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Chapter 1 – (May's POV)

Yes, the day had finally arrived. The day high school was over for summer vacation. And to top things off, my Aunt Vicki invited me to Sea City. In case you didn't know what Sea City was, it's a big island near the ocean. My Aunt Vicki lived there with her husband and she had told me over the phone that it was an awesome place with a huge beach. The only problem was getting the permission from my ever so strict parents who forbid me from doing anything.

"May, I just think you're too young to go there alone," my dad said, frowning slightly. I had mentioned the invitation casually over the morning breakfast.

"But Dad, there's Aunt Vicki, Mom's sister. And I think that you should at least trust your sister-in-law," I replied, exasperated. I was already seventeen and my parents, especially my dad, think of me as seven. Dad pursed his lips and looked down disgustedly at his steaming cup of coffee.

"Victoria isn't actually in the list of people that I trust. She's the wildest thing I've ever seen," Dad said, shaking his head. I got to admit, Aunt Vicki was pretty much on the wild side. She wore the most outrageous outfits and once Mom had told me that she tried to run away with the circus when she eight. But that didn't stop me from thinking she was the coolest aunt ever.

"Your dad has a point there, May. Vicki isn't actually a very… how do you say… responsible person," Mom added as she poured herself a second cup of coffee.

"Good thing I'm just staying home and reading the whole summer," my little brother, Max chimed in and I shot a dirty look at him.

"But Mooom, you haven't even seen her since she left for Sea City and that's been at least four years! She might have been wild before, but maybe she matured a bit," I replied, resting my chin over my palms in an exasperated expression and trying to be as patient as possible.

"May Maple! Get that look of exaggerated patience off your face. We're just worried for your own good," Mom said, frowning. I sighed.

"Mom, come on! You know that I'm a responsible person. And I can look after myself. All my friends are going away this summer, I don't want to be the only one stuck in this town," I replied.

"I'd feel so much better if you were going together with us," Dad said quietly. Yes! They were gaining around; this was the first time they mentioned anything about me going there at all.

"But Dad, you have lots of work to do. And it'll cost so much more if we all go there," I answered. Mom and Dad exchanged looks and then turned to me.

"Do you promise that you'll be responsible and to live by the rules which we'll give you?" Mom asked her brows raised so that they formed a hedge across her wide forehead.

"Yes, yes, yes! I'll live by whatever rules you give!" I said excitedly.

"Okay then, here they are: 1) You are not allowed to go swimming before 9 AM and after 5 PM. 2) You are not allowed to go out after dark, until or unless your Aunt Victoria is with you. 3) You are not to be friends with any boys there. 4) You are not to wear your bikini. Even if you do, at least wear something over your top and bottom. 5) Stay near the lifeguards when you go into the water. 6) Watch what you eat, you know you're allergic to crabs. 7) You're not going, until I find some experience doctors there. 8) Call us everyday at 6 PM, if we don't get your call, we'll call you. And 9) Please don't come back all wild like Victoria," Dad said, and smiled, "Okay?"

I was a bit disturbed by the boys rule and the bikini rule, but I thought I could manage for the others, "Sure!"

Mom took a deep breath, "Are you sure you really want to go?" I inwardly rolled my eyes; please don't get all teary like you did when I went off to summer camp, I thought to myself.

"Yes, Mom… But I'll miss you, all of you guys," I said with a sweet smile. Excluding Max, I mentally noted to myself.

"Aww… gee sis, I'd miss your loud snoring in the morning too," Max added with a charming little smile.

"How would you like to have bruises all over your body?"

Mom smiled, "Well, I guess I'd better get your tickets. When are you going exactly?" I thought for a while.

"Um…the day after tomorrow?" I wanted to get there fast.

"Why so soon, sweetie?"

"Uh… I just, you know, wanted to have enough time to do everything I wanted before vacation was over," I replied.

"But May, you have two whole months of summer vacation. I think you have plenty of time to do the things you want," Dad told me.

