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Short Prologue

In a big cave, under a mountain, ten people were stood, each on separate fingers of a statue. The statue was of a face with nine eyes, five of which were already open, and the sixth eye was slowly opening. The head met the shoulders which were above the ground and the arms from the elbows up were also out of the ground.

So this is back to where the ten members of Akatsuki are each on a finger or thumb. The two members on the thumbs are Konan and Leader-sama, also known as Pein. Leader-sama is covered in a shadow as the only member in the organisation to know what he looks like is his partner Konan.

The other members are stood on the fingers and their partners are stood on the matching fingers of the other hand to them. One of the pairs is Itachi and Kisame, they seem to get alone with each other but they have the problem of who is in charge on missions. Its always Itachi, which Kisame complains about being unfair.

Another pair is the immortals. These two are Kakuzu and Hidan, one has a money obsession and the other one swears in nearly every sentence. Kakuzu complains at the loss of money Hidan's religion costs him to replace clothing.

Then there is the artists who are always on time for everything. Sasori is a puppet and he fights with puppets as well, he doesn't like to be late or be kept waiting. His partner is Deidara, whose art is clay that goes out in a bang! Deidara has an obsession with things being blown up.

The last set of partners is Zetsu, who shares his body with Etsu, or something like that, which argues a lot with Zetsu. Zetsu's partner is Tobi but Zetsu prefers working on his own. Tobi has the mental age of a five year old and always wears an orange mask with one eye hole and a black swirl on it.

Now we know the who the members are, we will move back to what they are doing on the statue.

It is the third day of the sealing ritual of the 6 tailed Bijuu, Rokubi no Raijuu, the host to this demon is surrounded in blue chakra which is sucking the demon out of their body and into the statue.

The host of the demon suffers excruciating pain during this process but in the end they die and forget the pain they have felt.

The eye of the statue is nearly fully open which shows that the three day sealing is nearly complete. When the eye has fully opened the blue chakra around the host vanishes into the statue and the empty body falls back to the ground. The eye glows a little to show that the Bijuu is sealed.

The members of the Akatsuki stretch out getting all the kinks out of their body and start to exit the cave, leaving Zetsu, and Etsu, behind to dispose of the body. The partners split of from the rest of the group and go to their own rooms and go to sleep on their single beds for the first time in seventy-two hours.

As Zetsu disposed of the body, -cough- ate -cough-, he left the cave to retire to his room.

The cave was quiet apart from the drip, drip, drip noise in the background. The eye that had just had the demon sealed into it glowed again, which it's not supposed to do, and then a flash of light left the eye closed.

Where the host was previously was a golden-yellow coloured weasel. Said weasel was the size of a medium sized dog, reason being if it was any bigger it would be harder to escape the base.

The Bijuu looked around the cave and found it rather boring so it decided to venture out into the Akatsuki's base.

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