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Chapter One:

"Mr. Cullen this is Miss. Swan. Isabella meet your very own personal slave, Edward Cullen. He will be doing anything you want him to for the next three weeks, so use him wisely." The principle said and then I was alone with her, this beautiful girl who smelled so delicious. I wanted her and I wanted her now.

It all started with detention and it wasn't even my fault. If it wasn't for that stupid ass, hot shot, Mike Newton, I wouldn't be here in the first place. Just because he thinks he's all that and that every girl wants him, doesn't mean I have to put up with it. My life was normal and going great. It was actually pretty easy to blend in, a small town like this where no one would really notice anything strange. I finally managed to get Jessica Stanley off of me or well I thought anyway it actually depends on her mood. For today I was Jessica free. For some crazy reason she was madly in love with me but yet, she didn't even know me. Well she pretended to but it didn't really work. She would tell her friends that we were secretly dating and I just ignored her during school because I didn't want to make some guys mad. Well for the some guys it just happened to be one. Jessica Stanley did love me for a reason I couldn't recall, but she did also have a thing for Mike Newton.

Ever since we moved to this town she has been trying to throw herself at me. It went randomly depending on her mood to literally walking into me, coming and sitting by me at lunch, trying to talk to me in math and English and following me in the parking lot to my car. If anyone could take obsession to a new level it would have to be her. She made my life more complicated than it had to be, I had to watch my actions and be extra careful in public. I would slip a couple of times but thankfully for me, she didn't notice anything odd.

Mike thought I was stealing Jessica from him so he came up to me at lunch today to talk to me about it. He's not dating her because he's too afraid she might tell him no, some hot shot he is. Mike on the other hand thinks I like Jessica and that I want her all to myself because she keeps telling him fake stories about what we do after school when no one is around. Well one thing's for sure, if I was doing something with Jessica, I would kill myself. She's not a bad person or anything, very nice if you ask me, she can just be really annoying at times. That and she has an obsessive personality which most people don't know about. It's not that bad depending on what she is obsessing over, and I'm guessing Mike is not one of her subjects. That is one reason why he hates me so much. He thinks I'm in his way and that if it wasn't for me ruining what could be a perfect relationship, he would have had Jessica by now. When it comes to Mike, everything is my fault.

This kind of thing seems to happen to all of us depending on where we go. Back when we were in Alaska there was a guy crazy about Alice, Jasper set him straight which was funny to see. Sadly he got expelled for putting the poor guy in the hospital and people started asking questions about us. My dad, Carlisle, he had to ask people at his work to transfer him to a different hospital. They of course had their questions and didn't want him to go but he told them that it was too cold here and that we wanted a change. His partner agreed and told him to come to Forks because they were in need of a doctor. We were packed up and in Forks within a day. My dad at his new job the next day, me, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice enrolled in school and my mom Esme was unpacking in our new home. It's not really fair how we have to keep moving because people cannot mind their own business. I'm usually there watch out since I can after all hear what everyone is thinking, it's not the best thing ever because you can never really tune everyone out. Alice helps me out too keeping an eye on the future, making sure no one will start to get too suspicious of us.

Today on the other hand was going great and everything was just fine. Jessica has not said one word to me today, she was actually quiet. I went to my classes like everyone else did, I mostly kept to myself. I talked to a few people but it was only school related. I never got to close to a human before and I wasn't about to start now. Usually if I ignore them they eventually get the hint and they leave me alone. Not that I eat food, I went through the lunch line like everyone else filling my tray with food. I paid for everything I put on my tray and walked over to my usual table. Jasper and Alice were already there talking silently among themselves. After I joined them Emmett and Rosalie sat down not saying a word. We all had trays full of food but yet we didn't eat them, Emmett liked to play with his food annoying Rosalie to death. Rosalie started tapping her finger against the table. She only did this when she was frustrated with something or someone.

"Must you Emmett?" She asked her voice was irritated and strained. Rosalie didn't look to happy and it was obvious they were fighting. Emmett was just trying to be his normal self and for some reason today Rosalie didn't like it. Her thoughts weren't pretty either. She was thinking of easy ways to knock him out or to just simply get away from him. They weren't the kind of thoughts she usually had which surprised me. "Can you for once just act your age?"

Emmett stopped what he was doing, pushing his tray away, and looked at her. He had a smug look on his face as he spoke, "If you want me to act my age so bad how about I go to a nursing home or just play dead," She looked displeased, "Would that satisfy you?"

"Why can't you just agree with me?" Rosalie's voice was quiet.

"Fighting will get you two nowhere," Alice assured them with a sorrow look on her face, "So please don't make me hurt you to get you to make up."

"So let me get this straight, you're fighting this time about who is right?" I asked them confused. They fight over the most ridiculous things ever it's crazy what they can come up with. Sometimes it's actually hard to keep up with them, Rosalie's just been getting upset with Emmett very easily lately. She is just confused at the moment because she ran into an old friend and some of her feelings for him have resurfaced but she's in love with Emmett. If only he knew what her problem really was.