"Yeah but… please?" I asked, smiling a sickly sweet smile.

"Okay," Mom said finally, "I'm going over in the afternoon to get your tickets. Pack everything up and be sure to call your Aunt," Mom told me as she got up and started to clear the table. I let out a relieved sigh and smiled to myself, so this was it. I was finally getting away from home. Hot beaches and hot guys, here I come.


"May, are you sure you have everything?" Mom asked me as I struggled to carry my two heavy duffel bags. We were at the airport and Mom was doing last minute checkup.

"Yeah," I replied, breathlessly. Toothbrush and toothpaste, my hot new red bikini, sun block, two pairs of cool sunglasses, my five new sundresses, a visor, my lucky penny, makeup… yep, I had everything.

"Okay, this is it. Be safe honey. Do you have enough cash with you?" Dad asked me.

"I have… thirty bucks. That's what left of my allowance," I answered. The bikini and sunglasses cost me quite a lot.

"Here take some cash," Dad replied, thrusting a wad of twenty dollar bills in my hand.

"Thanks," I whispered, a lump coming to my throat.

"Oh, I'm gonna miss you," Mom said and hugged me tightly. I sniffed; tears were seriously coming to my eyes.

"I'm gonna miss you too," I replied. When she was done, Dad hugged me and I felt the tears coming again.

"Be good, sweetie," he muttered.

"I will," I replied as he pulled away. I turned to Max, "Well bye, don't go into my room while I'm gone. And take care of Mom and Dad for me."

"Sure, you can always trust me," he replied and I hugged him. Yeah, he was a little jerk sometime, but I was going to miss him all the same. When I pulled away I swore I saw some tears in his eyes. I smiled at my teary family.

"Bye everyone, I'll be sure to follow your rules. And I promise I'll call once I get there. Don't worry, I'll be fine," I told them as Mom sniffed into a Kleenex.

"Bye May," my family said and I waved at them before heading into the terminal. As I boarded the train and sat down at my seat, I got the fluttery feeling in my stomach, I was finally going to Sea City.


"Oh May! I can't believe you grew that much! You're almost taller than me!" my Aunt Vicki exclaimed as she took me in a huge bear hug. I grinned at her when she pulled back. She didn't look the least bit like Mom. While Mom had brown hair, she had blond that seemed lighter than before due to the time she spent in the sun. She was wearing a totally cool white sundress showing off her tan with a pair of brown cowboy boots. She was wearing two jangly earrings in one ear and three silver studs in the other. Her hair was tied with a tie-dyed bandanna, there was a huge cheetah print sunglasses on her head, and on her wrist were hundreds of different colored bangles. She was totally cool.

"Aww, Aunt Vicki, you haven't changed a bit!" I told her as we walked out of the airport and hopped onto her multicolor painted Jeep.

"Well, I've become older," she said with a laugh and started the engine, "And so did you. I can't believe you're already seventeen. One more year and you are officially an adult."

I smiled at her, "I can hardly wait." She smiled back in return and we drove down the smooth road. The place was awesome. I saw the boardwalk and the beach where there were tons of people. I saw casinos, the Miniature Golf, Trampoline Land where lots of little kids were enjoying themselves, three ice cream parlors and thousands of little souvenir shops.(A/N: I actually got these descriptions from when we went to Atlantic City and also from BSC book.) It was great, I could hardly wait to explore.

"So how does it feel to live in such a cool place?" I asked Aunt Vicki, who smiled.

"I think it's more of a hot place," she told me and we laughed, "But it's pretty nice here, the people."

"So where's Uncle Bryan?" I asked. Uncle Bryan, Aunt Vicki's husband, was a pretty cool guy. He worked here as a marine biologist.

"He's at work; he'll usually come home at about 6."

"So what does a marine biologist have to do?" I asked. Call me dumb, but I have no idea what he really does.

"Eh, just hanging out at the beach everyday," she said casually.

"Really?" I asked, impressed. What a great job!

