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Voldyismoldy: Another attempt at a Harry Potter fan fiction. This is just another crazy idea I came up with that won't leave me alone unless I write it so I am. The story starts out as a Ron/Harry (only in the first chapter really) and then becomes a Draco/Harry and Ron/Hermione and will have serious bashing of the two members of the golden trio. I like Hermione actually but its fun seeing her as a bitch and Ron is just annoying. I mean the guy barely changes through out the series and you would think that Rowling with all her creativity could have come up with a better best friend for Harry but what are you going to do. Anyway read and enjoy and please review or the story will die and I just may give up on trying to write a good Harry Potter story.

Warnings: will be mentions of rape, child abuse, Mpreg (since it's the point of the story) bad language and as said before bashing of Ron and Hermione, there will be a lemon or two at some point as well and some other stuff and Yaoi of course.

Chapter 1. Shattered Dreams.

Harry began to slowly wake as sun light flittered across his face and felt something warm laying against him and draped partly over him. For a moment he tensed, wondering where he was and who he was with. But then he remembered what had happened the night before, and a small smile crossed his face at the memory and he snuggled into the warmth that surrounded him.

The night before, Harry had, with great reluctance, admitted his feelings for his best friend Ron. Feelings that went far beyond friendship. He wasn't sure exactly when his feelings for the other boy started to grow into something deeper but by the beginning of fifth year, two months ago, he had come to the conclusion that he was in love with his friend. Ron hadn't taken it well at first and Harry had feared rejection and the loss of their friendship but then he had surprised him by deciding that it would be all right if they gave it a shot.

Of course, Harry knew that Ron had a thing for Hermione and that she in turn had a thing for the redhead. But they were constantly fighting, so he felt no guilt over admitting his feelings and taking Ron away from the girl. They had talked a great deal last night and then started snogging, like there was no tomorrow. That had eventually lead to much more, and Harry waking up naked in his bed with Ron's arm draped over his waist.

He hoped that this would be the beginning of something more, of a real relationship between the two of them as he had wanted for so long and was anxiously awaiting the time when Ron would wake up. The sex last night had been awkward, it being both their first time, and anything but great but he knew it would get better in time. Of course Harry wasn't a virgin but those times didn't count in his mind since they had been against his will and nothing like what he had experienced last night despite its awkwardness.

He gazed tenderly at the taller boy; one hand raising to run over his red locks and down his freckled cheek. Ron was already 6 ft tall, if not a little more and Harry was only 5'7 at the most, so he fit easily and comfortable in the other's arms. Still smiling, he lowered his hand and tucked his head against the other boy's shoulder where he soon fell asleep again praying that from now on he would no longer be alone.


Harry woke again, only a few hours later, and knew instantly that something was different. The warmth he had felt before was gone and he sat up to find his bed empty of its other occupant and no sign of him in the room. Thinking that perhaps Ron had gone to the bathroom, Harry slipped on a pair of boxers, grabbed some clothes, and went down to take a shower. However, when he got there he found them empty and had to fight back his disappointment and a small sense of fear that was rising in him.

Quickly he took a shower, letting the water run over him and wash away his doubts. He was sure that Ron was probably just hungry. He always did think with his stomach. And maybe hadn't wanted to wake him, but was probably waiting for him in the great hall. Reassured by this thought, he smiled and got out of the shower to dress in a pair of jeans, a shirt and a sweatshirt, since it was Saturday he didn't have to wear his school robes.

Harry went down into the common room to find it empty as well. He hurried down to the Great Hall, wanting to talk to Ron. There was an almost sick feeling in his stomach as he entered the room and his face paled when he saw the Gryffindor table. Ron was sitting next to Hermione, with Neville on his other side and Dean and Seamus across from him. Next to Hermione was Ginny and across from her was Lavender Brown. There was no room at all for him any where near Ron and he sat down at the end of the table.

He barely picked at his food, as he listened to them talk, Ron constantly glancing at Hermione and smiling. He had thought Ron had only left because he was too hungry to wait for him, but now he knew the truth. He just didn't want to be seen with him. Last night hadn't meant anything to him. But it had meant a lot to Harry and his heart sank. He had revealed his feelings to his friend and had been rejected by him after a night of sex. He felt so dirty and worthless now, and he had to fight back the tears that stung his eyes.

