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Chapter 12. Finding Harry

Warning: Some ron and Hermione bashing and child neglect if not abuse.

*time skip*

With a sharp crack Draco Malfoy appeared on the dirt path leading up to a decent size country home. His dark blue robes fluttered around him in the mild breeze and a frown creased his face as his silver eyes darkened at the sight of the house. Despite its quaint, homey appearance the blonde haired man knew from the past visits that there was a coldness and tension within it that contradicted it's outside appearance and feel.

This was the Weasley-granger home where Ron Weasley lived with his now wife Hermione, their three year-old son and nine month old daughter and of course Siri, the reason for his visit. Four years had passed since the trial giving Ron custody of the little boy and the child was now five years old. He was an adorable child bright and energetic and very much the image of his dark haired papa.

Four years had passed since his disappearance and Harry still hadn't been found. There had been no sign or word of him in all that time and many had given up on the search. Draco however refused to and neither would Blaize or Severus and his mother as well as a few of his other true friends. They were determined to find the young man and reunite him with his son who he belonged with.

Draco wanted to find Harry for his own reasons as well. He needed to tell him what really happened that day and try to get him back with him. To show him he still loved him and that he hadn't been in his right mind that day quite literally. It had been discovered mere hours after he disappeared that Draco had been, in muggle terms, drugged with a love and mind altering potion that was practically the liquid form of the imperious curse. It forced him to fall in love with and do whatever the brewer of the potion wanted him too.

Fortuantely for him Pansy had never been a terribly skilled potioner and he had come out of its control during a make out session with the girl. He had immediately thrown her off him, stunned her and then retched on the floor in disgust at having kissed her. Just as he was cleaning up Severus and his mother flooed into the room both looking worn and disheveled. It was only then he realized what time it was and that they had all missed the trial.

Frantic he had gone in search of the younger boy but by then Harry was already long gone with no trace of where he had gone. Unable to do anything else he had gone to the headmasters office where everyone had gathered to interegate Pansy. It hadn't taken long for her to admit her plan to them, of how she had a couple of her father's friends way lay Severus and Narcissa to keep them from the trial. She had also admitted to drugging Draco and with Theo's help setting it up to look like, to Harry, that Draco didn't really care about him at all but was just using him for sex.

The gray eyed man had been enraged and was only barely kept from cursing her by Severus. She was now serving a ten year term in Azkaban and Theo had been suspended and since moved to France where he was doing well, having apologized for his part in the deception. Unfortunately Pansy had been unable to tell them where she had gotten some of the rarer ingredients from so while he believed Granger might have something to do with it there had been no proof that either she or Ron had anything to do with it.

Which lead him to where he was now taking Harry's place in visiting his son every two weeks. The judge had agreed to it after discovering what happened so now in between searching for Harry he would spend a few hours with Siri every other Saturday. He told the boy all about his papa and how much he had loved him. That it wasn't because of anything Siri did that made him leave the wizarding world but because he had been hurt and rejected by people to many times to stay. He had also promised the little boy that he would do all he could to find his other daddy for him even if Harry never forgave him he at least needed to be with his child.

With a small sigh he walked up to the front door and rapped on the wood with the back of his hand. The shrill cry of a baby arose seconds later as a man's voice grumbled in annoyance and the door was thrown open. Draco held back a sneer as he was met with the face of Ron Weasley, who glared at him, his son, Eric, seated precariously on his hip. The little boy squealed excitedly when he saw the blonde haired man and Draco grinned back at him liking the toddler despite who his parents were.

"You're here again are you? Fine you know where he is Malfoy," Ron told him moving out of the way so he could come inside the home. Draco walked past him and saw Hermione in the kitchen feeding the infant, Marissa. "You know one day you're going to have to admit to yourself that he's not coming back. He doesn't want anything to do with you or that boy up there when will you realize that he abandoned him."

"That boy is your son Weasel and his name is Sirius I thought even someone with as small an intelligence as you could remember that much at least," Draco replied with a sneer. Hermione glared at him and the red haired man slammed the door shut ignoring his son's whimper at the noise. "And regardless of what happened between me and Harry he loves his son more than anything, he didn't abandoned him he was forced to give him up through circumstances beyond his control."

