Pancakes By HkKeiji

Rating of current chapter: M

Summary: Konohamaru is forced to sleep with other men to survive, that is, until Naruto comes into his life.

Konohamaru gave a low moan as the slick tongue slid against his ass.

"More," he hissed, burying his head into the pillow as long fingers shoved into him, burying up to the knuckles.



Konohamaru felt tired – too tired. His eye's felt as if heavy cotton had been drawn over them.

He was naked.

Wearily, he forced his limbs to move, hearing the distant sound of chains clinking. Bile rose up in his mouth as he shifted his arms again. They were tightly cuffed, cutting sorely into his wrists. He also noticed his thighs were still dripping in fluids, and the smell was immistakeably a mixture of cum, sweat and lubrication.

He had to open his eyes.

Light filtered through the hotel curtains, and Konohamaru's vision began to fall into focus.

He was on the floor, at the foot of the bed.

I don't remember that, his mind noted distantly. He wriggled his hands uselessly again. They were chained to the bedpost. A low snore reminded him that his client was still in bed, and he immediately stilled.

Carefully, he tried to turn over onto his knee's. His body immediately jolted with burning pain, and he had to grit his teeth to force himself up onto his bruised limbs. He caught sight of his arms, purpled with bruises of gripping. Wincing, he tried to pull his hands free from the restraints. He hissed painfully.

His client shifted on the bed, and Konohamaru's eyes widened as he looked up.

The client chuckled sickeningly.

"Trying to escape, little pet?"

Konohamaru drew in a sharp breath, biting on his lower lip. His fuzzy memory began to fill in the gaps – him grasping tightly around the mans neck, shoving his smaller tongue into his clients mouth. A duel of groping, stumbling towards the bed. Konohamaru laughing breathlessly as his client threw him down onto the covers. He was reaching up to grab the mans shirt, pulling Naruto down-

Naruto. Fuck.

The client smirked, as if enjoying Konohamaru's revelation.

"Ah, finally remembering are you," the man chuckled. "You were quite the eager one last night."

Konohamaru froze, swallowing thickly. "No…" His voice was a faint, raspy whisper.

"Such a slutty little boy," his client hissed, sneering. "Begging me to fuck you. Fucking yourself onto me like a perfect whore. I must say, I didn't expect this sort of behaviour from you Konohamaru."

His head spun.

"I didn't," Konohamaru replied weakly. Wistfully.

"…but I was pleasantly surprised, I admit," his client suddenly drawled out, looking contemplative.

Konohamaru dampened his lips, looking up to the man.

His client was propped up on one elbow, half reclined on the king sized bed. He was looking up at the ceiling as if in deep thought, long dark silky hair falling flawlessly over his ghostly shoulders. Konohamaru resisted a shiver as those gold eyes slid back over to look at him, turning his head away.

The client smirked, and Konohamaru felt his cheek being touched.

"Such a pretty boy," he said silkily.

The sound of shifting. Konohamaru's face burned as his Client sat on the side of the bed, legs falling open to reveal a reddened cock, already slick with precum. His client ran a hand through his brown hair before gripping it roughly. Slowly, he guided Konohamaru's lips to the head of his cock, nudging the tip.


Konohamaru feebly tugged his wrists against the chains again, but knew it was useless.

He dipped his head down to swallow the cock.

Naruto tapped the table nervously.

He was sitting in the lawyers office, trying his best to look through all of the documents. Files upon files laid stacked up on the desk, surrounded by a melee of coffee cups and half eaten krispy kreme donuts.

It was 2 pm.

Konohamaru had not showed up at the pancake café, much to Naruto's disappointment.

Naruto had waited for 4 hours.

His heart tugged, and he wondered if it was because of the other night. Foolishly, Naruto had kissed the boy, caught up in the heat of the moment; seeing the boy devouring his hot dog, the way he blushed and curled up against the bench seat, the way that glinting smudge of sauce teased the bottom of his lip…

He Kissed Konohamaru.

Naruto sighed.

He knew he shouldn't have. It was a mistake.

For god's sake, the boy was already in a relationship. Naruto himself had only just broken off with his girlfriend. Not to mention that the both of them were still new to the friendship they shared.

The door opened and Naruto snapped out of his thoughts.

"Found everything you wanted?" The lawyer said cheerfully.

"Yes, yes," Naruto quickly said, shuffling together a few stray pieces of paper. "Can you handle it?"

"Of course," the lawyer said reassuringly.

Smiling, Naruto passed the folders over. He exited the office hastily, wondering if Konohamaru would be at the Café now… or at least, he could interrogate Moegi for some more information on the boy's whereabouts.

Konohamaru swallowed thickly.

Nowhere to go.