"Stay out of this Edward," Rosalie threatened with piercing eyes.

"I'm only trying to help…" I stated to say but Rosalie couldn't help but cut me off.

"You can help by keeping your mouth shut Edward." Her voice was terrifying and sad. "It looks like I'm not the only one with a problem." She nodded her head in the direction of the doors. I didn't have to turn around to know who it was. Mike Newton wasn't his normal self today either, he was pissed off and on his way over towards me.

"Stupid ass jealous girl stealer," Mikethought, "Can't wait to set him straight. It's about time someone shown him whose boss."

"Be careful Edward, he's going to try and get you to fight him," Alicethought, "Just don't do anything stupid and kill someone."

Mike grabbed a chair and pushed it so it hit the back of mine. I turned my head to look at him, eyes anxious. He walked up to it and sat down straddling the chair arms crossed as he looked at me. His eyes were strained and full of rage. "I'm sick of you trying to steal my girl you jealous freak!" his voice low, harsh.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Newton." I told him with a calm voice.

"I'm sure you don't," Mike thought, "Typical response from the one and mighty powerful Cullen." Mike leaned forward. "Like hell you don't! Jessica is my girl not yours!"

"That's fine you can have her," Hopefully now he might just take her.

Mike narrowed his eyes, "Why what's wrong with her that you don't want her?"

"Nothing's wrong with her, she's just not my type." Why did he have to make this so difficult? I told him he could have Jessica and that I had no feelings for her what so ever, but yet he continues to question my motives.

"Typical," Mike thought as he rolled his eyes, "Why can't he just say what's really on his mind instead of being an ass about it." I smiled and he didn't like that, "What's so funny Cullen?" he half yelled at me.

"Edward don't push him," Alice thought and I looked at her, "He's only trying to get you to hit him. He wants you suspended for some reason…a new girl is in town." I gave her a questioning look and then she helped me out. "She is Chief Swan's daughter; she was supposed to be in school today. That's why he's so anxious, he wants her for himself."

"So you're not mad at me because you can't help it that your so called girlfriend likes me, but you don't want the new girl too?" I questioned him, "Just because you have every girl falling over you but the one you want doesn't give you the right to blame me for it."

"Asshole!" Mike yelled in his head. "So you do know about the new girl?" he asked me, "Hands off she's already mine."

"I thought Jessica was your girlfriend?" I asked him and he stood up.

"So there is no law saying I can't have two at once," Mike said raising his eyebrows. He started to walk away all happy that he won an argument with me.

"Hey Mike!" I yelled at him, standing up. He turned around still smiling happy with himself. Then I did it. I hit him right in the face, sending him to the floor with a bloody nose. Jasper and Alice took off when he started to bleed and Rosalie and Emmett left shortly after taking the trays of food with them.

"Mr. Cullen," My biology teacher said shocked, "Come with me."

I followed him out of the cafeteria walking past Mike as a couple of people tried to help him up. Mr. Banner led me to the main office and told me to sit down. He went in and started to talk to the principle. I waited patiently knowing what they were talking about. How I just attacked Mike Newton at lunch and he's now on his way to the nurse. He suggested calling my parents and the principle did. They got a hold of my dad at work and he said he would come down to the school right away. He got here within five minutes and when he walked into the office he saw me sitting in a chair against the wall. He sat down next to me in one of the open chairs. "Do I want to know?" he asked me.

"Probably not but they're going to tell you anyway." I told him, my voice a whisper. Carlisle wasn't mad at me and he had no thoughts on punishing me. He didn't know what I did or why I did it but he understood what I was going through.

"Mr. Cullen, thank you for coming in," The principle said when he heard voices. "Could you both join me in my office?" We followed him and he shut his door. "Have a seat," he said and pointed to the chairs in front of his desk. "Now I'm sure you're wondering why I called you in?" he asked after he sat down in his chair.

"Yes I am curious about that," Carlisle said and then looked at me, "I'm just surprised I got called in because of Edward, I was expecting it to be Emmett or Jasper actually."

"Well as far as I can tell Emmett and Jasper are behaving rather fine," he said a paused, "Should I be worried about those two?"

"No not at all they are all great kids," Carlisle said and smiled, "There special in their own way…what did Edward do?"

"He attacked Mike Newton at lunch today," he said and Carlisle looked at me worried, "Mike has a broken nose and was taken off to the hospital."

"So you called me away from my job at the hospital so you could tell me this in person," Carlisle asked, "If anything I should be the one looking at Mr. Newton not here talking about what my son did to him."

"Yes well we are not going to suspend him but we will be giving him detentions for about two or three weeks." He told us and I rolled my eyes.

"Let me get this straight you are giving him detentions and all you know is that Edward broke his nose," Carlisle asked confused, "What about this Mike kid, he had to have done something to make Edward hit him. If you don't mind me saying Edward is not really the violent type. Will the Mike kid get anything on him or no?"

"I think Mike is suffering enough as it is," the principle said rather shocked at Carlisle's response, "He said Edward attacked him when he was walking away."

