I had the idea for this after watching the first Narnia movie. I hope you like it. And I know I keep making new stories but I'll update the others too, don't worry.



Edmund stared out the window and kept his eyes transfixed on the moon. It's pale silvery glow illuminated his features which seemed to be set in stone. He didn't blink and his body barley moved as he breathed. He glanced back to look at his brother and saw that he was still asleep. Edmund sighed as he felt a pang of jealousy. He wished he could sleep that peacefully but he knew that, even if he closed his eyes for a second, his nightmares would come back again. They always do.

They weren't really nightmares, more like memories, which was worse. Edmund couldn't go a day without having a memory creep into his reality. It would scare him so bad her would start shaking. He was sent to the nurse's office four times in the past week but the nurse could never find anything that was wrong with him so they sent him back to class.

Edmund was normally really smart but recently he's been having trouble paying attention and he's been getting bad grades on tests and quizzes. He didn't have to pay much attention since he had learned everything years before but now it was like everything slipped from his mind. It was like everything he had learned was wiped from his memory.

Edmund sighed before breaking his gaze and lying back down on his bed. He stared at the ceiling and tried to count sheep to get himself to fall back asleep but his mind was racing. He didn't know how long he stayed awake but the next thing he knew he was being shaken by Peter who looked at him in concern.

"Ed? Are you all right?" He asked.

"Mmhmm," Edmund muttered as he rubbed his eyes and yawned. He forced open his eyes and peered around the bright room. "What time is it?"

"Time for you to get up," Peter responded as he threw Edmund's uniform at him. Edmund made no effort to move and it hit in him in the face. He lazily pulled his shirt off of his face and groaned. "Breakfast is soon."

"I know, I know," Edmund muttered as he pushed himself up into a sitting position. "Go and save me a seat, will ya?" He muttered as he got out of his bed and shuffled to the bathroom.

"Ok, don't drown yourself," Peter said before leaving the room.

Edmund grunted in reply before closing the door behind himself. He stared at his reflection in the mirror and winced when he saw the bags that were under his eyes and how pale his skin was. He rubbed his eyes and yawned once more before turning the faucet on the shower and held his hand underneath the water. He stiffned when he felt how cold the water was. It was like ice.

Almost instantly images flashed in his mind as he squeezed his eyes shut. He remembered the cold touch that chilled him to the bone, the icy voice, the cold heart. He remembered the pain, the torture, the heartache.

He remembered everything, but he wanted to forget.

He knew that he never would be able to.