This was just an experimet to see if I can do this kind of writing. Not my best, and any concrit is welcome.

These aren't pairing oriented or anything, it's the cast in general.

1) Prison

Light is determined not to go to prison, that's why he forfeited the Death Note as part of his plan.

2) Cut out what you hate

When he was younger, Light's mother used to give him a coloring book and tell him, "Cut out what you hate" so he wouldn't get upset.

3) dreams

Sometimes Light has weird dreams about a Death God who loves apples.

4) madhouse

Sometimes L thought vaguely that life was like living in a madhouse, and everyone around him was crazy.

5) polyester

Sometimes Matt thought Mello's leather pants were really polyester; but Mello continues to deny this.

6) opera

It's almost like an opera, this little play they're going through.

7) bridge

Misa finds that walking along the bridge helps her think.

8) roof

It was raining that day on the roof when L heard the bells.

9) fear

Light fears dying, though he'd never admit it because he is God.

10) twist

L is very good at twisting words.

11) jewel

"You'll shine brighter than any jewel," someone once told Misa when she was young; she never believed it.

12) yellow

Ryuuku's eyes are creepiest shade of yellow he's ever seen.

13) jack-o-lantern

Ryuuku has a jack-o-lantern smile, and sometimes it creeps Light out when he sees it, like a doll who's maker wasn't quite sure what to do.

14) chain

Being chained to L was very taxing on Light's nerves; L felt the same way.

15) frog

Sayu once caught a wild frog, but she let it go when it wouldn't eat and Light sad it would die.

16) violin

L doesn't listen to music, but if you asked he'd say his favorite instrument was the violin.

17) sceptor

There's a golden sceptor waiting next to the throne Light intends to take.

18) planet

The planet finally succumbed to Light's madness after L died.

19) makeup

Misa could never live without makeup.

20) mirror

L hated his reflection in the mirror.

21) chocolate

Matt's addicted to Mello, but Mello's addicted to chocolate; Matt sometimes gets jealous of the treat.

22) apple

The Gods of Death loved apples; this was L's first clue to finding the method Kira used upon his victims.

23) thanks for the lie

It was a beautiful lie in the end, and L couldn't help but thank him for it after all.

24) brownies

The only thing L liked more than brownies was cake.

25) rolls

There was a box of bread rolls on the table behind Light, and he didn't know where they came from.

26) prompt

L demanded that every task force member be prompt when arriving for work.

27) RolePlay

Matsuda suggested that roleplaying would be a good way to get into Kira's head; as usual one listened.

28) you didn't answer the question

"You didn't answer the question Light-kun."

29) Unicorn

L imagines Kira as a unicorn scorning all who are not as "pure" and "worthy" of his presence, and thinks it ironic that the unicorn, vainest of creatures, should be so deformed.

30) ceramic cow

There's a ceramic cow on the corner of Mr. Yagami's desk, he claims it was a gift from his daughter.

31) sugar

L ate so much sugar it was a wonder he wasn't diabetic, or worse.

32) cupid

Cupid must have missed when he shot an arrow at Light, because he doesn't love Misa.

33) pie

L doesn't like pie.

34) darkness

Misa hates the darkness when Light's not home.

35) top

Mello will do anything to get to the top, even killing.

36) high

He got a natural high when he wrote a name in the Death Note.

37) church

The church went up in flames the night that Mello died.

38) fight

L and Kira are in a fight to the death.

39) negative

L is too negative.

40) music

Light rarely listens to music.

41) love

Misa's in love with Light, but he doesn't love her back.

42) stupid

L knows Light isn't stupid, that's why he keeps him chained to his side.

43) American

All twelve of Light's FBI victims were American.

44) furries

When Matsuda jokingly sent Light a link to a website about furries, Light was not pleased.

45) steamy

Misa thinks she and Light have a steamy romance, but Light knows better.

46) dramatic

Light likes to add a dramatic flair when he's writing in the Death Note.

47) sapphire

Misa had blue eyes, and sometimes L wondered if they were secretly sapphires.

48) angel

Light sometimes wonders if L thinks of himself as an angel of justice.

49) light

It's ironic that Kira's real name is "Light".

50) shoes

L hates socks, and prefers not to wear shoes as well.