No one at the table seemed to notice that anything was wrong with him or that he wasn't speaking to anyone. And in that moment, he felt more alone than he had last year, when most of the school had been against him during the tournament. However, the worst was yet to come, as Ron and the others got up to return to the common room, the redheaded boy holding tightly to Hermione's hand. He gave Harry a pointed look as if daring him to say something. Harry remained silent and only watched them leave, broken hearted. How could Ron have sex with him and then immediately return to Hermione? Did he really mean so little to him?

With a sigh Harry stood up as well, leaving his barely touched breakfast and left the room. He didn't want to go back to the common room and have to face them yet, so he decided to go down to the lake instead and left the great hall with his head bowed. As such, he never noticed the pair of silver gray eyes that watched him leave, or the frown that appeared on their black haired companions face.


The next few days were pure torture for Harry, as neither Ron or Hermione were speaking to him and neither was Ginny. He wasn't sure why, except for Ron who obviously didn't want to talk about the night they spent together. He could barely pay attention in class and had ended up with detention from Snape, and a yelling at from Angelina during practice for getting hit by a bludger he could have easily dodged, had he been paying attention. It was then, he decided, to try to get things back to the way they had been before that disastrous night.

When he returned to the common room after practice, he found Ron with Hermione, sitting and studying in front of the fire. Steeling up his courage, he went to sit with them. He chose to deliberately act as if that night had never happened and Ron, seeing that he wasn't going to bring it up, eventually relaxed and started talking to him again. Hermione was still a bit distant but spoke with him as well and they ended up staying up late into the night studying as they had done so many times before.

It was obvious, by that point, that Ron and Hermione were now together and that there was nothing between him and Harry. His feelings had apparently meant little to his friend, as had the night they spent together, but Harry was willing to let it go. It wasn't like anyone had ever loved him before, so why should he have expected love now? Just because Voldemort was finally gone, having failed in his attempt to gain a new body, and he could now live his life without having to fear him or his death eaters, or the battle he would have had to fight at some point. No, there was no reason for anyone to love him. He came to the conclusion then, that it had been too much to hope for to have someone to love.

After that night things went back to the way they had been, and Harry was content, if not happy. Then a little over a week after he and Ron had slept together, he woke up feeling sick to his stomach. He rushed to the bathroom where he promptly threw up, before dressing and eating a unusually large breakfast, at least for him, in the Great Hall. At first he thought nothing of it, believing it was nothing more than a stomach bug or something. But, as it continued for more than two weeks, he began to grow concerned and decided to go see Madam Pomfrey to make sure he was all right.

An hour later, he was sitting on one of the hospital beds waiting for the woman to return with the results of the test she had done on him. His hands were in his lap as he fidgeted. He never had liked being sick or in the hospital ward. Growing up being sick had been awful, since none of the Dursleys would take care of him and he was left to suffer in his cupboard for days at a time. He had learned early not to get sick, and that if he did, he was to hide the symptoms if he could, if he didn't want to be stuck in his cupboard.

"Well Mr. Potter, I can tell you that you are not sick, and the morning sickness you have been experiencing will pass soon," Madam Pomfrey told him as she came up to his bed with a kind smile. She had always had a soft spot for him since he spent so much time there during his time at Hogwarts. "But it does appear that you are pregnant, dear."

"P . . . Pregnant!" Harry stuttered in surprise and disbelief as his eyes widened behind his glasses. "How, . . .how is that possible?! I'm a boy. Boys don't get pregnant."

"Actually, dear, in the wizarding world it is quite common, as pregnancy between wizards has more to do with the compatibility of magic than it does with gender," The nurse explained, handing him a potion of purple liquid. "You're going to need to take nutrient potions from now on, as you are far too thin. Weekly check ups with me will be necessary as well; to make sure your pregnancy is going well. If you're going to keep the baby, that is."

"Keep it? Of course I'm going to keep it! It's my baby," the black haired boy said without hesitation. His arms wrapped protectively around his stomach and the woman smiled. "But, can you please not tell anyone until I am ready for them to know? Not even the headmaster."

"Certainly. It is up to you to tell them when you want to, and I will respect your decision," the woman replied as he got up from the bed to return to his common room. "However, Mr. Potter, I do hope you will tell the other father, as he deserves to know about his child."

