As the day progressed Jennifer was getting more and more worried about what Ronon wanted to discuss and was now convinced she was going to hear the words, 'it is not you, it's me' or his equivalent. By the time it was five she was feeling sick. Slowly she made her way to Ronon's quarters and waited for the door to answer.

When the door opened Jennifer could immediately tell that something was not quite right, Ronon almost seemed nervous. After she sat down she looked at Ronon waiting and dreading. When he remained silent she said, "You wanted to discuss something?"

"Yeah." Ronon replied, then fell silent again.

"Is something wrong?" Jennifer probed.

"No. I am just not good with this whole word thing. I want this to come out right." He took a deep breath. "I really like spending time with you but I don't get the Earth dating rituals."

"Rituals?" Jennifer asked.

"Yeah. I mean they must make sense to you, but to me they are completely…"

"Alien?" Jennifer finished for him.

"Yeah. I have seen movies and talked to Sheppard, but there seem to be so many rules, which contradict each other. It was much easier on Sateda. You were either with someone or not. There was no exclusive or not, it just was. But the Earth way is …. strange. So I am not sure what is meant to happen." Ronon stopped, hoping that it made some amount of sense.

"Ok firstly what films have you been watching? Actually I am not sure I want to know." Jennifer said. "Secondly I agree the Sateda way seems better, much less confusion. But why are you bringing this up."

"On Sateda, when you dated someone and the relationship was still early but serious, but not in a physical way, more of an emotional bond, it was customary for the man to give the woman a piece of jewellery, either a necklace or a bracelet. Then she would wear this as a sign that they were together." Ronon stopped clearly trying to think of the next thing to say.

"Why a necklace or bracelet?" Jennifer asked.

"Because you take them off by breaking the chain. Signifying that the relationship is not necessarily permanent. Although it was very rare for the relationships to end once the jewellery had been given." Ronon explained. "A ring would be exchanged for marriage, as that is unbreakable." Ronon paused. "I don't want to…. I know you have been through a lot recently…. Maybe I should wait."

"Ronon what are you trying to say?" Jennifer asked confused and still concerned about where the conversation was headed.

Ronon stood and went to the other side of the room and opened a drawer. He pulled something out then returned to Jennifer and held out his hand. "I brought this for you." As his hand opened Jennifer saw a necklace. "If it is too early, after everything that happened I understand." He said.

Jennifer reached up and took the necklace, "Wow it is beautiful." She started, "Does it mean what it meant on Sateda?"

"I would like it to. But if you are not ready…" Ronon trailed off. Then as Jennifer remained silent he began to get agitated. Realising that she had not answered yet Jennifer eventually managed to find her voice.

"No I would like it if it did."

"Really. Good." Ronon smiled. "Do you want some help putting it on?" He asked as he moved round behind her. Seeing her nod he clasped it round her neck. When he returned to in front of her, Jennifer's head was bent down examining the pendant, which she was holding in her hand.

Worried he said. "If you don't like it I can choose another one."

"I love it. It is perfect." She smiled. "When did you get it? Where did you get it?"

"On the last mission. The planet is famed for that type of gemstone we call it Anion. Are you sure it is ok?"

Instead of saying it was perfect Jennifer instead placed her hands on Ronon's face and pulled him closer and kissed him passionately. When the kiss was finally broken Ronon smiled and said, "Now that you are wearing the necklace it is my responsibility to protect you. So I was thinking do you want me to beat Woolsey up so he never invites you to watch a movie again?"

"No. You can't beat him up." Jennifer said. Ronon raised an eyebrow. "Well obviously you could beat him up." Ronon lowered the eyebrow. "What I meant is, you shouldn't. He will throw you out of the city. Promise me you won't even threaten him."

"Fine." Ronon said in a tone suggesting he wasn't.

"But thanks for the offer." Jennifer smiled, before wrapping her arms round his muscular body. Ronon returned the gesture and brought his chin down to rest on her head and said.


They remained in embrace, enjoying the warmth of the others body until Ronon's stomach growled. "Sorry didn't have lunch."

"You want to get something to eat now?" Jennifer suggested, taking the hint. Ronon stood and led the way to the canteen.

Two hours later Sheppard was setting up the DVD player in a small side room that had been annexed for the team movie night.

"I have the film. Are you sure about this though?" McKay asked as he entered the room.

"Of course. It is a classic." Sheppard replied.

"But Teyla and Ronon are not going to get it." McKay said before turning to Teyla and said, "No offence."

"None taken Rodney. But you need not worry John has painstakingly explained the stocked market."

"That is stock market." Said McKay.

"Besides it can't be any worse than your last choice." Sheppard said. "Not even I got it."

"What are you talking about? Donnie Darko is a classic and can be used as a game."

"A game?" Sheppard questioned.

"Sure. The person who spots the most errors in the physics wins."

"Can you ever watch a film without criticising the physics? Can't you just enjoy it?"

"I find thinking about the physics enjoyable. Anyway what about Conan?"

"What about Ronon?"

"Well I doubt he is going to grasp even the most simple aspects of the futures market. So is Wall Street really the best choice for him?"

"I believe that you underestimate Ronon." Teyla said.

