Waterhorse and I

(Disclaimer:Unfortunately I dont own the Water Horse)

Once upon a time, in a large ugly city called Toledo there lived a young girl named Amber. Amber had always been drawn to the water, but the pond they had lived by forbid anyone to swim in it. One day though, she traveled down to the small pond. While looking for snail shells she came across a large weird light weight rock. She took it home and left it in the backyard. That night, she awoke to hear a weird shrill crying noise. She went outside to see what it was. She looked in the pool and than...PEREEE! A little slimy water horse jumped out of the water. For the next couple of days she cared for it until it got SOO big she had to put it back in the pond. She visited him everyday, oh yeah and she named him waterhorse.She would get rides from him everyday. They live happily ever after.