Harry nodded, his heart sinking as he left the room one arm still around his stomach. He had forgotten, in his surprise and joy, about Ron and the fact that it was his baby too. What would Ron do when he told him about his pregnancy? Would he accept the baby and want it as he did? Would he want to be with Harry in order to raise their child together? Or would he stay with Hermione? And what would Harry do if Ron didn't want the baby and left him to care for it alone.

He realized then the full existent of his new situation. He was fifteen years old, still in school, and on his own. The Dursleys wouldn't help him with the baby, and he could just imagine their reaction if they were told their freak of a nephew was even more of a freak than they thought and had gotten himself pregnant. Although Voldemort was now gone, he still had to live with his relatives because he was underage unless he could convince Dumbledore to let him stay with the Weasleys now and the father of his child.

That thought made him smile again as he realized that he would now be a true part of the Weasley family. He wouldn't be just the boy Molly and Arthur had adopted as one of their own but one of the fathers of their first grandchild. He was sure they would be upset that he and Ron had a baby so young, but, he was also certain they would support him. Even if Ron didn't. And with their help and the money from his parents, he would be able to take care of his child well enough.

Yes, things would work out and this baby could be the best thing that had happened to him. He would finally have the family he had always wanted. And even though it would be hard to finish school with a baby, he would do it as long as he had the Weasleys to help him. He knew Molly would watch over his child while he was in class and the twins, too, who would probably teach it all of their best pranks while Percy would lecture it on the proper way for a Weasley to behave while Bill and Charlie would spoil it, and Ginny too.

His smile grew into a grin as he thought of the family he would now have and how he would never have to return to his aunt and uncle again. His hand rubbed absently at his stomach, thinking of the baby that was now growing inside of it, wondering if it would be a boy or girl. He would be happy with either one and wondered which one Ron would want, which, of course, led him back to Ron and how he would have to tell him.

Knowing of Ron's temper, he probably wouldn't take the news that he was to be a father well. At least, not at first. Harry was sure, however, that once he had time to adjust to it, he would be as delighted as he was. Hermione would be mad of course, either at him, or Ron, or both, and they probably wouldn't remain friends after this, but he would just have to deal with that. Right now, he was more concerned with having the help and support of his baby's father than he was of keeping his friendship with the bushy haired girl.

It was with these thoughts that he found himself in front of the portrait leading to the Gryffindor common room. His smile fading as he said the password and went inside to face his best friends. He found them both sitting at a table in the common room; working on some essays for class. He walked over to them, and neither of them said anything as he sat down across from him. Even though, they both knew he had gone to the nurse earlier and he felt his confidence fade.

Maybe, he should wait to tell Ron about the baby until after he started to show, or knew if it was a boy or girl. Maybe he should talk to someone else first, like Hagrid, or Dumbledore, or Lupin. He nearly laughed as he thought of Hagrid's reaction to the news of his pregnancy and Dumbledore's twinkling eyes and calm words that never really calmed him, and, of course, Lupin, who would probably freak and demand that he and Ron marry at once or something. No, it would be better to tell Ron first as he was the only one who really deserved to know as it was his child too.

"Um, Ron? I need to tell you something," he said quietly, wringing his hands together. Ron looked up at his words as if just realizing he was there and frowned as he put his quill down to hear what he had to say, Hermione following suit. "I -ah, just came from the hospital, as you know, and Madam Pomfrey told me something. . . "

"Yeah, and what's wrong with you? Is it a stomach bug like you thought or something else, mate?" Ron asked with minimal interest. Harry shook his head, lowering his eyes slightly, not wanting to see his face when he told him the news. "Well, what is it then? It can't be that bad, can it?"

"No, it's not bad; not really anyway," Harry told him without lifting his eyes. Ron and Hermione exchanged glances but said nothing as they waited for him to go on. "The thing is, the reason I have been getting sick in the morning is because I'm. . . I'm pregnant, Ron."

"Wow, really? Well congratulations, mate," Ron said and Harry lifted his eyes surprised and pleased by his reaction to his news, maybe he wouldn't take this so bad after all. "Who's the other father then?"

"Um, well, you are, Ron," He replied and watched as the other boy stared at him in stunned silence while Hermione glared at him holding the redheads hand tightly in her own. "You remember that night a little over two weeks ago? That's when I became pregnant. You're going to be a dad; isn't that great?"

