Title: Forgetting to Love

Rating: M

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A/N: So this is my new idea. I hope you guys take time to read it, and give it a chance. This, once again, is going to be different from anything I've ever written before. I'm taking a risk on this one, as a lot of you can tell I'm infamous for taking risks, so I hope it pays off. Those new to my stories, I hope you like this. Here's the warning now, this is going to be dark and pretty heavy again, like Never Let Go. But of course in a different way. I'm also warning that those of you who get uncomfortable with certain situations, you might want to look out. I'm not saying don't read this, but it's definitly going to be more graphic then what I've written before. Anyways, I really hope you guys give this a chance and have faith in me. I may not be posting as often as I was in NLG, but hopefully it will be at least two to three times a week. Thanks so much, I hope you you guys like Forgetting to Love!

The olive skin glowed with a heated sunlight from the fire place. Her bare chest heaved up and down while the skin glistened with sweat in an indescribable way. The valley of her chest was peaking resembling the mountains covering the skyline through the steamed window. Her long, flowing midnight black hair was draped across the dark pillow as her mouth was open, gasping for breath. Her small nose was flared as she was trying to take in as much of the thin air as humanly possible. The curves of her body were moving tauntingly, the way her naked hips seemed to squirm back and forth a little while the three bright white scars on her stomach glowed in an almost inhuman way. Below the white scars, rested on her hip was a small silver with a black outline star tattoo. Those long legs, the legs of a goddess, were bent a little and it seemed that each toe was carved in perfection. The long lashes up of her eyelids were perfectly curved upwards.

It was in a moment that those eyelids flickered open revealing the perfect, deep brown eyes. But they weren't just deep brown, no. They were so different. The way the where rimmed with the darkest chocolate color, but as you got to the center, they turned to a light coffee color until it mixed with the black pupil. The eyes glistened in the light as the perfect head turned to the side; her mouth still parted open gasping for breath. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, nor would ever want to. Ever. "Wow…" She whispered in between breaths.

There was a crackle of the fire in the distance. The wood on the walls had a mysterious shadow dancing on them. Glass on the pictures that were set up on the nightstands where almost unrecognizable since the fire seemed to cause them to turn white from the light. Steam had formed on the window that was looking out onto the black mountainous horizon. The snowboard that was rested up on the wall was crossed with the skis that were tipped over.

The fire mixed with the fire in the cobalt eyes creates an almost greenish look to them. Heat, love, and passion seemed to be radiating from them as all they looked down upon was the girl who was stretched out across the bed. The owner of the eyes own chest was heaving a little also, though it had slowed down in the past couple of minutes. The muscular nude body leaned down and connected the two already bruised and swollen lips in a heated, passionate kiss that could have gone on forever.

Their lips parted slightly as the deep brown connect with the cobalt, neither wanted to ever look at another color than the one they were staring into at that moment. Her bruised lips curved upward in a smile a little as her black thin eyebrows rose. "So… do I make your list of issues?" She asks confidently while the thin lips on the cobalt's smile.

"Nah…" The voice echoed off the cream colored walls of the room. "…you're what keeps me going…" He whispered while he leaned down and connected their lips again…

Three Months Earlier…

She could sit there and stare at them forever and never once turn her head away.

The way they seemed to loom mysteriously over the grey and white brick school. They seem to have a blue glow to them as their shadows were filled with secrets. The almost black looking trees in the distance each seemed to hide something. A hidden secret that was not to be found unless one went looking for it. But in between those black secrets were white paths. There could be little black dots on some of those white paths, only on the certain peaks where it was allowed. But those paths seemed to lead towards the secrets, that is, if you how to find your way through them.

There was also a white light that radiated off of the glistening white. The light seemed to be reflecting hope. Hope for a better life; hope that maybe someone, one person would be able to grasp everything. The light seemed to be the savior, if it was allowed it. The tips of each one were points, points that wouldn't be found anywhere else on this planet, and that was why the girl standing on the top of the stairs leading downwards loved this horizon.

"You coming?" Another voice asked, slightly deep but still recognizable as a female. Her dark skin that was so smooth slick would have a run for its money was hit by the small wind that was playing on the top of the valley. Her shoulder length hair that was pulled back by a green headband whipped matching the wind. The curvy body that most guys would kill to have as their girlfriend's stood sideways as her hand seemed to be coaxing the one on the top of the stairs along. Her brown eyes squinted in the sunlight as she put her hand up to her brow to see the other girl who couldn't take her eyes off the mountain tops. "You know Garble is going to kill you if you're late again."

