WARNING! This story contains light femsalsh, hints of girl/girl pairings. If you dont like, dont read!!

... :D PLease enjoy

What happens when roaring, raging, wild fire meets thundering, deep, swirling waters? The fire crackles, durning everything in it's path to smoking black crisps. The water gushes out, the frothing white foam leading in front of tonnes of heavy, dark blue drowning everything in it's way and plunging it ten feet under as it rolls over the land. Boiling hot flames and vapid cold waves colide. The fire dies, spitting as icy cold meets red hot, leaving glowing warm coals behind and the water sizzles out, evaporating into the air like it was never really their, leaving only a damp patch in the earth.

Emma and Cleo stood at the front of the boat as the top of the water parted in foamy white as they passed through and left a bubbly trail behind them. Ahead they could see the smoke wofting up into the air over the island, a thick grey against the dark night sky. They could easily tell where Rikki was from the soft orange glow ementaing from a spot near the shore of Mako Island. Lewis watched sat at the back, steering the boat with a steady hand, heading straight for the shore. Emma impatiently began to rise to her feet as soon as they where within twenty metres of the shore, one hand clutching the side of the boat as they approached, the island now looming over them. From here they could see what was burning, a mass of trees now charred corpses, their black arms reaching hopelessly towards the sky as small flames still licked at the bases of the trunks and hungrily had already moved on the devour the tree's still standing beyond them. In the midst of the dark clearing they could see Rikki, sitting with her knee's hugged to her chest. The boat pulled into the shore and both the girls jumped up, rushing through the shallow water and up onto the sand to their friends aid.

"Rikki!" Emma belowed as they approached and the delicate blonde looked up, her cheeks smeared with black ash, and her eyes reddening as she stared up at them through the thick, smoke that hung in the air. At the sight of her friends Rikki frowned, shaking her head at them, a fresh spark setting ablaze a new fire beside her as they approached. Cleo stared around at what Rikki had done under the influence of the moon from under her heavy shades. The fire raging around them was emmitting fierce heat that made beads of sweat form and roll down her back under the thick, hooded jacket. Emma knelt down on the soft, warm dirt and reached out a hand but Rikki only flinched away from the hooded girl, staring at the dancing orange fire reflected on the tinted sunglasses covering Emma's light blue eyes.

"Shh, Rikki, it's okay. It's me, Emma!" she gave the quivering girl a small smile, and quickly slipped off her sun glasses and pulled back her hood to show the other girl. As she did so the bright white moon shone down over them and reflected in the glasses in her hand to catch her eye. Cleo turned to see too late as the Emma stared, transfixed by the image as the moon sung it's soft melow song, whispering in her ear the secrets of the sea and taking the mermaid under it's spell as it had her friend before her. Cleo stood frozen, having no idea what would happen now. As Emma stared blankly at the pale reflection of the moon, the beads of sweat lining her forehead slowly cool till they turned to icy snowflakes and drifted to the ground to melt at it's warm touch. Rikki stopped moving, looking up at Emma intrigued as the other girl slowly came back to conciousness, though she still seemed a little out of it and not quite herself. Cleo could already feel the temperature dropping around Emma as ice crept across the ground around her feet and melted as it got too close to the small patch of fire beside Rikki, putting it out as the puddle spread and saoked into the ground. Emma moved forward, closer to RIkki as the moon whispered in her ear. Cleo looked back as Lewis called out to her, frurrowing her brow as she squinted through the dark night to see him running up the shore towards them. Emma leaned forward, a sizzling sound emmitting as she placed her hand on Rikki's cheek like water dropping on a hot barbeque plate. She tucked a thick strand of soft, fair blonde hair behind Rikki's ear, soothing the other girl with her cool touch upon her flushed red cheeks. Rikki's blush only increased as Emma leaned in, pressing her lips against the other girls, Emma's laced in white ice and Rikki's deep red, her blood reaching boiling point as the other girl placed her hand on her waist. Rikki felt a rush of cold flow over her, putting out the burning fire in her heart as Emma pulled away, the colour returning to her pale cheeks.

"Woa! What was that?" Lewis panted as he reached them, grinning from ear to ear till Cleo punched him in the arm and he winced in pain before trying to play it off, though he was surprised at how strong the brunette was. Emma quickly rose to her feet, turning to the blonde boy and glaring at him. He quickly got the signal as dropped the subject as he followed her back towards the boat. Cleo was left to help Rikki to her feet, the girl was shaking a little now as she stood out in the cold, night air in a singlet and jeans. Silence hung over the four as they walked over the cool sand of the island and through through the shallow icy water to reach the boat. As soon as they where all in Lewis started up the motor and headed straight for home, the last thing they needed tonight was to get home and find Emma's parents already there. Rikki shivered as the cold ocean wind blew over them, sending goosbumps crawling across her bare arms. Emma sighed, slipping of her coat and wrapping it around the blonde next to her with a small smile.

"Thanks..." Rikki whispered shyly. Emma nodded, turning her attentions back to the open sea and the sound of the waves crashing on the shores. It was a soothing, comforting sound. She'd always loved the sound of the sea. And today she'd found out what happens when the thundering, deep, swirling waters of the ocean meet roaring, raging, wild fire. Boiling hot flames and vapid cold waves colide. The fire dies, spitting as icy cold meets red hot, leaving glowing warm coals behind and the water sizzles out, evaporating into the air like it was never really their, leaving only a damp patch in the earth. She sighed, glad that she could watch the beautiful reflection of the moon on the ocean water rippling with each wave. As se stared out at the horizon, watching the spproaching land, she felt a small ahnd slip into her own and smiled.