"No, I'm not," The other boy said harshly after several moments of silence passed. Harry bit his lip, struggling not to lower his eyes again. "I don't know what kind of game your playing at, Potter, but I am not the father of your child. Go find one of the other boys you've slept with and get them to be the father, because I won't."

"But, Ron, you are the father! I swear," Harry told him hurt by his words and his image of him as some kind of slut who slept with whoever wanted to sleep with him. "And you're the only I have ever slept with."

"I don't believe that. I may have been a virgin when we had sex, but I also know a virgin when I feel one, and you weren't a virgin, Harry," Ron replied. Harry winced at his words knowing they were true but not in the way he thought they were. Ron continued on, unconcerned by his feelings. "I don't know who else you have had sex with, or who your trying to protect, and I don't care. I am not going to take responsibility for your mistakes, Potter, you have plenty of money to take care of your child and you wouldn't be able to get anything from me or my family as we have nothing to give, as you well know. We're poor, and I could never afford to have a child right now, nor do I intend to give up school to get a job to support one. And besides all that, I am with Hermione now and I am not breaking up with her for you and the bastard you're carrying."

"I . . . I don't want you to give up school, Ron, and I know that you are with Hermione and I wouldn't ask you to break up with her for me," The black haired boy began fighting back the tears that threatened to fill his now dim green eyes. This was going worse than he had ever thought it would. "Nor, do I want anything from your family, except their love and support. I just thought you would want to be a part of your child's life! That you would want to help me raise our son or daughter."

"That thing inside you, isn't my child, and I will never accept it as mine. And neither will my family," he told him, standing up and gathering up his things. Hermione followed suit though she still hadn't spoken. "And don't even try to send something to my family behind my back in order to get their support; because I am going to send them a letter right now and warn them about your lies, Potter, and they will certainly believe me over you."

Harry lowered his head and said nothing. His hands clenched beneath the table. He had expected Ron to take it badly with his temper, but not this badly, and he didn't know how to make things better or how to stop him from turning the rest of his adopted family against him. So, he remained silent as the redheaded boy stormed out of the room and up into the boy's dorm with his things without looking back. Hermione, however, remained glaring down at him with her books in her arms.

"I am very disappointed in you Harry! I can't believe you would do something like this! Get yourself pregnant and then blame it on Ron! All because you're jealous that we're together now instead of you and him," She told him. Harry looked up at her in surprise having thought that she at least would know he wouldn't do something like that. "We were your friends, Harry, you should have been happy for us. But you just couldn't, could you? If you were miserable then we had to be miserable too, didn't we? Well, I hope you are happy now because you have just lost both of us."

Before Harry could respond to her words, she stormed after Ron, and left him alone at the table. There wasn't really anything he could say anyway, and after a few minutes, he got up as well, unable to take the stares of the rest of the Gryffindors in the common room. He left the tower, holding back his tears until he found an empty classroom and slipped inside. Once there, he slumped down onto the floor and gave into his tears. Sobbing so hard his body shook with them, as he buried his face in his hands.

How could Ron and Hermione think such things about him? That he was so jealous that he would try to break them up by having a baby and claiming it was Ron's. He hadn't even known wizards could get pregnant until now, and he would never have made Ron take responsibility for a child that wasn't his. If only he could have explained why he wasn't a virgin. But they would never have understood the truth even if he had told them, and would probably have been even more disgusted with him than they were now.

How do you explain to someone, especially your friends, that you weren't a virgin because your uncle had rapped you for years? They would never have understood, or believed, that, and he was to ashamed to tell them that anyway. No one knew the full existent of the abuse and neglect he had suffered with his relatives, and now he would have to return to them again. If Ron and the Weasleys wouldn't accept the baby as their's, than he had no where else to go. His uncle would kill him for this.

For a long time, he sat there, sobbing into his hands and then slowly he regained control of himself and his arms moved down to his waist to encircle his stomach again. Even if he had no one and nothing else, he still had his baby, and he would keep it, and raise it the best he could on his own. 'I love you, little one,' he thought as he rubbed his stomach and thought again of the life growing inside it. 'Even if no one else does, you will always have me. And I will have you. We'll be a family, you and me, and I will be the best daddy I can be for you, my baby, I promise.'

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