The deep coffee brown eyes left the horizon and look towards her best friend. She wrapped the light blue scarf around her small olive skin neck tighter even though it was 45 degrees as the two girls slowly took one step at a time down each step. Her thin, yet insanely muscular legs moved down in her black leather boots and light blue jeans until they reached the bottom of the valley. Her eyes looked up at the giant "E" that sat on the top of the school in a bold red and white.

The girl always thought it was strange that the school was built almost in a valley, but then again where else could you put a school in the middle of nowhere in Colorado? The terrain was mostly mountains, with a town about ten minutes away. But most of the buildings around were houses in subdivisions, cabins on the mountains, a Ski resort, or the lone gas station. Otherwise it was a ten minute drive to civilization, where most of the students who occupied East High School lived.

"So… what happens if you are late again?" The dark girl said while they make their way across the courtyard towards the giant "E".

"Then Garble claimed he was going to tell Foreman, though Foreman wouldn't do anything since it's the off season." The other girl stated, feeling the wind whisper through her long, midnight black and curly hair. She had a small nose to frame her face, and kissable lips that any guy would have dropped to their knees to lay their own on. Her body was slender, with small curves yet a completely flat stomach from so much running.

Finally, the two girls made it to the doors of the school and stepped inside. The olive skinned girl felt a burst of heat as the temperature increased dramatically. She unbuttoned her black pea-coat to reveal her light green knit three quarter length shirt and glanced at the dark girl to see she was taking off her jacket also. "Gotta love the warm air." The dark girl says while the deep brown soft eyes roll.

"Tay… it's call heat. Without it, we die." The petite girl told her best friend since seventh grade, Taylor McKessie, with a smile plastered across her face. They began walking through the large atrium where there was another giant red and white "E" on the wall. There was also a mural of the school on the opposite wall of the school under the looming mountains. There were skylights coming from the ceiling, shining the bright white sun down on the two of them. "I'm really happy those stupid text books you can't get your nose out of actually taught you something."

"Hey… I got a hundred on my last AP Bio test so don't even go there." Taylor stated while both of them let a giggle erupt from their throats. It was known throughout the school that Taylor was ranked third in their senior class, and it was only early November. Though no one would dare call her a geek, except in a joke from her closest friends.

They walked to a familiar hallway where there were a few students standing at white lockers. "Yeah… the one I 'forgot' to study for and still managed to get an A?" The petite girl asked while put finger quotes around the word as they stopped at two familiar looking lockers. Taylor gave her an annoyed look at the deep brown eyes roll. "What? I'm sorry I pay attention in class and not cuz I'm dreaming about Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome!"

"What about me?" A deep voice entered the thin girl's ears as she spun the silver lock and opened up her locker. Her eyes glanced back to see there were three boys standing there with amused smirks on their faces. They seemed to be standing in a small triangle, with two guys in the back and one in the front. The one on the right was tall, his black hair was cut closely to his head and was completely black. His skin was a little darker then Taylor's and he also had a smile that was almost erupting in happiness. The one on the other side of him was almost the complete opposite. He was extremely pale and had hair that was cut short, completely blonde. His blue eyes seemed to cut through anything but he also had a smile that was completely genuine, and also lingered on the girl a moment longer. His arms and body weren't as muscular as the other two, but it didn't matter, because it worked for him.

But the one in the center was what the girl looked to. She smiled immediately while seeing him. His hair was a dark chocolate brown and in tight ringlets. It fell over his black eyes a little brushing against the skin that was a little lighter than Taylor's. He was wearing a yellow long-sleeved shirt that showed off the muscles he was growing. He smiled brightly at her for a moment, before his eyes turned longingly on her best friend. "Sorry Chad, we weren't talking about you."

Chad Danforth was the petite girl's closest guy friend. Ever since they met freshman year, she could count on him for anything. He will be captain of the baseball team in summer and ran cross country, just like her, in the fall. But his main sport, just like the other dark boy standing by him, Zeke Baylor, lived and breathed basketball. She was also well aware that he was practically in love with the girl she was standing next to for about a year, though Taylor had no idea. "Damn…" He said with the smile on his face slipping off. The girl knew that he was trying so hard to make Taylor fall for him. But unfortunately, Taylor was too much in love with the college boy she was talking about moments before.

