Severus and Hermione were shocked to hear the Headmasters words They complied with his wishes but Hermione would eat by his side today instead of at her old table since she could publically claim him now.

The last breakfast was a raucous affair. Hermione had taken her place beside Severus and was extremely pleased with the staff interactions with Severus. Hermione watched her friends and she was surprised that they were not being overrun with questions. She leaned over and whispered to Severus,

"It seems Ginny has decided to stay with Harry after his announcement and has kept her promise to marry him."

"It seems they are doing well with it all." He said.

Albus Dumbledore stood and began his speech. "Another year has gone by and I am disappointed to say that this will be my last year as Headmaster. Deputy Headmistress McGonagall shall be taking my place in the fall and together we have appointed the new Deputy Headmaster to be Professor Severus Snape. With the new appointments complete for next year, I shall retire and maintain my post on the wizengamot. That is all." He said before returning to his own breakfast.

Severus and Hermione knew that there would be backlash following the appointment but none of it mattered as they were together. They had their family and nothing could change that. They no longer had to hide their relationship and all was well with the world for them at least until the newest Snape would be born. That is another story for another time.