With a pointed look at the two of them he strode out of the room and up the stairs before either could say anything else. He had no desire to continue speaking to either one of them and if not for the little boy that he loved as his own he would happily forget they even existed. However he couldn't and so put up with the small amount of contact he had to have with them in order to see Sirius. The little boy needed to know that somebody loved him and wanted to spend time with him while his Papa couldn't.

He walked up the stairs past the second floor and up another wooden flight to an attic type third floor that had only one room. As he neared the room he heard the sound of a child's laughter and a smile lit his face as he took hold of the knob and opened the door to Siri's small room. The smile grew as he found the boy laying on the floor on his belly with a book open in front of him that was spouting out different colored fireworks while he clapped his hands and shouted in delight.

"Daddy Draco you came," The boy squealed happily as he looked up at the sound of his door opening. He jumped to his feet and ran up to the man wrapping his arms around his legs. "I was scared you wouldn't."

"Of course I came, Siri," Draco told him picking the boy up to place him on his hip while he hugged him and walked over to the bed with him. "Why did you think I wouldn't."

"Father told me you weren't coming no more," Siri replied as he sat down on the bed with him in his lap. The little boy kept his arms wrapped around his chest as Draco tightened his arms around him. "He said you got tired of me and was going away like papa did."

"Siri I could never get tired of you. I love you and your Papa does too all right?" The blonde man explained wanting very much to strangle the other man for telling his child such a thing. He had obviously been trying to hurt him by telling him that and it angered him that he would do that to a child. "Don't listen to what your father says about me or your papa ok."

"Ok Daddy Draco I won't," The little boy said with a giggle. Draco smiled at him though his eyes were saddened with thoughts of the boy's father and how much the child reminded him of the other man. "Did you find my papa yet?"

"Not yet little one but I promised you I would and won't stop looking until I do," the man told him with a small sigh. Siri said nothing though his eyes lowered and the smile faded from his face. After a moment Draco tightened his hold on the boy and looked down at with a forced smile. "Now why don't you tell me about your school hm?"

Siri grinned again and launched into a detailed description of the happenings of the preschool he attended for young witches and wizards. Draco happily listened to the boy talk about the friends he had there and the books they were reading. He was an incredibly bright child much like his papa and very strong magically as well. His first bout of accidental magic had been when he was a little over a year old and he had fallen from his highchair after attempting to climb out of it only to float gently to the ground giggling the whole time.

Of course no one had expected a child of Harry Potter to be any less powerful than the man himself was and his other bouts of accidental magic had been just as impressive. Draco only wished Harry had been there to see it and the other things his little boy had done. He would have been so proud of his son and it was yet another reason for him to find the other man as soon as he could.

Draco stayed with Siri for a little over an hour until the child was called downstairs by Ron to do his chores. He followed the boy down to the kitchen where he climbed up on a stool in front of the sink and began to wash the dishes from lunch. Draco scowled as he watched the little boy work while Hermione played with his brother and sister in the living room. He didn't like how the boy at five was made to do chores a ten year old should do but there was little he could do about it until he found Harry as he didn't want to risk Siri being taken away from all of them, at least here he could see the boy.

So he held his tongue, graced Ron with another sneer and then left the home of the child he considered a son. He would be here again in two weeks to check on the boy and until then he would continue his search for the dark haired man. He walked to the end of the path and then with a crack apparated away hoping the day would soon come when he would never have to come to this place again.


About a week after Draco had gone to visit Siri he found himself striding down the streets of Lancaster city looking for a small café by the name of the Cozy Hollow. Blaize had gone there the week before with his wife Lavander Brown, now Zabini, and had been raving about it ever since. He had insisted that Draco take a break from his searching and meet them there for lunch and the blonde man had reluctantly agreed even if only to get him to shut up about it.

He found it easily enough and it certainly looked cozy from the outside with flower boxes beneath the windows and soft green curtains. There were six or seven small round tables within a white picket fence and a pretty girl waited just within the door to greet him. The inside was just as cozy with soft lights hanging from the ceiling and pale green tablecloths on the tables along with small candles glowing gently in green holders.

