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Your task is to romance her.
– Viscount Mabrey (Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement)

Stolen Kiss

There was nothing Prince Endymion loved more than a clear night. The sky stretched on endlessly; a blanket of blue velvet. The stars sparkled like diamonds. And the moon… oh, the moon was his favourite. When it shone at its brightest, it bathed the Earth in pools of silver. There were times, during these nights, Endymion felt as though he could almost breathe in the magic.

It was on one of these very evenings that the High Counsellor, Beryl, came to visit the Earthean Palace. She stalked through the vast halls towards the Throne, her fur cloak trailing behind her. Moonlight soaked through the windows, shimmering on her blood-red hair and casting long shadows across the walls. When the Counsellor was announced, Endymion let out a sigh. Beryl was his aunt – by marriage, of course – and she always seemed to be coming up with extremely ambitious strategies.

This evening was no different.

'Your Highness,' Beryl said, sweeping into a low bow.

'It is late, Aunt,' Endymion said tiredly. 'What is the matter you wish to discuss?'

Beryl smirked. 'Believe me, Highness, this is something you will be particularly interested in.' She glanced at the various servants and advisors around the room. 'Perhaps we would be able to discuss this alone?'

'Affairs of discretion may be best left until morning.' Endymion struggled to suppress a moan through the words.

'Unfortunately, there is much to do and little time to do it in,' Beryl replied smoothly. 'I must insist that we congregate at once.'

Endymion reluctantly rose from the Throne and strode down the steps to his relative. 'Very well. Shall we?'

He led the older woman into his private conference room, wondering how much time this was going to take. He was sick of these ridiculous schemes, and did not much care for the way Beryl's mind worked. Sure, the Counsellor had reaped valuable rewards from her tactical approaches, but her methods were questionable. Endymion was quite certain that many lives had been destroyed for the benefit of his aunt.

'So,' said Beryl, taking a seat at the right-hand side of the Prince. 'I'll get straight to the point. I noticed that once again the Earth's request to join the Silver Millennium was declined.'

Endymion pursed his lips. He had only returned from the Moon that morning – news sure travelled fast.

'It was considerably humiliating,' he muttered.

Beryl did not seem concerned with Endymion's displeasure. 'Pride is hardly our biggest problem, Highness. Every other planet in the solar system has allied with the Silver Millennium – we're facing invasion.'

Endymion narrowed his eyes. 'Invasion? I believe you may have become a tad paranoid.'

'Not at all,' Beryl insisted. She leaned closer to her nephew. 'Why do you think we're the odd one out? Hmm? Perhaps it has something to do with their leaders…'

'Please,' Endymion scoffed. 'They haven't denied our allegiance just because we have Kings instead of Queens –'

'Of course they have!' Beryl exclaimed. 'We are different; we are a threat to them. All the planet's Princesses double as Senshi – we have formidable opponents brewing in the background, young Prince, and you'd better be on constant alert. When they attack, our council will be overruled, and a new monarch will take your place.'

Endymion remembered the abrupt way Queen Serenity had refused his request to join the Silver Millennium. Was it really because he was male? He exhaled heavily. 'I am willing to admit that there is a possibility you are right.'

'It is with deep regret that I bring you this news, Highness,' Beryl said humbly.

'So what do we do then? How can one little planet go up against nine superpowers?'

A sly grin crossed the evil woman's face. 'We take them down at the core.'

'At the core?' Endymion frowned. 'What do you mean?'

'The entire Silver Millennium is based on the power of the Silver Crystal. Weaken that, and our opponent crumbles.'

'Wait one minute,' Endymion said irritably. 'We can't do something so ludicrous! Firstly, we don't know for sure if the Silver Millennium is even against us –'

'We shall find proof before attacking, Highness.'

'– and secondly, weakening the Silver Crystal is dangerous and unachievable. How do you propose we go about diluting such a powerful force?'

Beryl leered. 'I'm glad you asked, my Prince. I have actually discovered a way. It's all to do with –'

'No!' Endymion said sharply, holding up his hand to stop his aunt from continuing. He glared at the ruthless Counsellor. 'The Moon has always had a good relationship with Earth. I'm not going to jeopardise it because of a hunch.'

Beryl lifted an eyebrow. 'So what will you do if Earth is invaded because you're too naïve to believe in treachery?'

Endymion darkened. 'Do not insult my intelligence again, Counsellor. That is your first and final warning.'

Beryl bowed her head in humility. 'I beg your pardon, Prince. I am just anxious about this rejection. Is our planet not good enough for the Silver Millennium?'

'I am not so inexperienced as to let this matter rest,' Endymion assured her. 'I will discover for myself the reason for our denial.'

