"Max..." Alec murmured, trying to get her to wake up. She had been thrashing in her sleep once again, and it was starting to worry him. "Max," he said a little louder, gently shaking her. She gasped and woke up with a gasp. "Hey...what's wrong?" he asked, running a hand through her long locks. She coughed a couple times as she rose to a sitting position. Alec brought a big hand to rub her back. She wrapped her arms around him, burying her face into his chest. She didn't want to talk right now, she barely remembered what happened in her nightmare. Alec had never ever seen her so scared before, she was almost shaking. He brought his arms tightly around her, trying to calm her down. "Maxie..." he said, finally finding his voice. "Are you ok?" he asked after she had calmed down slightly. She shook her head, and remained silent.

She felt tears hit his chest, and she tried to stop crying. He could feel her tense up as she tried to calm down, and he shook his head. He wasn't going to let her hide inside herself again. "Max, its ok to not be tough chick every once in a while," she nodded against his chest. "Whatever it is, it will be ok," Alec whispered, bringing his hand to her barcode. He held her close to his body, rocking her gently back and forth. "It'll be ok," he murmured, once again. Never had he heard or seen Max so scared. She tried to pull away, but Alec pulled her to him once again. She had never felt so cared for before, it was a foreign feeling for her. Foreign as it was, it was definitely a comfort for her as she felt Alec's warm body against her own.

"Thanks," she managed to murmur. "Really appreciate it," she said with a shuddering breath.

"Max..." he whispered, "what happened in that nightmare of yours?" he asked, then after a moment whispered, "only if you want to talk about it," he added. She wanted to talk with him, but until she sorted out the nightmare herself, she didn't want to talk about it.

"Not yet," she managed to whisper, "later," she promised. Alec nodded his head; he wasn't going to pressure Max into anything. She was shocked; the only other person that she had trusted with any kind of information like that was Logan, and he always pressured her to tell him things. She snuggled into him, and he rubbed her back gently. She sighed as she started to recall parts of her nightmare. She saw Alec being kidnapped once again. It was an unsettling feeling; she had seen Ben do it. Ben had managed to overpower Alec, and tried to take Alec's place.

"Sorry," she murmured into his chest.

"Its ok," he whispered, gently pulling her up so that her face could look at his. "Even us supersoldiers need to break down every once in a while," Alec brushed a couple fingers over her face, wiping away the remaining tears.

"Just dreamed that..." she started, "that it was Ben who had kidnapped you," she whispered. His strength probably matched Alec's, but when he is crazy like he was...possibly is...you can't be too sure. "And that he kidnapped you again, and...tried to make it look like he was you," she finally said. He was surprised she had opened up so easily to him.

"Max..." he whispered, "that won't happen," he promised, and placed his lips against hers. She slowly kissed him back, glad he was there with her. He placed his lips against hers once more, and pulled away. "Come here," he whispered, gently pulling her off his bed. He led her towards his bathroom, and pulled out a washcloth. He ran it under some warm water, and squeezed it out. He brushed the hair from her face, and gently rubbed her face. "Feeling a little bit better?" he questioned. She nodded her head.

"Thanks Alec," she whispered.

"You're welcome," he replied. "Do you want to take a bath?" he asked, moving his hands down to hers. "And I can go get us something to eat," he said, thinking that she was under the impression he was pressuring her to intimate things.

"Ok..." she whispered.

"Alright, here is a clean towel," he said, pulling a towel out from the cabinet. "And I'll leave you alone," he whispered. She still felt that if he left, that something bad would happen. She placed a hand on his bicep, stopping him from leaving the room.

"Wait," she whispered, drawing her arms around him.

"What-," he started in a soft voice, but was interrupted by her placing her lips whisper soft against his. He leaned his forehead against hers, and brought his hands to her hips. "You ok?" he asked.

"I...I just need you to be close," she whispered, maneuvering her arms around his neck. His eyes widened in surprise; was she saying what he thought she was saying? She kissed him fully on the lips, and felt his tongue gently asked permission to enter her mouth. She opened up, and he tenderly brought her closer.

"Maxie..." he whispered, lightly pulling away. "Are you sure you are ready for this?" he murmured, placing his hand on her cheek. She nodded her head; she was ready for this. Alec picked her up as if she was made of nothing, and Max shuddered lightly. When they cage fought, he didn't use his full force at all with her. His fist colliding with her cheek had hurt her for a week. He walked them back towards his bedroom. As he placed her on his bed, he tucked a couple strands of hair behind her ear. She couldn't believe how tender and...loving he was being with her. He placed his lips whisper soft against hers, and felt Max bring him closer.

"Max?" he questioned, "just let me know if I go too far," he whispered. She nodded her head, and pulled Alec closer to her. "Since you seem ok with...us..." he murmured, "I just want this night to be special for you," he murmured. "I love you..." he whispered, and he felt her stiffen below him. He blew it big time; he knew how much she hated the L word. "I'm sorry," he murmured, starting to pull away. She stopped him, once again grasping his arms.

"I...I-," she started. She didn't want to hurt him anymore than she had before. He placed a couple of fingers against her lips. He could see the words she was trying to form, and it made him grin. He pulled away his fingers, and once again replaced them with his lips, feeling elation shoot through his whole system. She kissed back just as eagerly, and felt Alec wind a hand into her hair. She started to tug on his tank top, and he stopped her eager pace.

"Slow it down," he whispered, "I'll let you take the reins next time," he promised, stopping her hands from fully tugging his shirt off. "But for now," he whispered, "For now, I am going to make sure you have the time of your life," Max felt a shiver of arousal go through her, and let out a moan as his lips started to attack her neck.

"Alec..." she breathed, and he smiled against her neck. His hands went to the hem of her shirt. He looked at her eyes to gently ask permission to remove her top. He was treating her like a goddess, and she was enjoying every moment of it. She nodded her head, and he lifted her shirt up. She pulled her arms up, helping him take her shirt off. She suddenly felt a little shy, never willingly showing this much of her skin before, unless she was in heat.

"Don't be embarrassed," Alec murmured, gently placing his hands on her face. "You are so beautiful Maxie," he whispered. She smiled, never feeling this way before. "We can stop if you want to..." he murmured, not really meaning his words.

"Don't be ridiculous," she whispered, finally succeeding on pulling his shirt off. It was almost bare chest against bare chest, but she still had a bra on. Everywhere he went with his hands, he lightly traced with his lips all across her body. She was sick of being the only one getting any pleasure out of this; she moved her hands over his chest. He growled in appreciation, and moved his hands to cup one of her breasts. Heat didn't do justice to sex, maybe again it was she never had it with Alec. "Alec..." she gasped once again.

A smile lit up his face and proceeded on taking her. Hours later, his sheets were in a tangle, and he had his arms wrapped around his beautiful girlfriend. Max was sound asleep, and had a sleepy smile on her face. Alec was tired as well, but just wanted to bask in the moment. Alec's hand went through her mussed up hair. She murmured his name in her sleep, and tightened her arms around him. He was so glad that Max didn't run away, she had just stayed in his embrace. She was still shy about revealing herself, and Alec was going to respect that...for now. He brought his sheets around them a little tighter around them. He closed his eyes, and breathed in her scent before falling asleep.

I didn't feel like writing the whole sex scene...but I hope you enjoyed the chapter.