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Chapter Four, Part 2

"Edward can we talk…it's about well I think you already know?" Emmett asked as he knocked on my bedroom door.

"Sure what's going on?

"Rosalie's been acting strange since Bells left and well she's been like this for awhile now." Emmett told me. "She left, said she had to go somewhere and that she'd come home before school."

"Emmett she's probably just going hunting?" I suggested but knew that was probably not the real reason she had left home tonight. I honestly have no idea how to actually tell him about her meeting up with an old friend from before she met him. "I'm sure it's nothing." I tried to sound reassuring.

"Well if she was going hunting she would have asked me to come along!" Emmett said loud, his temper rising. "Rosalie always takes me hunting with her. Something is not right and I would really like to know what is going on. Why the hell is she ignoring me and yelling all the time? What did I possibly do to piss her off this much?"

"Emmett maybe it's not you maybe just maybe it is Rosalie?" I asked. He looked at me confused as he sat down sighing. I put my Physics book aside looking down at the floor. "Well honestly to me Rosalie's always been crazy but I think or well hope in time she will talk to you about her real problem."

"What do you me her real problem?" he asked, "Edward do you know where she is I mean after all you can read minds?"

"Even if I did Emmett I wouldn't tell you because it is not my place. As much as I want things to go back to how they were I will not tell you. You and Rosalie will have to talk it out, discuss your problems and past. There really is not much I can do, she asked me not to get involved and I really do not want to piss her off again." I don't think I've ever seen him this sad before or well not in years. He looks as if he's going to kill someone or start balling his eyes out. Emmett thinks he's going to lose the love of his life and there's nothing he can do to stop it from happening. Depressed Emmett has become…


"Bells are you up yet?" Charlie asked as he opened the door, "You're going to be late for school if you don't get a move on," He told me then headed down the hall, "I'll even drive you today."

School. Great my favorite place in the entire world…not! After yesterday I really didn't want to go this being my first day in all and having Edward show me around…oh god Edward! I'm not sure how to face him after the chess game let alone spend the day with him. I wonder what he thinks of me now besides being annoying and bossy. Hopefully he forgot about that little game I mean after all I got picked to be his detention. Ha! Back home in Phoenix the principal would have suspended a student like him or at the very least made him do community service, how in the world did he get this kind of treatment is beyond me. I got out of bed and put on a pair of blue jeans and a long sleeved blue shirt followed by a white t-shirt that had swirl designs on it, my light blue jacket, black shoes and went downstairs to meet Charlie.

The ride to school was quiet like I figured it would be. Charlie doesn't hover much nor question me to death about pointless things which is nice because I'm trying to figure out how to get in school without running into Edward. I told Charlie bye as I got out of the car but my luck wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be. There he stood leaning against his fancy car staring at me. I walked up to him slowly not knowing what to expect from him this morning.

"So what is my punishment for today?" He asked in a smug voice.

"Very funny," I said a bit annoyed. "I think school will be enough for the moment."

"What little miss nice girl has come out to play?" he questioned me. "Alright well then we should get going don't want to be late now?" A smile appeared on his face as he walked away. Great just what I need apparently he wants the girl from yesterday and he has not forgotten anything.

English was brutal they were studying Romeo and Juliet which I really didn't like. I hated Shakespeare I just couldn't understand it none of it made any sense to me so I just sat in silence while the rest of the class asked questions in excitement. It was weird though this guy in the front with brown hair acted like he knew everything about it and how Romeo got it right. Suck up. The teacher called him Mike. I hate that name; my ex's name was Mike back in Phoenix and he was a real ass. He was head quarterback of the football team and the basketball captain. As I think back I really don't know what I saw in him and he's the reason I hate men who think there better then everyone. I used to be this shy girl who had her own little group of friends and didn't really pay much attention to football or sports for that matter until I started dating him, that's when everything changed. My friends stopped talking to me; I became a cheerleader one of the popular girls, and no longer the girl I used to be. After a year of dating he started controlling me, bossing me around and treating me like I was nothing to him and he only wanted me when he needed something. I never thought I would ever be that girl who gets forced into having sex with her boyfriend and then the next day have him break up with me…yes it was that bad.

"Hey you're the girl from the restaurant right?" someone asked me, "You were with Edward." She said his name in a heavenly tone, softer than the rest of her sentence.

"Um yeah that would be me." I told her.

"I'm Jessica, Edward's girlfriend." She smiled. "Your new here right, the chiefs daughter?"