"Don't get your hopes up, kiddo, I was joking," Aunt Vicki replied, as I inwardly sighed, figures. "There's this wild piece of land in the corner of this island. Believe me; it's very different than this beach and this city. It's surrounded by all kinds of wild creatures and he has to go and study the creatures and plants in the water."


"I don't really know. All I know is that he gets paid pretty well," Aunt Vicki replied, grinning. I giggled, Aunt Vicki was different from the other grownups, err… older people. She treated everyone as if she was talking to her best friend.

"So here we are. Your home for two months," she announced as we pulled up at a white little cottage overlooking the ocean. It had a wide front porch, a little veranda and there was a green little garden at the back. What a romantic house! I got out of the car and gazed at the house admirably.

"It's perfect!" I exclaimed. Aunt Vicki smiled at me.

"I'm glad ya think so." She opened the front door and inside it was even better. The little kitchen was spotless; there was a small den, a living room with a 24" TV and a little redbrick fireplace. All the bedrooms were up the stairs. I dropped my duffel bags and walked around the house, admiring everything.

"Why don't we see your bedroom, kiddo?" Aunt Vicki asked me and I nodded in response. She took me to a small corner room and opened the painted wooden door. My room was marvelous. The walls were covered with white wallpaper with small roses adorned on it. The wide window was open and the room was vast and airy. There was a little wooden bed at the side and a mahogany closet at the other side. Between the bed and the dressing table was a small nightstand with three drawers. A worn out red rug was laid out. The room was as romantic as the other parts of the house.

"Oh Aunt Vicki, it's beautiful! Thanks so much!" I exclaimed as I hugged her.

"We spent extra time thinking to make you feel at home," she said once we pulled away, "You should get some rest. Take a shower and change, then why don't you hit the beach? It's not more than a 3 second walk from here."

"Sounds fantastic," I agreed and Aunt Vicki went out of the room, closing the door behind her. I threw myself on the bed and took out my red cell phone, dialing my house number. This was going to be a perfect summer.

A few minutes later, I walked down the stairs, wearing my pink sundress with little Hawaiian flowers on it. My bikini was underneath, the red straps visible. My hair was in a ponytail and I was wearing yellow flip-flops, "So how do I look?" My aunt, who was sitting down on the couch, reading, looked up and smiled.

"Hot," she replied, "You look like you're ready to hit it. Did you take your sunscreen? I don't wanna call your Mom saying that her daughter has turned into a tomato."

"I brought it," I answered, holding up my tote bag, "So can I go now?" Aunt Vicki nodded and I happily went out of the house. She was right, the beach and the cottage was so close. Once I got to the sand, I took out my sundress, exposing my bikini. I felt a bit self conscious at first, but then I shrugged; almost every girl was wearing it too. I walked over to the water, and on the way there, I saw that lots of teen-aged boys were looking at me or wolf whistling.

"Hey there!" someone called out and I turned in that direction. It was one of the lifeguards. But they were pretty different from the ones back at my local swimming pool. They were around my age and they were hot. The one calling out to me was a guy with blond wavy hair. I walked over to him casually.


"Did anyone tell you that you're a cutie?" he asked grinning. He had blue eyes and was pretty cute but the one beside him was cuter and hotter. He had a head a chartreuse hair and a pair of stunning emerald eyes. He was a total hunk.

"Not that I know of," I replied, "So who are you?"

"I'm Steve Boswan and this here is my friend, Drew Hayden," he answered, pointing to the guy beside him. He merely looked in my way and nodded.

"Don't mind him; he's a total cold guy. He never says hello or hi," Steve replied, "He's sorta an outcast," he whispered to me. I looked at the Drew guy; he was hot, no doubt, but an outcast? I don't think so. I turned my attention back to Steve.

"Nice to meet cha. I'm May, May Maple," I said and smiled.

"Pleased," Steve replied. I looked back at Drew; he was sort of staring off to space. What a weird guy.

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