"Hey…" The girl said with the four of their eyes landing on her. "I think you're dark and handsome." She said teasingly as Chad rolled his eyes.

"Coming from you Gab, that's like my nine year-old sister telling me I'm hot." He said with the deep brown eyes rolling in response.

Suddenly, the air got colder. Almost as thought the heating broke in the school. The deep brown eyes blinked for a moment before they turned to the hallway. Almost as if in slow, perfectly fluid motion, four girls walked down the hallway. Everyone who was standing in the hallway looked to the almost diamond shape that the girls had formed. Two on the sides, one in the back, and the leader in the front. The olive skinned girl tried her hardest not to roll her eyes while the leader of the group flipped her long, blond hair behind her shoulders.

She stopped her long, thin legs that were in her high fashion white leather boots in front of the three guys. The other girls followed their queen bee, as she gently tapped her silver nail polish against her white skirt that rested low in her stick straight hips. Her pointed nose stuck up with the light skin against her high cheek bones. Her light brown eyes seemed to give off the effect that they were radiating ice from them; maybe that was why everyone called her ice princess. "Hey boys…" She said in her stuck up voice that made Gabriella want to hurl. "Taylor…" She nodded towards Taylor with a small smile on her face while Taylor pretended to be interested.

"Hey Sharpay." The dark girl greeted the blonde in an almost bored-like tone. The light brown eyes then moved over to Gabriella's deep brown as she looked her up and down for a moment, but didn't say anything.

"Ryan." This Sharpay said while turning to the blonde boy who did his best not to roll his eyes. The Evans twins were infamous. They both lived on the side of one of the mountains, their parents owning a ski resort, Winter's Paradise that was two towns over. But what surprised the entire school was the fact that Ryan was one of the sweetest guys anyone would ever meet. Sharpay, on the other hand, was the snobbiest girl in all of Colorado, but seemed to have power at the school because her parents were completely loaded. "Daddy said you have to come home and wait for Mr. Jones to come because he and mother are going to be late. And I have rehearsal after school so..." She almost demanded, reminding Gabriella that Sharpay was also the president of the drama club. Fit her well. Ryan rolled his eyes as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Whatever. You guys can come over if you want." He responded and stated to the two guys as an almost malicious smile crossed Sharpay's face.

"Fabulous. Oh… and have any of you seen Troy around?" She asked while the black eyebrows rose on the thin girl in amusement at the sound of the name.

"He's getting his schedule changed." Chad answered in a bored tone. "So he won't be around anytime soon." He stated while trying his hardest not to roll his eyes. The thin girl couldn't help but giggle a little.

"Shame. Tell him I said hey." She said while turning back to the other three girls. "Tootles!" She said while waving her fingers and walking in the opposite direction.

"Too bad it already slipped my mind." Chad stated while shaking his head a little. "He's working tonight by the way, so he wouldn't come." Chad said to Ryan.

"He's getting his schedule changed? What was wrong with it?" Zeke asked while Chad shrugged a little.

"Something about needing another credit for an elective? So he dropped stats or something. Who knows? I told him to take a free period, but you know how Bolton gets. He's worse then Tay." Chad said while wiggling his eyebrows at Taylor trying to flirt with her.

"Shut up Chad." She stated. The thin girl rolled her eyes again while she pulled out a small notebook filled with sheets of papers that seemed to be jutting out everywhere. A ringing sounded in her ears, which told her that they had five minutes to get to class or it would be sent straight to the principal's office.

"Well we gotta bounce." Chad said as he pointed to Zeke also. "God, you'd think Coach would let us be late to gym cuz we're his favorites." He said while Zeke shook his head.

"Dude, you know Bolton is. I guess he has to love his captain the most though." Zeke exclaimed while the girl grabbed a folder out of her locker.

"See ya later." Chad said with a wink towards Taylor. The dark girl rolled her eyes while the blonde leaned against the locker of the other girl's.

"So… even though you're stuck at home for awhile, you're still going to help me sit Ari after I run and workout right? After the guys leave?" She asked and Ryan winced as though in pain, though it usually just meant that he couldn't.