"That's me alright. Bella Swan." I told her, "Tell me something Jess if you are dating Edward why did he act like you didn't exist?"

Jessica laughed uncomfortably and smiled at me, "Well truth be told we are actually secretly dating see he doesn't want anyone to know so when others are around we tend to play a little game called ignore the other…but once we are alone everything is just oh so perfect!"

"Right well good for you," I gave her a confused look.

"What is that so hard to believe that a guy like him would be in love with a girl like me?" she shot back.

"Well he kind of told me that he was single and you were a pain in the ass."

"Yes well like I said he doesn't want anyone to know because Mike Newton up there will get pissed. I think he's like in love with me or something kind of sad really. He's like a lost puppy confused and all alone."

The bell rang. Our English teacher was yelling over the noise telling us to read chapters one through four for tomorrows class and that there might be a quiz. What he really means is there WILL be a quiz and for all of the people like me who know crap about Shakespeare and understand NOTHING are pretty much screwed. Just great that's all I need is an F to bring me down.

I got up and left the room, Jessica following me as if she were glued. "EDWARD!" she shrieked and ran to him. "Oh how nice it is to see you, I've been thinking about you all day." He looked annoyed and slowly pushed her back moving away from her. "What's wrong sweetie?"

"First thing Jess, I'm not your sweetie and secondly I'm just here to walk my detention over there to class." He pointed at me when he said the last part. Jessica sighed and tried to give him a hug before walking away down the hall smiling to herself like she accomplished something big today. He looked displeased. "Ready to go?"

"Sure why not I wonder what other psycho I'll run into in my next class whose just obsessed with you?" I told him and he laughed.

"What jealous are we now?" he winked and grabbed my schedule from my hands. "Advanced Trig?" he questioned, "I take it you like math?"

"I'm pretty good at it I guess."

"Well I hate it and I'm pretty good at it too I guess." He mocked me. "Have fun problem solving."

I managed to make it through the first half of the day alright. I met a few people here and there most are either to afraid to be the first to go up to the new kid or they could just careless. When I reached the cafeteria Edward bailed on me and went over to his brothers and sisters. I went through the lunch line and filled my tray with what they call food and started to look for a place to sit. I hated being the new kid you knew literally next to no one and felt pretty much like an outcast. I debated whether or not to go by Edward but I didn't want to push my luck after all my next class was with him.

"You can sit with me and my friends if you want?" Jessica said with a smile. I thought about eating alone for a moment but then that would just cause people to stare at me so I followed Jessica to the table and sat down next to her and the girl from my advanced trig class, Angela. "Bella this is Angela, Tyler, Mike and Eric, everyone this is the new girl Bella."


"Seems like my new favorite person over there is hanging out with your girl Jess and that Newton kid." Emmett told me half laughing.

I turned around and looked over at where she was sitting and indeed he was right. Mike Newton was telling her about how I was an asshole and that she should stay far away from me and my family. There was something different about him today that's for sure. He wasn't his usual Jess obsessed like yesterday instead he was more about getting to know Bella and seeing if she was single. "Looks like it." I said looking back at him.

"What's he saying to her?" Emmett pushed.

"If you're so god damn obsessed with that girl then why don't you go over there and join them!" Rosalie half yelled. "If you would rather spend time with your 'new favorite person' instead of me then just leave!"

"Rosalie…" Alice tried to say but got cut off.

"Excuse me?" Emmett yelled. "What in the world has gotten into you Rosalie? This isn't the girl I fell in love with years ago." He stood up and slammed his chair into the table hitting hers. "When you decided to be nicer to me and respect me you know where to find me!" Emmett stormed out of the cafeteria and out of school.

"Well that went well." Alice snapped. "When are you going to stop this game and just tell Emmett that you slept with what was his name again?" she paused for a moment, "Oh yeah Alec! Out of all the vampires in the world you do have bad taste. I do not approve your actions and you must tell, talk to him, and work this out. What's done is done and you need to choose between Felix and Emmett because I've had enough of this. Just because he's in town again doesn't mean it is right. After all we have problems of our own and do not like being involved in yours." She stood up and walked away. Jasper and I both looked at her which seemed to bother her because after a minute she got up and left.

"Well that's something that doesn't happen every day." Jasper said, "I haven't seen Alice this angry in over thirty years."

"Yeah that or Emmett this pissed off." I agreed. "I'll meet up with you after school there's something I need to do." After that I stood up and started walking towards Newton's table and sat down next to Bella in the recently vacant chair and smiled at Mike. "So I take it you met my girl Bella?"

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