This is a response to mackgirl's Character Challenge at HPFC. The challenge was to claim one of four word tables given by mackgirl, and then write a drabble or oneshot based around each prompt. I claimed Table Four, and this is the first one of the 25 prompts. I have all but three drabbles written out, so expect quick updates on this.


Hannah Abbott

The newcomer says that she's Tom Boggs' daughter, and that her mother took her away from England ages ago, during the First War. This newcomer only recently received a copy of her father's will, which said that Tom would be delighted to have his daughter at the Leaky Cauldron.

Hannah has always been suspicious of those sporting American accents – this newcomer claims that her mother was from the States. How do these Americans not know what the loo is, or how comforting fish and chips can be? Both Americans and Brits have the same language rolling off of their tongues, but yet, each culture has created a new language among the original.

Yet, Hannah watches as Claire Boggs cleans mugs, serves drinks, and strikes up conversations all at the same time. Hannah now knows that bar-tending is one of the few values that is the same in any culture.

Claire Boggs is an complete OC of mine, and she's scheduled for an appearance in 'Alice's Story: From Toddler to Adult' eventually.

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