you can possibly find are those who do not agree with your opinions and will try in every way possible to go against you. That's what the Smash Pros are, to convince everyone that they are right in everything they say and do."

"And thus we have the Spots…" Samus added.

"Right… The Speakers of Truth are perhaps the most corrupted kind people you can find in this world. They basically view themselves as gods and demand to be treated like one too. They are no pushovers either, as they are usually very powerful Pro members."

"Those people and their wavedashing stuff! I can take on them any day!" Falco claimed.

"Talk big, but the strongest pros are not to be underestimated. The most powerful Pro to date, called I Am by everyone, is so powerful that one would pass him off as part of the Superpowers of Tooneria."

"I Am… Who does he think he is? A god?!"

"I do not know the exact details, but from what I know, he is the most unreasonable person in the world."

"And I always thought the Pros nothing but people who only claim to be strong…" Luigi thought.

"Another website known for its evil reputation is AP Flums," MH continued to say. "It was originally an anime website before it followed the footsteps of Gamfax and Smash Pros…"


At the World Government HQ, a meeting was once again held between the remaining four members of the Pentaglorious, and Bahamut is there too.

"I strongly advise you to think twice about the Smashers again," Bahamut said to them. "They are good people; they do not deserve to be treated like they being treated now. If it weren't for them, Caller would've done harm to civilians already. It was only because of the Smashers that lives were saved."

The world leaders lowered their heads and thought about this. "Perhaps you are right," Hyper Knee said. "Maybe the Smashers are indeed worthy of living after all."

"I'm starting to think the same," Ice Dragon agreed. "If it weren't for them, thing may have fared worse."

"I'm sure the people out there would agree if we stop framing them," Smash Pumpkin said.

Mike the Smart listened to everyone and said, "It seems that all you agree that the Smashers should no longer be marked criminals. While I agree to this to a certain degree, decisions like this must be answered by Big Brother first. He is the master of the government and only he has the right to come to decide things like this. We shall consult Big Brother and see what he has to say about this matter."


Meanwhile, out in the sea…

Deep underneath the sea to be precise…

"We are disappointed…"

Something is glowing…

"We hate everything…"

Something of pure evil is alive on the ocean bed…

"We are… Gamfax…"


This concludes the first episode of the Gamfax trilogy. Since this is only the beginning, the most exciting parts of the story obviously have not begun yet, so stay tuned for the second episode, which I will begin writing perhaps after a week's break. Meanwhile, try to get everything you can from the preview first! Have fun and think positive! Remember, optimism rules!











Special Preview


Campbell: Do you hear me, Snake? Listen carefully; the safest way to infiltrate Outer Heaven is to enter from the dock. You and the other Smashers are to perform diving operations and swim your way to the dock. From there, you should be able to enter the base without a problem. I'll contact you again after you made it. Good luck!


BGM: Metal Gear Saga

A mission…

"Smashers, we will give you a chance to redeem yourselves," Mike the Smart said. "Under the circumstance that you take down the Rebel Army…"

A world at crisis…

"A nuclear threat… It appears they have gotten hold of nuclear weapons and are threatening the world with it... The only thing we know about the operation they are undergoing is called... Metal Gear."


"Make it through as quietly as possible without getting caught," Campbell said. "If you need any help, just call me at frequency 140.24. Also joining in this operation is members of the Peregrine Falcons and the Sparrows; just give them a call in these frequencies and they will give you additional information. I heard that you met each other before, am I right?"

"Look at all those soldiers there…" Pit said. "How are we going to get pass them without getting caught?"

"Take care of the cardboard box, and it will treat you back with kindness," Snake said.

"This door is locked!" Wario said.

"Looks like-a we need-a a card key," Mario said.


"Never mind-a…"

"I know what to do," Snake said. "We'll use the weapon of mass distraction!"

Returning enemies…

"I was expecting those Peregrine Falcon clowns to show up," Morden said. "But what do you know? It's the Smashers that are coming after me instead!"

"Come on, boy! I'll show you that you should've stayed home with your mommy in the first place!" Allen said.

An unexpected revelation…

"No! It's not possible!" Snake gasped.

"Yes. Search your heart. You know it's true," SPOILERS told him.

It returns again…

"We are disappointed."

"We are not satisfied."

"We hate everything."

"Everything sucks."

"We are… Gamfax."

The legacy of Gamfax lives on…


The second episode of the trilogy