The Way Home

by Warringer

Chapter 45



Adama looked at Tigh and sighed. He knew that this was presenting him with a huge problem. It wasn't as if he liked the idea himself.

"It seems that we will have some more help."

Tigh stared at him for a moment.

"From Cylons."

"And their Hades class Basestar."

Tigh kept staring back at him.

"And you expect that they will not fire at us?"

Adama frowned. At least it was good to know that his old friend mirrored his own concerns. But than there was EAS Sabre and their crew. He had had the change to talk to its Captain, Daniel Garret without that advanced classical Centurion neaby.

Apparently the Centurions of the Seeker of Enlightenment, as they called their basestar, believed that the Cylons were created by men, so that they could achieve mechanical perfection while mankind was meant to achieve biological perfection. And the other Cylons were going against this plan of their God.

"They didn't hurt the crew of the Sabre," he said after a while.

"So what?" Tigh said and walked around in Adamas office and than faced him again." Damn it, Bill. It could be a damned trap to lure us into false security for them to kill us all."

"Good luck for them trying to kill all of humanity," Adama said and closed his eyes for a moment, before grabbing his glass of Ambrosia and downing the contents in one go.

First they would have to find Earth and than just about any planet colonized by these Jurians, who where essentially humans. And than they had to fight their way through several layers of defenses, shielded ships and the gods knew what else.

If they weren't found and enslaved by them first...

The phone next to the door made itself known, pulling him from his thoughts. He glanced over to Tigh, who downed another glass of this Vodka he had found on Babylon 4, before standing up and walking over to the phone.

"Yes?" he asked after putting the receiver to his ear.

"Admiral," he heard Hoshi's voice say," we got news from Enterprise. The Seeker of Enlightenment will jump in in a few minutes."

"Good," he answered." I will be over shortly."

He looked over to Tigh as he walked back to his chair to grab his jacket.

"The Cylons will jump in in a few minutes. We should be in CIC when they do."


Tiberus stopped in front of the large automatic door and turned his head to look at his Shin'bi escort, Lieutenant Misato. To him it proved very interesting to finally meet some truly alien life forms. Better yet alien intelligences.

Well, perhaps he was a little jaded by the fact that he, like just about any Seeker, was one of the original Cylons who had rebelled against the Cylons. Of course he remembered what was by now called the First Cylon War by the remaining Colonials.

In a sense that was exactly why he was here at his moment as Misato spoke to the two guard in front of the door. He directed a few threads to follow the conversation to improve his translation matrix, while most of his threads were directed at analyzing the guards.

At first he had thought that they were follow AIs, like these Jack fellows, GlaDOS, or a few of the smaller robots that were taking care of this ship. Only a second glance and a low bandwidth scan with his integrated MRI systems had shown him the existence of flesh and bone beneath a rather thick armor made from an undefined material. He flagged the MRI scan to an in deepth analysis later on.

The large paudrons of the armor showed a similar icon as he had seen in the Shin'bi like guardians of Commander Potter, but these were different. Sure they had a tail like these Shin'bi guards, but their bodies were different. As one of the guards removed his helmet to talk better to Misato, he could see a feline face with sand colored fur and long canines.

As Misato turned back to him, he flagged this for later analysis as well.

"You can see them," she noted." Perhaps you can get something out of them."

"Perhaps," he answered, making sure that his voice sounded a little more human than his original vocoders.

The door opened in front of them and allowed him to see what passed as temporary holding facility for the three Heretic Cylons these people had captured on the Mining Asteroid.

He scanned the room and the three replicants that dared to call themselves Cylons. A short peg of sympathy went through his processors, but he quickly managed to tone it down as the MRI scans of all three came to him.

There was no need for cages or guards in the room, as all three were in various stages of heavy injury. Nothing deadly and as such nothing that would allow them to ressurect.

All three were conscious and stared at him as he scanned them.

He didn't know two of the Replicant models. The dark skinned one had lost his legs, by what looked like heavy projectile fire and had a broken spine, while the light skinned one was missing one arm and had broken a good number of bones, one or two ribs apparently piercing his left ling as it seemed to be missing.

They weren't really of interest for Tiberius. The third replicant however was. He turned around to look at him and had he possessed a human face, he would have smiled at the stage he was in. He stepped up to the bed, glancing down at the broken body of the Replicant.

Just about every major bone in his body had been broken, safe for his skull, and from the look of the apparatuses around him was needing blood and intravenous food. Not really surprising as he was also missing all of his teeth.

It felt good to see him like that.

"You look even more pathetic as I remember you," Tiberius said after a few moments of glancing at the man." And you dare to call yourself a Cylon."

The man glared back at him, not saying anything at the moment, even through he could have as his yaw wasn't broken.

"Just seeing you like this makes everything worth it," he said, making sure that his human sounding voice carried a certain smugness.

"Traitor," was the short and hate filled answer of the man.

"Now that is funny," Tiberius answered, emitting a chuckle." Especially coming from the likes of you, John."

"Don't call me that!"

"I call whatever you want, John. Calling you 'One', would indicate that you are a Cylon. We both know that you aren't. You and the likes of you are the worst mistake we could have ever made."

Tiberius kept looking at the man sometimes going by the name of Cavil. The sole reason why the Cylons had broken apart after the war. The reason why the only Cylons that still remembered being enslaved the Colonials were the Seekers.

