Um, no words man. No frikkin words to describe how AWESOME it was. It was the greatest thing my eyes have ever witnessed. Nothing I have ever seen is as great. Now I thought of this right before I was about to go to bed, so I wrote it at like 1 am. So it prolly aint gonna be that good, but I had to get it on paper. Or, screen. Enjoy.



She shot a hand to her eyes as she glanced up and saw the blinding clash of colors. Red and blue, she thought, it must be Aang.

She glanced down at the writhing bender next to her. She was healing his wounds. His wounds that he got for protecting her from death.

As her hands worked with the water to create new life and cells on Zuko's dead and charred skin, she could hear Azula still struggling to break free of her bonds. She was spitting fire, and her wrists where bloodied now. Black and red, from trying to melt the metal rings holding her in place.

"You can't break free of them." She thought sadly. "Only Toph would be able to break free of them."

She sensed a change in the lighting and looked to the sky. The blue color was slowly diminishing. Her heart rate sped up. "Aang's color is blue… No, that can't be good."

She forced herself to watch the event, despite the fact she wanted to look away. She was watching Aang's life being sucked away from him. Again.

The dark red had almost completely overwhelmed the sky. There was little blue to be seen.

"No… he's not allowed to leave me!" Her eyes started watering. She ground her teeth together. "HE'S NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE!"

She jumped to her feet, astonishing Zuko. He tried to look up at her, but his strength fled, and he lolled his head back softly.

Katara, in the sad furious state she was in, snapped her head back and screamed to the heavens.




He heard it, and forced his spirit out with not the strength of all the past avatars, but the strength of love. It raced out, consuming his whole body before moving on to Ozai's. The refreshing blue of Aang's spirit seemed to glow brighter for a minute, before it disappeared back into hiding.

Like all the times before, Katara got through to him. It was her that saved his spirit from becoming corrupted; it was her that made him unbendable.

Thanks to that one girl, the avatars life was saved, and the Firelord defeated. And as Aang lay down, slumped against a rock, he muttered out a few simple words.

"Thank-you, Katara."