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"Mmmm…" Rikki smiled, stretching her arms up towards the heavens with a groan as the warm sunlight hit her body. It was so nice to just be able to come to the beech and relax, no worries about anyone seeing them in their small, secluded cove. Now kids screaming and squealing and sending sand flying onto her as they ran past. With a lazy yawn the blonde sat down on her towel and lay back with her arms behind her head, allowing her eye lids to slowly flutter closed.

"Last one in the water's a rotten egg!" Lewis called out, dumping his stuff beside her and sprinting down the short stretch of sand. Cleo laughed, chasing after him and crash tackling the blonde boy into the shallow waves. Rikki smiled and rolled her eyes, sitting back up and reaching into her bag to pull out a pair of sunnies. As she slid them on the blonde felt her back suddenly cool as a shadow fell over her.

"Mind if I join you?" Emma asked, though she was already spreading out her towel next to Rikki's before she had an answer. The two girls sat in silence for a little while, watching Cleo and Lewis mucking around in the shallows, the brunette having the advantage as she used her sparkling tail to send a surge of water onto the boy. Rikki sighed, she and Emma had a silent agreement not to speak about what happen on Mako island last full moon. The only thing was, Rikki hadn't stopped thinking about it. That kiss was haunting her dreams at night and haunting her thoughts in the day.

She chanced a glance at the girl beside her, finding Emma with her nose buried in a novel. Rikki groaned, how boring. Who goes to the beech and just reads? The blonde shook her head, reaching up to pull her sunglasses back off and get up. A soft breeze was blowing in, just cool enough to be pleasing without making her shiver and want to put a shirt back on. With one last nervous pull at her new red bikini Rikki took a tentative step forward onto the hot sand. She could feel the grains burn beneath her foot with each step as she hurried down towards the cool water. As the gentle waves splashed over Rikki's toes she suddenly felt the water changing temperature, from delightfully cool to icy cold. Shaking her head she turned to find Emma grinning at her from back at the towels.

"What do you want?" Rikki asked, not being able to stop herself from smiling back at the other girl. Emma slipped a bookmark between the pages of her book and jumped up, running down the beech to where the other blonde was standing. The other mermaid was starting to feel giddy at the long look they where sharing before it was ended all too soon.

"I want to go swimming, with you" Emma grinned, walking past Rikki into the soft swell and letting out a heavy breath. Rikki was already transforming, her red bikini disappearing as glittering golden scales took their place. In a moment the blonde was in the surf, almost as delighted as the other girl to be in the water again. The more time that passed and the longer she was a mermaid, the more right it felt. Like she belonged in the ocean. She turned her head to look at the mermaid beside her, flashing a broad smile at her before diving down deeper into the gorgeous blues and greens of the water around them.

Looking back, Rikki could make out the shapes of Lewis and Cleo, still near the shore and flirting constantly. Her smile widened, alone at last. The blonde felt her heart beating faster as she looked over at Emma, reaching out to take hold of the other girls hand. For a moment, Emma looked slightly nervous before wiping any readable emotion from her face other than contentment at being under the water.

By then, you'd think they have completely gotten used to being under water, but it never ceased to amaze them. The fish swimming round their heads, the gorgeous array of different coloured coral. With a strong swish of their tails, the two began their accent again to reach the surface. From beneath, they could seen the bright sun shining it's honey coloured rays down upon them through the water. With a gasp they broke the surface, fresh air hitting their wet faces as water trickled down them to meet the sea again. The blonde breathed in happily, glad for the cool air now entering their lungs as they looked back upon the shore now lying miles back. Rikki grinned, they'd swam further than she thought. And now it was just the two of them miles away from anyone else.

"Boat!" Emma called out, diving down and pulling the other girl back under with her with the hand still firmly grasping Rikki's. Both girls looked back up as soon as they where a safe distance below the water. The boat passed by slowly, the two blondes clinging to each other nervously as they waited. As soon as it was gone they relaxed a little, though Rikki didn't loosen her grip on the other girl's hand. With a soft sigh that went unnoticed in the quiet of the ocean she turned to Emma, finding herself caught in the other girls gaze. The other blonde bit her lip, loosing her normal confidence as she stared back.

"Ouch" Emma suddenly pulled her hand from the other girls, looking down at it questioningly. The other girls hand had left a red hot mark on hers. Rikki blushed, feeling bad for having burnt her friend. Even as she mouthed sorry, she could feel the water around her cooling rapidly. Their powers where out of control, and it didn't make sense. Their was no full moon this time, in fact it was the middle of the day. Rikki frowned, reaching out cautiously to take the other mermaids hand again. As she did the water almost starting to freeze around her warmed. Their fierce powers countered each other, hot warming cold and cold cooling hot. Emma swallowed uneasily, leaning forward slightly. It was the ocean she told her self. it was egging her on, taking control.

This time it didn't feel as unreal and dream like though. She could feel the other girls lips brushing hers as real as ever, her hand taking a hold of Rikki's waist as they closed the space between them. They other girls fingers where tangled in her hair, their tails where twisting round each others, intertwining them further. Emma smiled into the kiss, feeling the ocean sway them softly with the current. Her heart was pounding in time with the crashing waves. She knew soon they'd have to pull apart, but she didn't want to face awkward conversations just yet. For now she wanted magic. She just wanted to feel how well they fitted together, like they where meant for each other. And then finally she was forced to pull away.