X x X x X

Queen Serenity sat gracefully across from the Prince of the Earth, gesturing for him to help himself to the wine on the table. He didn't move. She appeared untroubled by the slight.

'What a pleasure it is to have your company again so soon,' she smiled.

While still relatively new as leader, Endymion refused to be intimidated by her regal air. He had had many dealings with the Queen of the Moon over the past few years, and had learnt how to stand his ground. 'I have come to ask you about the Silver Millennium.'

The older royal sighed. 'I was afraid this was the purpose of your visit. I am sorry, Prince Endymion –'

'I would like to know why Earth is being excluded,' Endymion interrupted. 'Every other planet in the solar system is part of the allegiance. It hardly seems fair.'

The Queen nodded sympathetically. 'I understand your frustration –'

'Is it because I am a male?' Endymion cut in smoothly.

The beautiful woman hesitated. Endymion took this as an affirmative, and stood. 'Very well. I shall take my leave.'

'Wait,' Queen Serenity pleaded, rising fluidly from her chair. 'Dear Prince, your gender has nothing to do with the refusal.'

Endymion spun to her. 'Then why? Why do you shun your closest neighbour while embracing all other districts from Mercury to Pluto?'

'The monarchs on those planets are connected to the Moon,' Queen Serenity said softly.

'What?' Endymion frowned.

'The Princesses – the Senshi. Their powers are attuned to the Silver Crystal. We are all linked. You, however, have a different type of magic – one that is not compatible with ours.'

'So you will not allow us to join because we are different?' Endymion demanded.

'The Silver Millennium is not just about alliance,' Queen Serenity explained. 'It is about unification of power. It gives us strength, and balance, and harmony.' She gave him a gentle smile. 'Please appreciate that your own planet has much potential as well. Your parents knew –'

'My parents had no clue,' Endymion snapped. 'I always thought they were foolish for not trying to join the Silver Millennium. Their negligence cost Earth a valuable coalition.'

'I would have given them the same answer I am giving you,' Queen Serenity replied. 'Except I never had to – they understood the strength of the Golden Crystal.'

Endymion suppressed his fury. All this talk of compatible powers was simply a deception. The Silver Millennium was a union of districts, not a mesh of magic. They were purposefully excluding Earth, and he was not about to sit back and let them take advantage of their position over his planet.

He jerked his head in way of a bow. 'Very well, your Majesty. I thank you for your time and bid you farewell.'

He managed to keep his composure, exiting the Moon Palace without losing his temper. Beryl was waiting for him in the chariot that would transport them to the space shuttle.

'Well?' she asked as he climbed inside.

'You were right,' he said darkly the moment the footman closed the door. 'They are not to be trusted.'

The older woman smirked. 'I am glad you agree. Are you interested in weakening the Silver Crystal?'

Endymion didn't reply at first. The chariot jolted as it began its journey, shaking him from his silence. 'Is that really necessary?'

'If you want to protect our planet, then yes, it is.' Beryl noticed her Prince's hesitation and pressed further. 'It won't destroy their power. Just diminish it somewhat.'

'Just how did you come across such indispensable information, Aunt?' Endymion asked suspiciously.

His advisor smirked. 'I have my ways. So would you like to know?'

'Go on,' Endymion said reluctantly. He was allowed to hear it, right? He didn't have to act on the intelligence unless he felt it was essential to do so.

Beryl seemed ecstatic at his decision. She leant towards him, her lips curling up over her teeth as she grinned. 'You see, my Prince, the Silver Crystal prospers on love. The female monarchs of the Moon are chaste and pure – you will never find such uncorrupted magic anywhere else. That is what makes them so powerful. Now if one were to sully that innocence –'

Endymion grimaced. 'No Aunt. You've gone too far.'

Beryl let out a ghastly cackle. 'Oh my dear Prince, your mind is too tainted! It won't take much to dilute Serenity's purity. Just a kiss, a simple kiss, from someone who is not her true love –'

'True love?' Endymion sneered. 'Have you fallen into a fairytale?'

'To remain untainted, the royal family must have only one partner – someone whom they will love with all their heart for the rest of their life. If you were to kiss Serenity, you would automatically defile her, and in turn, the Silver Crystal itself.'

Endymion sat back, regarding the woman across from him sceptically. 'Are you telling me that to weaken the most powerful force of the entire universe, all I need to do is kiss the monarch of the Moon?'

'That's exactly what I'm saying,' Beryl smirked.

'It's not going to work,' Endymion insisted.

'Of course it will,' Beryl soothed, daring to lean forward and place her hands on the young Prince's chest. 'You are a handsome man, dear nephew. You can seduce whomever you wish.'

'Queen Serenity would not fall for me,' Endymion scowled.

Beryl's indigo eyes flickered up to his face. 'Perhaps,' she cooed. 'But Princess Serenity would.'

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