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--"MOMMY MOMMY we just saw someone climb through Lillys window come quick".

And I ran up stairs opend the door and saw some one I never wanted to see in my life ever again.


"Victoria get away from lilly now please".

"Nah I like her of coarse you of all people should know I can touch her if I wanna she's my neice".

The Cullens all gasped.

"Step away from her now or else".

"Or else what ya gonna throw ur shoe at me oh i'm soooo scared".

All the sudden Bella had Victoria against the wall and Bella's eyes became black.

Victorias like "Fine ok i'm sorry i'll leave I promise but I only came to warn ya that my brotha is comming soon so ya better watch out toodles".

With that she jumped out the window.

Bella ran to Lilly and picked hr up.

"Oh Lady bug did the bad woman hurt you".

"Bella what did she mean when she said she was her aunt". Asked Carlisle

"And how do you have a baby when your clearly a vampire". Said Rosalie

"Half i'm half vampire and i'm able to conceive a child because i'm still half human and she meant what she said she's lilly's aunt".

"But how".Said Esme

"Well if ya must know I was raped by her brother Jordan".

Rosalie gasped even Rosalie wouldn't wish that on her worst enemy.

Then Lilly started to cry.

"Well I must go make Lilly her bottle now please exuse me, Keily Jonny lets go i'm making breakfast for you and a bottle for Lilly".

"Comming". Said the twins


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