"Besides I don't think he will be paying much attention to the film." Sheppard suggested.


"No reason." Smirked Sheppard. "McKay if you really don't want to watch it just say. Don't use others as an excuse."

"Ok I really don't want to watch it. It is dull and depressing."


"Ok? As in you are changing the film?" Asked McKay.

"No. Ok as in I accept you don't want to watch it."

"You complaining again McKay?" Ronon asked as he entered the room with Jennifer.

"No. I was asked to express my opinion." McKay said as he turned to face Ronon. "Jennifer! What are you doing here?"

Seeing the doctor look slightly awkward Sheppard said, "I invited her. Do you have a problem with that McKay?"

"Hmmm? No. I just didn't think, well you are always in the infirmary. You never come to things like this. It is good. There will be someone on my side for a change?" McKay finally managed to say.

"Why are you bringing your imaginary friend?" Sheppard said.

"Ha ha." Turning to Jennifer he said, "And you wonder why my blood pressure is so high. It is because of my so called friends."

"I am glad you could come Jennifer." Teyla said from the other side of the room.

"Thanks. I did not even know this room existed. Where did you get the sofas from?" Jennifer replied.

"Well in comparison to the table Woolsey brought with him, a few sofas are fairly minor." Sheppard answered. "We thought you would be more comfy on this one, with Ronon maybe. Anyway make yourself at home, I just need to run get the food. You coming McKay?"

"Why me?"

"Cause you will eat more than anyone else."

"Fine. At least this way I can check you don't sprinkle lemon juice on." McKay answered, his voice fading as they disappeared down the corridor.

By the time they had returned Ronon and Jennifer were sitting on one sofa and Teyla on another. Handing a large bowl of popcorn to Ronon and another to Teyla. McKay holding another bowl took a seat at the front of the room. He turned to Ronon and Jennifer and said "No necking." Leaving Jennifer looking embarrassed and Ronon very confused.

Sheppard turned off the lights, started the film and sat next to the Athosan. As the film progressed Jennifer and Ronon shifted on the sofa so that they were both outstretched and Jennifer was lying with her back against his chest. Both seemed to be paying more attention to each other than the film. That was until Ronon noticed a piece of popcorn hurtling through the air towards McKay who was fast asleep. Within a few minutes popcorn was flying, courtesy of Ronon and Sheppard, through the air aimed at McKay.

Jennifer feeling more relaxed than she had in a long time watched in amusement as Ronon whispered, "It is twenty points if it hits his nose. Fifty if it goes in his mouth."

When McKay was finally awoken from his slumber by a piece of popcorn flying into his ear, he looked at the popcorn that surrounded him and then at Ronon and Sheppard, who did their best to look innocent. Muttering something under his breath he began watching the film once more.

When the film finally ended Jennifer was fast asleep on Ronon, who was looking rather bored. A look that was mirrored in McKay.

"How come you didn't pelt her with popcorn." McKay asked as he motioned towards Jennifer.

"Cos we like her." Smirked Sheppard, resulting in a glare from McKay. "So you like the film?" He asked Teyla.

"Well it was…. Different." Teyla said.

"Is that a new euphemism for boring?" McKay asked.

"It was not boring." Protested Sheppard.

"Yeah it was." Said Ronon, trying to keep his voice low.

"Perhaps we should let Jennifer choose the next film." Suggested Teyla; ignoring the faked hurt look Sheppard was wearing.

"No way. She would choose something like Bambi." Protested McKay.

"No I wouldn't. Too sad." Jennifer mumbled from the sofa, slowly waking.

"Bambi?" Asked Teyla.

"Film about deer." Sheppard explained. "So what would you suggest Rodney?"

"How about Shane?"

"Good choice." Remarked Sheppard as Teyla and Ronon exchanged questioning glances. Sheppard stood up and commented, "You'll love it. It has guns," as he turned on the lights.

"Now that is sorted I am going to do some work." Said McKay.

"Should you not get some rest?" Teyla responded.

"No time. I have to fix Zelenka's mistakes. So if you will excuse me."

"McKay." Sheppard called. "You might want to remove the popcorn from your hair." They could not make out McKay's response as he left the room.

When Ronon and Jennifer left the room Sheppard turned to Teyla and said, "Told you the doc would be fine."

Teyla quirked an eyebrow and said, "I remember you saying no such thing. But it is good to see her and Ronon look so happy."

Back at the residential part of the city Ronon and Jennifer arrived at her quarters. Jennifer opened the door and glanced towards Ronon. Taking the glance as an invitation Ronon followed her into her quarters. As he door shut behind him he reached for Jennifer and quickly, but gently, spun her round and kissed her. As he pulled back he asked, "Do you want me to go?"

"No. Yes. No. I mean no but I don' I mean I am not." Ronon smiled as Jennifer became more flustered, leaning in he kissed her again.

"I meant I could hold you like last night, at least till you fall to sleep." Ronon explained.

"I'd like that."

Ronon once again pulled her in for a kiss and Jennifer felt everything else slip to the back of her mind as she lost herself in the loving embrace.

-The End

A/N: Many thanks to everyone who has read this story, especially everyone who has given feedback. Now to work on a possible sequel!