"Sorry Gabs… Mr. Jones is like, coming over to talk about rooming. Mom said that she doesn't want me sharing a dorm or something. And you wonder where Sharpay gets her self-centeredness from." He said while the girl shut her locker and turned to Taylor who was shutting her own.

"I'll see ya in Bio." She said to her while then walking in sync with Ryan down the hallway. It seemed just like old times about a year and a half ago. Though this time, the girl wasn't holding Ryan's hand nor looking up at him like he was the sun itself. "You're mom's nice… sometimes…" The girl explained while Ryan rolled his eyes.

"Thanks Gab…" He said sarcastically while giving her shoulder a little nudge with his own.

Ryan was on the baseball team, but that was it. Most of the other guys in her group of friends played multiple sports, but it didn't seem to matter. She had met Ryan freshman year and was basically the reason he was friends with all of the jocks. "So… this is me." She said while stopping and pointing to a dark room. "I'll talk to you later ok?"

Ryan smiled his teethy smile and nodded. "See ya."

The girl walked into the dark classroom and sat down towards the back of the room. It was small, and usually dark. There were huge computers up in front, with multiple screens for one tower. Also sitting in the front were different instruments. Three electric guitars, two acoustic, a drum set, tambourines, and a base. It was a different class, though everyone wanted to take it. It was so popular that you actually had to fill out an application stating why you wanted to be in the class before the teacher would let you in. he took nineteen in the beginning of the year, though the class was made for twenty just incase he spotted someone who would be worthy enough to come in.

The final bell run and immediately the door to the room shut. In walked a tall, lanky man. He had on jeans, even though he was a teacher, with a black t-shirt with "Nirvana" written across it and tight dark brown curls that clung to his head. Even though it was her first class of the day, it was always her favorite since it was the one class that would actually be useful to her later on in life.

"Morning guys." Mr. Garble said, the teacher who was one of the most popular in school. Maybe it was just because he was twenty-three and could relate to the students better then most. Maybe it was just because he was in a band that almost played on TRL two years ago. Almost was the key word. Or maybe it was just the fact that he was a really cool guy who taught freshman honors English and music production. The girl had taken his English class and was one of his favorites, plus she was a senior, which gave her instant access to the class to die for. "Okay… just let me take attendance if I can find the list…" He said, he was also infamous for being completely unorganized.

Finally, he came up for air after going through everything and holds up the list. A girl in the middle row turns around and smiles at her, waving her fingers while the boy next to her did the same. "Hey!" She mouths while the guy smirked.

The olive skinned girl was well liked, there was no denying that. But it wasn't a Sharpay kind of like, it was because she had the personality everyone loved. She was confident, but not cocky, kind to most people, but she also had a mysterious side to her. The hidden side that didn't come out often, that was because she tried her best to hide it from everyone else.

"Alright…" He looked up at all of the students and checked their names. "Jefferson… is Sammy Jefferson here?" The girl who waved before with sandy shoulder length hair raised her hand as Mr. Garble nodded. He then scanned up the olive skinned girl's row and looked down for a moment. "Montez… Gabriella Montez?" His hazel eyes looked up to meet the deep brown as he smiled softly. "I thought I saw you…uh… Peterson…Kyle?"

Just after Mr. Garble said his name, the door to the class room opened and time almost came to a complete stop. Slow motion was played as Gabriella's deep, dark chocolate brown eyes looked up towards the door. Her breath was caught in her throat, as she heard a couple sighs from a few of the other younger girls. But that was the last thing she heard before all other sound was stricken from the earth. She felt like her chest couldn't take anymore oxygen as the figure walked into the classroom.

His body moved in a perfect stride. Beneath the jeans was a pair of perfectly formed calves to start the completely muscular and gorgeous body. She also knew that underneath the red what looked like Abercrombie t-shirt was a six pack and muscular pecks that guys would kill for. The red shirt also showed off his golden tan that made him look like he was from LA, when in reality he was in Colorado. His hair gave off the color of an extremely light chestnut, and it flipped out over his ears a little. His perfect head flicked so his hair that every girl wanted to run their fingers through lefts his orbs. That was probably what everyone loved most about him. Why girls fell to their knees in front of him. It was his eyes. One could stare into those eyes, the eyes that looked like the way the bright sky did on a cold day over the mountain passes, forever. They had the look of the ocean when the sun was highest. But what Gabriella believed was why everyone loved them so much was they looked older. Though he had it easy since everyone loved him, they just looked like he had been through hell and back and lived to tell the tale. But that was stupid, because he had everything going for him.