All of the green reminded him of the slytherin common room and he found himself smiling as he slid into the booth across from Blaize and Lavy. He had been quite shocked when he first learned of their relationship as she was a gryfindor and from what he remembered very into gossiping and giggling. But being out of school had changed her and she was now a very accomplished ambassador between the English magical ministry and the one in America and she and his friend were very happy together.

"Well what do you think Dray," The man asked with a grin one arm draped around the shoulders of the blonde woman sitting next to him. Draco smirked but said nothing as he looked around the place. "I knew you would like this place and if you think the décor is good just wait until you try the food, the cook here is amazing."

"They must be for you to be going on about this place for so long," Draco replied with a mock glare at his friend. Blaize laughed and the amusement faded from the grey eyed man's face. "But I really don't have time for trying out new places to eat. I have to continue my search for Harry. Every moment wasted with things like this can allow him to get further and further away from us."

"I know Dray but you need to eat and keep up your strength, Harry wouldn't want you to harm yourself in your effort to find him," His friend told him as he grew sober as well. He hated to see Draco like this and would do anything to help the other man as well as the one he loved. "And who knows you might learn something here."

Draco frowned but said nothing else as a waitress came up to take their order. Blaise and Lavender got the shepards pie and iced tea, their favorite meal from their first time there. Draco however went with the specialty of the house: herb roasted chicken, backed potato and greens with a glass of Merlot from the year 1992, a good year he had heard. The waitress smiled at them and then left to put their orders in.

Once she was gone Draco started a conversation with Lavender about the relations between England and America's magical communities. Things were going well though a bit strained with the current president in America and their struggling economy but the magical community there was still flourishing. There was even talk of bringing some of the students from the institute In Salem to Hogwarts so that they could learn from each other though it was still in the talking stages for now.

Blaize, though wealthy from his mother and her numerous husbands, had gone into the work force as well and now worked part time for Olivander learning how to make wands. It was something he had always found fascinating and when Olivander had put a notice in the daily profiet that he was looking for an apprentice the Italian boy had leapt at the chance. Though still no were near as good as his master his skills were quickly improving and the older man was confident that Blaizes wands would soon be as desired as his own were.

Draco too had a job those his was far less hands on as he had taken over his father's old ventures. He had cleaned up all of what was considered Malfoy industries and had gotten rid of all of the back alley dealings his father had been into. Now the name Malfoy was something to be respected again, not feared, and no one could accuse him of doing anything even remotely illegal in anyway. He also worked as a potions master on the side, brewing potions for Saint Mungos and other places, though most of his time was spent on his search for Harry.

Their food and drinks arrived half way through Blaizes explanation of how one would bind a core within a wand, which neither of his companions had a hope of understanding. The two of them had been right about the quality of the food, Draco was forced to admit after taking his first bite of the chicken, it was some of the best he had ever tasted and he had been in five star restaurants most of his life. But this was just superb and he found himself wondering who the chief was that could make such food.

He had decided to ask the waitress if he could meet the person when next she came to their table when he saw her push the door open to the kitchen and call out to someone on the other side. She said something about the time which to his surprise was going on 2:00 and after receiving what he thought was the answer she wanted, from the smile on her face, went to help another guest sitting nearby.

A few minutes later the door to the kitchen swung open and young man hurried out of the other room taking away all thought of the chief and their incredible food from his mind. He wore a button down green shirt and form fitting blue jeans and was wiping his hands of flour on an off white towel. He was fairly short for a man and very slender with long black hair tied in a ponytail at the nap of his neck and small silver rimmed glasses perched on his nose. He couldn't see the color of his eyes as his face was turned away from but there was something vaguely familiar about him.

"I'm out for the day Heather," He told the waitress in a soft but achingly familiar voice that had Draco's eyes widening and a tentative hope blossoming in his chest. "Tony's taken over for the rest of the day and I'll be back in the morning."

"All right David have a good day and say hi to that cutie for me," Heather replied taking the towel from him and with a nod and a wave he left the restaurant unaware of the three people watching him.

