Okay…last chapter. I'm getting tired of writing this fic, so I just want to end it. I'm not sure what else can possibly be added, since Dean has been back from hell (in the show) for quite some time now, and the mystery is pretty much gone. This was supposed to be finished before season 4 aired, but obviously it didn't work out that way. Enjoy the last chapter, and thanks for reading!

The rain came down in sheets outside the Blue Moon Motel. In a room around the back, Sam lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling. It had taken nearly two months for his wounds to heal. Alastor had nearly killed him. Just when he thought he could take no more, the demon and his friends disappeared into thin air. Sam was left alone in that barn for days before anyone found him. A hunter randomly cutting through the area had picked up some EMF and eventually found Sam. He never did find out what happened to Bobby. He was afraid to call, not knowing what he'd do if Bobby didn't answer.

Sam spent all of his time trying to find the truth about what happened to him, but no demon he trapped would talk, no matter what he did to them. And then she came back into his life. She was determined to help him learn to use his new power to fight the battle that was inevitably coming. She had breathed new life into Sam along the way, when he thought all was lost. She was truly his saving grace, or as close to it as a demon could get.

A flash of lightning illuminated the room for a split second, and Sam glanced over at Ruby's face. She had fallen asleep hours ago, nestled comfortably by his side in the king-sized bed. Her straight, dark hair had fallen from behind her ear, and he reached out and gently brushed it from her cheek. He closed his eyes as she stirred, and her arm fell across his chest. As he took in the softness of her touch, he finally drifted off into a much needed sleep.


The next day Sam found himself tracking a demon that might have a lead on what had happened to him, and why. After a quick breakfast of coffee and pop tarts, Sam got into the Impala and headed out of town toward Indiana, where Ruby had tracked the demon to an abandoned warehouse. As he crossed into Indiana a couple of hours later, he picked up his phone and scrolled through his contacts until he came to Bobby's number. His finger lingered over the 'send' key for a few seconds before he lost his nerve and closed his phone. He had thought of calling Bobby for some time now, but could never get up the nerve. He had forced Bobby to abandon him when the demons attacked, and for all he knew, they could have caught up with Bobby and seriously hurt him. He wasn't sure how welcome he'd be if he called or stopped by the junkyard.

Hours later, Sam was in Indianapolis, sitting in the Impala outside the warehouse Ruby told him about. Gathering his things, he went inside to prepare.

Sam found an empty room and immediately set to work. He drew a devil's trap on the ceiling, and lay in wait with Ruby's knife in one hand, and a vial of Holy water in the other. He didn't have to wait long. The demon came into the room, looking for Sam.

"I thought I smelled a Winchester in here," the demon said in a smart-alecky tone. "Come out, Sammy! It's time to play…"

Sam waited until the demon was in the middle of the room, and stepped out of the darkness. Before the demon could open his mouth, Sam threw Holy water on him, and it burned the demon's skin like acid.

"I need some information," Sam stated, circling around the devil's trap. "You tell me what I need to know, I don't kill you. That sounds easy enough, right?" The demon said nothing. Sam threw more water on him, and watched as the demon writhed in pain. "You think you're going to kill me with a vat of Holy water and a knife?" the demon started to laugh.

"You have no idea what I am capable of." At this point, Sam was sure he wasn't going to get anything out of this demon. He raised his right hand and focused on the demon with his mind. Within minutes the demon was reduced to a pile of ash.

Not wishing to drive at night, Sam found a room in a run-down little hotel. Ruby met him there. They did some research together, until temptation finally overtook them, and they made love. Several times. Sam couldn't get enough of her body. He had to put his hands everywhere. Ruby could do things to him that no other woman had ever done. Not even Jessica. He hadn't felt this much for any woman since his old girlfriend, and it filled a hole in him that had been burning for a long time.

It got late, and Sam and Ruby decided to get some actual work done. They ordered pizza and continued their work. Ruby decided to answer the door when the pizza arrived. The two men she saw when she opened the door didn't look like any pizza delivery guys she'd ever seen before. One was an older man, with a trucker hat and a scruffy beard, and the other looked to be about thirty, with scruffy hair and soft green eyes. He looked like he had been through hell.

"What, it takes two guys to deliver a pizza now?"

Sam got up and walked over to her, and froze in his tracks. His face just about went ashen.