His eyes stared listlessly at the café shop across the road – it was already mid afternoon, and of course, Naruto was no longer there for their usual breakfast appointment. Konohamaru could not make it in time.

Sullenly, he wiped his lips again.

He knew they were clean, but he couldn't help but feel as if that slick, sweaty substance was still smothered over his face.

Rough fingers rubbing the thick cum onto his lips, sliding into his mouth and spreading his lips open, making him gag and gurgle with saliva as he tried to lick the cum away.

He shook his head.

He blinked distantly as he noticed someone blonde running towards the café.


His heart jilted at the sight of him, and he immediately jumped to his feet. He watched nervously as Naruto disappeared into the café, and he felt a small spark of happiness knowing that the man was looking for him.

He ran across the road, but halted outside the door, hidden out of sight.

Could he go in?

He was a mess – his shirt was crumpled, his hair thick with sweat – bruises peeked out from underneath the clothing, a bite mark sported on his neck. Not to mention, that sick feeling of slime still clinging onto his lips, and the salty taste of cum in the back of his throat.

Who would want to kiss him?

Konohamaru bit his lip nervously, before forcing himself to enter the café.

Naruto's blue eyes immediately made contact, and the man jumped to his feet, face warming with a smile.

"Hi," Konohamaru said lightly, voice catching.

"Hi," Naruto replied, grinning. He ran a hand through his blonde hair. "Were you busy this morning?"

Konohamaru grimaced at the reminder.


He shook his head nervously, then nodded, feeling confused.

"Boyfriend," he managed to grit out, forcing a smile onto his lips.

Naruto smiled back uneasily, giving a short laugh. He sighed out loud into the air, glancing up momentarily to the ceiling. His lips mumbled something under his breath, but it was inaudible. After a moment, Naruto looked back down at him.

"I was worried," he finally said. "That you were avoiding me –"

Konohamaru blinked when he noticed Naruto's facial expression suddenly changed.

The blonde was frowning, face flickering, eyes suddenly glancing up and down Konohamaru's body. His blue eyes looked to him searchingly as he suddenly rasped out, "what's that?", grabbing his wrist.

Konohamaru yelped as Naruto held his hand tightly in the air.

"Nothing, idiot," he hissed, trying to jerk his hand free. Naruto however, was stubbornly holding on.

He blushed violently as Naruto's smooth hands suddenly travelled up his arm, pushing back the sleeve that revealed an angry purple bruise.

"Nothing?" Naruto said skeptically, blue eyes sharpening. "Where'd you get this? I only just saw you last-…" He haltered, suddenly realizing.

Konohamaru swallowed as they exchanged looks. He wrenched his hand free and took several steps back.

"I'm fine," he spat, feeling thoroughly irritated. "It's none of your business."

He felt guilty as he watched Naruto pull back, a disappointed, dark look on his face. He simply sneered up at the older man, unconciously wiping his lips again with the back of his wrist. Damn it, he couldn't get the taste away.

"You're an idiot," Naruto breathed.

Konohamaru opened his mouth to give a smart reply, before he suddenly felt two strong hands grab the front of his shirt and yank his body forward. He stumbled, then suddenly felt those hot, smooth lips crush against his own. His eyes rolled shut momentarily as Naruto gripped him closely, before suddenly shoving the boy away.

Naruto was breathing heavily, red flushed over his cheeks, an unreadable expression in his eyes.

Konohamaru blinked as he felt something wet dribble down his chin, and he raised a hand to touch it. Blood. It stung lightly as he pressed his fingers on the small wound.

A silent pause.

"What the hell was that for?" Konohamaru suddenly yelled. He waved his hand in front of Naruto's face, showing the droplets of blood.

Naruto was wordless for a little longer, before a smile suddenly edged onto his lips. The blonde let out a sudden laugh, causing Konohamaru to take a step back in confusion.

"Stupid," Naruto said calmly. "I'm stupid. I'm sorry."

Konohamaru glared, but felt himself smile back slowly.

"You're such a weirdo you know," Konohamaru said dryly. "Come on, let's eat. I'm starving."

Naruto chuckled.

"On one condition."

Konohamaru raised an eyebrow. "What?"

Naruto seemed to be thinking it over carefully. "Come over to my place tonight."

Konohamaru opened his mouth to protest, but Naruto interrupted. "I know you can look after yourself. I just meant… we should hang out."

Biting his lip, Konohamaru gave a short nod.

Hang out.

His stomach twisted a little – it would be the first time he would be in some mans home without doing 'services'. With a wry look, he shoved himself past Naruto and sat himself down at the table, arms folded.

"Fine," he said. "But you're paying."

Naruto laughed.

stale cake.

I've definitely lost the ability to write.

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