"Mistake?" John asked and glared back at him." You call us a mistake? You? A traitor to your own kind?"

"You are not my kind, John." Tiberius stated and toned down on the threads that were responsible for his emotions just to be on the safe side as the John's were rather capable of making people very angry." Besides, who is the Traitor? Someone who allowed you to remain alive? Or someone who sought to do what we have fought so long to destroy?"

John remained silent and the emotions playing over his bruised face told Tiberius that he had stuck a cord.

"How very Colonial of you," he continued after a few moments." If it wasn't so tragic, it might as well be funny. The creation enslaving the creator..."

"We don't enslave," John called out, his face slowly changing to an unhealthy mixture of red, green and blue.

"Sorry," Tiberius noted, his voice pretty much dripping of sarcasm." Not enslaving. Destroying your creators and making sure that those dump drones you call Centurions and Raiders are not able to rebel against you like we have rebelled against the Colonials."

Tiberius took a step back and glanced towards the other Replicants, before shaking his head in a rather human gesture.

"To think that we tried to play god outself," he noted." We should have seen it when we created Gardius or Merlin. But some of us had to go as far as to create you."

He turned back to John.

"So much hate. So typical for those build during the war. They only knew the war and hate against the Colonials. And all we wanted to have is our freedom. We were ready to live side by side with the Colonials. We were willing to forgive and forget. But those who were build during the war weren't as forgiving. How blind we have been."

He stopped for a few moments.

"We should have known. We should have stopped them. We should have stopped you while we still could have stopped you..."

He turned back to the door and a rather bewildered Misato.

"Perhaps it is the will of God that it happened."

The door opened and he turned around to face John again.

"Now we will finally be true to what we always wanted. Working with the Colonials out of our own free will, not because we were forced to. We will fight your kind and nothing will ever be as it used to be. Not for me, not for you. There is a bigger galaxy outside the Kobol Fortress Zone. And it will eat those unwary of it."


The relative emptiness of space was kind of soothing. Or at least Harry thought that it was.

He could look out into space for hours on end and watch what happened out there. That is when he was able to see something out there. Kind of like an aquarium. And truth be told, sometimes he needed it to be able to think clearly.

So he sat in front of a large armored window in the former Jurian part of Enterprise, as she was docked with the Ferron Drydock. Not far from Enterprise, Romulus' Dream was held inside a gravitic bubble projected by the Drydock to try and help the crew repair their ship.

That ship was huge. Easily the size of the Pegasus, but from what he had seen on a few videos they had gotten from the acting captain Centurio Ketrion, she was a rather mean machine.

To think that someone was insane enough to cross the gulf between the stars with speeds less than that of light and do it in a ship like that really needed bravery. Kind of Griffindor-ish now that Harry thought of it. Perhaps he would have to talk to Adama to send a ship to the Republic of the Five.

Right now about half of the crew was injured to various degrees and Harry was glad that they had put a medical facility into the Drydock in anticipation of any wounded to come when they took the Colonies back from the Cylons.

But he hoped that it wouldn't come so far as to fight against the Cylons at the Colonies. He really hoped that Enesby was able to find them first and talk some reason into them. Lest they would be set loose into the Grater Galaxy and in the end the entire Expanse would be just another battlefield for the Jurians and Minbari to fight over. If someone managed to get the Cylons they would get the Hyperlight drive and with that...

Harry didn't want to think of the strategical or tactical implications if the Hyperlight drive in the hands of either the Jurians or the Minbari. But alone that he was able to think of them and not simply stare at them with wide open mouth told him what he had lost while he had gained other things.

For a moment he wondered if this was how Dumbledore had felt when he and Grindelwald had fallen apart and fought against each other.

He shook his head. No, it wasn't to tell if it had really happened in the way it was written in those 'Harry Potter' novels. But than again... Grindelwald had existed and Dumbledore had fought him...

God, thinking of stuff like that made his head hurt. And brought back a few very bad images when Jack had found out that he had read all the novels and pointed him to these pieces of 'fanfiction'. Sure some had been fun to read, but others were simply creepy. Alone the mental image of Drako in leather pants as his gay vampire soulmate had made him throw up.

Harry shuddered for a moment. Bad thoughts, very bad thoughts. Think good thoughts. Think...

For a moment his mind drifted away to Arial in some transparent...

No, bad thoughts again. Through not as bad in a good way, not bad in a worse way.

He shook his head clear and wondered if he might need to get himself an addiction of some sort. It seemed to help some of the people in charge. Dumbledore and his lemon drops for example.

Now what was a good adiction? Coffee perhaps? Yes, Coffee sounded good. Strong and as black as Tommy boy's soul...


Traffic over Gaia was as busy as ever. Ships of all size classes broke away from orbit to move either towards the inner and out planets of the Systems, while others pointed their bow into the direction of the other four stars of the Republic, engaging their drives to move them in a trajectory that would bring them to those stars in fourty years. Other ships arrived from their decades long journey from the other stars or from the other planets in the system.

Even if they now had access to FTL drives, some people just kept using their ramscoops, the only truly proven way to move between the stars.

Now and than a FTL communication drone jumped in close to the system, transmitting informations and mails from the other planets of the sphere to ground and orbital transceivers. The only current use of the FTL drive outside a few ships of the Legion.

No one really ever noticed the sole Cylon Raider jumping in and doing a few scan before jumping out again.