Carlisle leaned forward in his chair. "Oh so he said this but he said that, two different stories must be hard," he paused and looked at me, "He must have had a good reason to attack him," Carlisle pushed again, "Wouldn't it be the right thing if you gave both of the boys detention and not just one?" he pushed and I held back my smile, "It takes two to start a fight if I am correct?"

"Well yes but…"

"But you feel that the one who actually hit the other one deserves to be punished and not the other one?" Carlisle said interrupting him.

The principle sighed and leaned back in his black leather chair. He didn't say anything he just sat there and looked at us carefully. A couple of minutes passed by before finally spoke, "I'll see what I can do about Mr. Newton, I'll give him detention but it won't be like Edwards."

"That's all I ask," Carlisle said in agreement then looked at his watch, "I really should get back to the hospital we are short on staff today."

They both stood up and Carlisle left leaving me behind with him. "Well believe it or not I do have a punishment for you," he told me and smiled, "Stay here I'll be right back." I remained in my seat and took my cell phone out of my book bag. I had a new text message from Jasper. I opened it and it read:

How deep are you in for Ed? Suspended or expelled it's been 1 and ½ hours.

I press the reply button and wrote:

Neither just detention for 3 weeks. Dad was here and everything. I got off easy because of him.

The door opened and I closed my phone putting it in my pocket. "Mr. Cullen," the principle said and I turned to face him. He had a girl standing next to him. She was about 5'6 maybe and had dark brown hair and eyes. She was actually rather pretty and she smelled so good. I stopped breathing. This was bad I wanted her so bad, she just called out to me and I had to take her. "This is your detention," he told me pulling me from my new desire my new experiment, "Mr. Cullen this is Miss. Swan. Isabella meet your very own personal slave, Edward Cullen. He will be doing anything you want him to for the next three weeks, so use him wisely." The principle said and then I was alone with her, this beautiful girl who smelled so delicious. I wanted her and I wanted her now.

She smiled and walked over to the other chair that was now empty next to me. She looked so vulnerable so delicious so beautiful. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I have never felt this way towards anyone before, not once in my whole life. Her warm brown eyes were looking at me curiously and she blushed looking down. I wanted to reach out and touch her cheeks to feel the warmth but I didn't. I don't want to scare her half to death. "So you're the one who sent that other kid to the hospital?" She asked breaking through my thoughts. Her voice was so soft and soothing.

"He had it coming," I told her in a steady voice, "I'm not usually the violent type so don't be scared."

She laughed at me, god her laugh was so beautiful so perfect. "Scared of you? You have got to be kidding me, you don't scare me one bit."

"Wanna bet?" I questioned her, my voice serious.

"So I get you all to myself," she asked me, "Whatever I want you have to do correct?"

"I guess so," I told her and she smiled, "Why what do you want to do to me?" Curiosity took over me now.

"Well I am kind of hungry um…" She paused trying to remember something. It was weird because I didn't know what usually I can ready anyone's thoughts but for some reason I couldn't with her. It's like someone pressed the mute button on her mind and I couldn't get around that. "I forget your name." She admitted and blushed.

"It's Edward," I told her and she nodded her head, "and if you're hungry why don't you go and get something to eat?" I asked her.

"I will be," She told me and smiled, "You're taking me to lunch," She stood up grabbing her bag and looked at me with a smile on her face. I didn't move. "Come on Edward, I can't drive myself." She pushed.

"Your how old and don't have your license?" I asked her and grabbed my book bag, standing up.

"I'm seventeen," She told me, "I do have my license I just don't have a car to drive."

"Well maybe you should get one of those," I told her and walked out of the office with her, "Can I at least take my brothers and sisters home?" I asked her and my phone vibrated. I took it out of my pocket and opened the new text message from Jasper. It read:

Must be nice having dad back you up….asshole!

I laughed and then she took my phone from me, turning it off. "What the hell!" I complained and grabbed it back.

"You are not allowed to text when you are with me," She told me, her voice serious. "You can take them home but we are going to lunch."

"I didn't think someone so small could be so mean," I told her and we continued to walk towards my car where my family stood waiting for me.

"Who's she?" Rosalie asked her voice jealous.

"My detention for the next three weeks," I told them, "Whatever she wants I have to do no questions asked."

"Really?" Emmett asked and his eyes widened, "I think you are my new best friend, I'm Emmett," He said and walked over to Isabella, "We can make Edward do pretty much anything with no limits. This is going to be good."

She laughed as he put his arm around her shoulders. "I'm Bella."

"Emmett." Rosalie said with a sad voice.

"Just for that you're walking home." I told him and his smile faded.

"Only kidding Edward," Emmett said nicely, "Give me a call." He whispered in her ear and I sighed. He let go of her and walked over to Rosalie taking her hand in his.

"Can we get going now," I asked not wanting to play games, "Someone is hungry and wants to eat." Stupid detention I mean seriously is this legal?

"I hope you mean her Edward?" Alice asked worried and Jasper took her hand. "Okay then, let's get going."

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