"Blaize was that. . . ?" Draco began unable to finish his question as his voice shook with hope and longing. Lavender looked at the form slytherin in sympathy as Blaize frowned.

"Yes I am almost positive that's him only using a different name of course," His friend replied with a small sigh. Draco tore his eyes away from the door to look at the other man who gave him a grim smile. " You didn't really think the only reason I wanted you to come here was because of the food did you no matter how good it may be. Now go after him and don't let him get away this time, it was only by accident that we found him at all. If he disappears again we might not be so lucky next time."

Draco nodded and without another word left the restaurant to find the man he was sure was his Harry. The voice though slightly deeper was far to like the boy's he had known and though older he still looked like him. He had grown in the last four years and blossomed into a handsome young man with more confidence than the one he had known. He wondered what had happened to him in the last four years and how he had come to work at that restaurant.

It took him a few minutes to find as the street was fairly crowded but he finally spotted him as he was about to turn a corner onto another street. He hurried after him not wanting him to get away and eventually caught up to him staying a little behind him as he tried to think of what to say to him. Somehow he was certain that if he just went up to him he would either end up seriously hurt or the other man would apparate away without giving him a chance to say a word neither of which would be a good outcome for him.

Draco followed him down two more streets nervously trying to think of some way to start a conversation with him that wouldn't end up with him dead when he looked up only to find the other man was no longer in sight. Franticly he searched for him wondering how he could have lost sight of him and feeling despair fill him as he couldn't find him anywhere. Just as he was about to give up and go to the café again the next day in hopes of finding him he felt something jab him sharply in the back and he froze knowing without seeing what it was.

"Why are you following me?" A soft but angry and somewhat fearful voice asked behind him digging their wand into his back. "Haven't you hurt me enough already? Do you really feel the need to add more to the pain you have already given me Malfoy?"

"No Harry I don't want to cause you any pain. I never did," Draco told him turning his head to see the younger man remove his invisibility cloak and stuff it into a bag he hadn't noticed he was holding, lowering his wand in the process. "Please just give me a chance to explain what happened that day."

"I think I have already heard enough from you Malfoy and I have no desire to hear any more of your lies," Harry told him green eyes burning with hatred, pain and that strange fear he'd heard in his voice as he put his wand away and looked at the watch on his wrist. "I don't have time for this right now just go away and let me have the little happiness that I have managed to find here, please."

Without giving him a chance to respond he brushed past him and hurried on down the street determined now it seemed to ignore him in the hopes that he would go away. Draco however had no intention of going anywhere until he had the chance to talk to him and tell him about what had really happened that day so continued to follow him. He was surprised when Harry continued walking for another two blocks and then stopped at a small building with the words happy day daycare on it and several painted flowers, animals and suns on the walls.

Curious Draco followed him inside wondering if perhaps he had a second job for what other reason would he be there for. Unless he had a boyfriend that worked here as he remembered what the waitress had said about saying hello to someone for her. Had Harry found someone else in the four years since they had been together? Did Draco no longer have a chance with him after all the time he had spent searching for him? He felt his heart sink at the thought but remembered the little boy waiting for his papa and pushed his sadness aside determined to get the two of them back together even if it would no longer include him.

"Hi Mr. Black she's just getting her things," the young woman at the counter told Harry with a bright smile as he stopped in front of her still ignoring Draco though he seemed strangely nervous now his fear increasing. "I'm afraid we had a bit of a problem today with her. We had to put her in time out for pulling little Sarah's hair at nap time."

"Thanks Christy I will be sure to talk to her about that tonight," Harry promised as a little girl came running around the counter with a purple backpack in her arms. "Arianna Narcissa what have I told you about hurting other kids?"

"To not to," the child said as he picked her up and she looked up at him with a pout on her little face. "I'm sorry Daddy I won't do it 'gain promise."

With a small sigh Harry turned to look at Draco preparing himself for what the man would say but all Draco could do was stare at them wide eyed, at the little girl being held tightly in the younger man's arms. The little girl with strawberry blonde hair in curly pigtails and silver gray eyes wet with unshed tears. The child that bore his mother's name and looked far too much like him for it to be coincidence. Who he knew to be Harry's daughter . . . and his own!

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