Rolf Scamander

"Luna, dear, where are the Nargle hair samples we collected in Brazil?"

His heavily pregnant wife appears at the doorway, smiling whimsically at him. Her long blonde hair is tied up in a loose bun, and the glow of approaching motherhood has overcome her. A burlap sack is in her hand, and she passes it over to Rolf. "They're in here."

He takes the bag from her, and before testing them, he grins up at her and kisses her cheek. A ruby color flushes throughout Luna's face pleasingly, and she struggles for a moment to bend down and return his affection. Securing her hand on her bulging stomach, she brushes his lips with hers.

As Luna turns and attempts to waddle down the stairs safely, Rolf holds back a chuckle as he begins inspecting the hair samples – having her as an assistant was so much better than that old, grey-haired Scottish lass...

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