The quiet whisper hung in the empty air.

Clutching tightly onto his bag, he entered the room. The door had been torn off the hinges, and he could see that things had been knocked over or thrown onto the floor.

Swallowing, he saw the kitchen door swinging.

He pushed it open, eyes widening at the sight before him.


Konohamaru jolted awake.

Breathing heavily, he let his eyes slowly close again and leant back on the soft pillows.

It was just a dream. Just a dream.

After a moment of resting, he wearily opened his eyes and looked at the man sleeping on the bed next to him. A heavy leg was still thrown over his slim hips, and an arm on his stomach.

Konohamaru blanched. The man was ugly. Fat. Hairy. And old.

The man was snoring, his ugly face grunting as it pressed into the pillow. His body pressed against the boy's waist.

Once again, he couldn't help but turn pale and feel slightly sick as he felt the greasy flesh of the fat man rub against his hips in a revolting manner, feeling the small hard naked cock rubbing against his leg.

It was when he felt the pubic hair scratch against his skin that he decided to get out of bed.

Swiftly pulling himself free from the disgusting man, he rolled off the side of the comfy mattress and got up. He plucked his crumpled shirt from the floor and pulled it on.

He grimaced when he noticed there was a rip in his shirt.

Not even making an effort to find his underwear (because he knew they were shredded to pieces), he pulled on his scruffy jeans and slipped into his shoes.

"This guy better have some money..." he muttered to himself, searching for a wallet.

He flipped the wallet open.

Only 5 dollars.

Feeling the urge to hit something hard, he took the 5 dollars and scrunched it in his pocket. He threw the wallet aside.

He hated it when that happened. Hated it when he was promised at least 50, but didn't even manage to get enough money for a bowl of noodles, let alone a proper meal.

He left the hotel, feeling disappointed, fingering the measley 5 dollars in his pocket.

It wasn't long before he found his favourite little cafe.

The Cafe belonged to one of his friends, Moegi. It was probably the only place he could get some cheap food, and it made him happier that he had some friends around.

Breathing in deeply, he straightened his crumpled shirt as best as he could and entered.

Naruto was not having a good day.

In fact, he was not having a good week at all, let alone a day.

The entire week which had passed was horrible. His girlfriend, if you could call her one, was being a bitch to him. Well, being more of a bitch than the usual day to day.

"Here's your coffee, your pancakes will be ready in a tick,"

He looked up and thanked the girl who was blushing a little.

Suddenly, just as he heard the tinkle of the door being opened, something whacked him on the back. The coffee he was holding splashed hotly onto the table.


"Gomen nasai!!" A boy's voice quickly said.

Turning around in his chair, his eyes widened slightly.

A boy, surely no more than 14 years old, with dark brown hair and eyes looked half terrified out of his wits. Said boy was rushing forward and wiping at the spilt coffee.

"Gomen, gomen, gomen," the boy began to mumble under his breath. He looked hesitantly at the blond man. "I... I'll pay for your coffee, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to knock you..."

"Hey, hey," Naruto said quickly with a small laugh. "You said sorry already, like ten thousand times,"

The brown eyed boy blushed, holding the 5 dollar note in his hand.

"And you don't have to pay," Naruto added, "It's just coffee."

"Sorry... I mean, thank you sir..." the boy looked hesitant, before deciding to take his chance and leave the table.

Naruto leaned back in his chair and watched curiously as the boy went over to the counter. Moegi, the owner of the cafe, seemed to be giving him a good telling off for harassing customers.

It was only an accident, Naruto mused to himself.

The boy was wearing loose baggy jeans, and a crumpled grey shirt. A rip, which you could hardly call small, could be seen torn down the neckline. As if someone had tried to tear the shirt off him.

It looked as if the boy was trying to buy something with 5 dollars.

5 dollars, that wasn't even enough to pay for a coffee. And the boy did look pale and slightly too thin for his age.

Without a second hesistation, Naruto stood up and walked over to the counter.

"I'll have another coffee, and make it two plates of pancakes," he said, folding over a 20 dollar note to Moegi. "One pancake for the boy here."

The dark brown haired boy widened his eyes and stared at Naruto, before spluttering a protest.

Moegi simply grinned and chirped a quick 'yes sir' before taking the 20 dollar note.

"I... wait... what..."

Naruto grinned and almost laughed at the blushing boy. "Come on, just have some pancakes with me."

He sat back down in his chair and smiled as he watched the boy nervously come over, as if he was in trouble. It really was a strange look for a teenager, usually they didn't give a damn.

"I'm Naruto," he offered.

The boy nodded his head slightly, sitting down in the chair slowly.

"I'm Konohamaru..." he mumbled.

When the two plates of pancakes were set down on the table, Naruto smiled and said his thanks to Moegi. Konohamaru only watched, looking uncomfortably at the food in front of him.

"You look as if I poisoned them," Naruto chuckled.

Konohamaru blushed again, before picking up his fork. He still looked like he was deciding whether to accept it or not. Finally after a few seconds of internal debate, he dug in.

After a few minutes of eating, the pancakes were gone.

"Thanks..." he said, licking a crumb off his finger. He still looked worried. "I... I can give you my 5 dollars if you want,"

"Keep it," Naruto insisted.

"But you payed for my food," Konohamaru said stubbornly, holding the crumpled note in his hand.

"It wasn't that much," Naruto said honestly, shrugging. "Besides, I'm a nice guy," he flashed a grin.

A mixed expression crossed Konohamaru's face. "I don't accept charity."

"It wasn't charity..." The smile slipped slightly from Naruto's lips. "I just felt like it."

The chair scraped slightly against the floor when Konohamaru got up quickly. He picked up his small bag and glanced hesitantly at the blond man, chewing his lip slightly.

"Thank you then," he bit out, before quickly leaving the cafe.

Naruto only blinked, startled at how jumpy the boy was.

He watched through the glass windows as he watched Konohamaru disappear down the streets.

xx keiji

ps: narukono i wanted to giveit a shot

pps: i didnt want naruto to suddenly go dipsy and all "WOWWW KONOHAMARU IS SO CUTE AND SPECIAL" because it was unrealistic lol.

pps: naruto is 25 and konohamaru is 18 (approximatelys)