They were pushed up against each other, the thrum of the bass beat in time with the sway of their bodies. The blonde's back up against the brunette's chest, their hips crashing with each flicker of the strobe lights. The blonde's blue eyes were at half mast, his tan hand trailing down the taller man's hips and back up to his should and neck and then tangling in his spiked hair. The pale one pushed his hips harder into the blonde's ass before pulling the shorter around to face him, pressing them together so their chests smeared into one in the darkness of the club. Another crash of hips and the blonde's plush lips fell open as his eyelids closed over those amazing eyes that were almost more black than blue with lust for the other man. The raven's pale hand trailed down the blonde's back, lower and lower, until the hand was pressed into the leather encased ass. The blonde through his head back, probably releasing a moan but was lost (if there had been a sound at all) in the cacophony of music and other, louder, club-goers. The blonde's leg came up around the raven's waist, allowing the raven to push harder into the supple ass to support the blue-eyed man. Their dancing was provocative and passionate, they were close enough that it was less dancing and more like sex with a barrier of clothes (probably only still present in order to keep them out of jail for public indecency).

Their earlier dancing had been innocent enough, standing close enough to show that they were more than friends, that they were there together, but now close enough to be considered the soft-core porn it could qualify as now. As each song became faster and the lights dimmer throughout the night, their dancing had become closer and more frantic until it had escalated to the point it was at now. Now, there was now room for a piece of paper between the two men. Neither man cared that they were attracting a fair bit of attention as they were much too focused on the task at hand.

Naruto pressed closer to Sasuke, he could feel the heartbeat of the taller, darker man. It was erratic and quick, just as his own was. He swayed his hips a bit faster, keeping time with the drums and bass. Sasuke leaned forward a barely measurable distance and brought his mouth to the blonde's ear. He whispered, "Naru," and that was all it took.

Naruto's eyes snapped open as the song reached the outro, almost-black eyes connected with azure eyes in a stare so intense, the crackling of tension and lust was nearly palpable. The strobe lights flickered out for a second longer as the song ended, when they flickered back to life, Naruto and Sasuke were no where to be found. (Though if one had looked in the bathroom of that club, they would see a blonde man pressed against the wall in the handicap stall, his legs wrapped around a raven-haired man's waist. Both men would be completely devoid of clothes and utterly lost in one of the greatest pleasure in life. This all would have had to been done without attracting the attention of either man, a near impossible feat. However, this occurrence wasn't one to worry over because most people there were either too drunk to make it to the bathroom or too busy with their own partner).

Later, when they were back home and in their shared bed, leather pants thrown somewhere in the room, Naruto lay with his head resting against Sasuke's chest. His heartbeat was still quick but it was quickly coming back to a regular rate. Naruto's hand traced down Sasuke's chest and then under the blanket to his waist and then lower. Naruto could feel Sasuke's heart speed up against his cheek.

A/N: Song Prompt: 'All of Your Love' by HelloGoodbye.