Boy was she wrong.

"Troy Bolton, my man!" Mr. Garble said while the perfect body walked over to him. After the first effect of Troy Bolton walking in the room, he really didn't give Gabriella thought the fact that everyone praised him was annoying. Every girl in the school worshiped him, along with the guys because he was the East High basketball captain and played like a God. It was no doubt he was the most popular guy in school, but what annoyed her most was the fact that he knew it too. He was friends with Gabriella's friends, but to be honest, she talked to him the least of the group. She couldn't stand his cockiness for more than a couple minutes, even though they first met freshman year and were friends, but other than that, they didn't really talk that much. "What do you got for me?"

Troy scratched the back of his neck while Gabriella swore she heard the girls sigh as he did so. Ok, he was hot, but was it really necessary for girls to sigh when he did something as simple as scratching his neck? It was kind of pathetic in a way. "Uh… the office said to give this to you…" He said in his voice that even Gabriella hated to admit was like hearing the sound of angels singing.

Mr. Garble took the pink slip of paper from Troy's hand. He didn't look into the classroom at all, almost keeping his head down, but smirked a little when one of the guys yelled. "Hey Bolton!" It was no denying that Troy was one of Mr. Garble's favorite students. He had freshman English with Gabriella, making the both of them his favorites in the class. That was the only class they had ever had together… that was until now. "Alright! You're coming in!" He said while holding up his hand to give Troy a high five. Troy smirked a little, while Gabriella rolled her eyes at how stupid Mr. Garble could be sometimes. "Guys, if you don't know him… but I don't know anyone on this planet who doesn't, this is Troy Bolton. He's joining this class for the rest of the year. Pick a seat man…"

The cobalt eyes finally looked up and out to the rest of the class, smirking. It seemed that the guys were ecstatic cheering and attempted to give Troy handshakes. The girls suddenly all looked at each other with excited looked on their faces. The left cobalt blue eye actually winked at one of them, and she swore she heard the girl swoon. Gabriella's eyes narrowed a little. Great, now all she would listen to was how fantastic Troy was.

But she couldn't help her stomach flip as the drowning cobalt eyes locked on the deep brown. He smirked a little before making his way towards the back, flipping his hair a little in the process. Mr. Garble began talking again, but Gabriella didn't notice. She watched as Troy walked past her, gave her shivers as his leg brushed against her shoulder. But she didn't think anything of it. That's just the effect Troy Bolton gave to anyone with an X chromosome.

He sat down right behind Gabriella as the other guys turned around and smirked. Gabriella didn't turn around to look at him, but suddenly felt a warm breath on her neck. "So… haven't had a class with you since freshman year."

Gabriella couldn't believe he was actually sitting behind her, let alone talking to her. She glanced around to look at his stupid smirking face. His old worn eyes seemed to sparkle a little in the dark light as she shrugged. "I know…" She said, trying to convince herself this was awkward since they barely talked even though it was the furthest thing from awkward. "It was nice."

Troy smirked harded. "You know you missed me Montez… and I switched my psychology too… last hour…" He said in his perfect voice while Gabriella could feel her eyes grow a little wide.

"That's when I have it." She said while completely turning around to see Troy's smirk become even brighter. "Why'd you switch?"

This should have been completely weird; since Gabriella couldn't remember the last time she talked to Troy this much. Actually, she was pretty sure this was the most she had talked to him all year. His muscular shoulders shrugged as he leaned back in his desk. "Felt like it. I was getting bored." He said while Gabriella rolled her eyes. "But hey… consider yourself lucky. You got two classes with me now. Chicks would kill to be in your shoes."

Gabriella rolled her eyes again. "Great… just what I need."

"Bolton, Montez, am I gonna have to split you guys up within the first ten minutes?" Mr. Garble's voice entered Gabriella's ears while he had an amused smile on his face.

Troy and Gabriella glance at each other for a moment before Troy shook his head. "No, I think we can handle it." He said while raising his eyebrows towards Gabriella, but she just blew it off.

Gabriella smiled a little while she faced the front and didn't say another word to Troy for the rest of the class period. She had no idea those ten minutes were the start of something she would have never even dreamed possible.