The Beauty of the Beast

Warning: Rated M/MA for mature content.

Definite and common: Foul Language, Rude Gestures, and Citrus will be present.

Likely: Violence, Blood, Death

Possible: Torture, Rape, Self Destruction/Mutilation.

If you take issue with any of the above, then don't read this. If you are intrigued, read on.

A/N: The characters and original storyline used in this story are owned by Masashi Kishimoto.


This is my first fanfic, and I've been mulling it around in my head. I've decided to just go for it and see what I put in as I go.

This story was not designed to reflect the outcome of the anime or manga. Consider it an alternate universe, and thus, I claim poetic license regarding the inconsistencies with typical character behavior and deviation from the plotline.

I will be using milestones from the manga/anime, because I like them and I feel like it. I dont claim ownership of the names, places, or original jutsu, but I do claim ownership of this particular plotline, and of any and all deviations from their original templates.

Now, for the plot outline.

I'm beginning this story after Naruto and Gaara battle following the interruption of the Chuunin exams. (This is where the story will deviate)

Gaara is in a state of semi-consciousness after the battle, and the trip is too long for his siblings to carry him alone, and they are unwilling to risk that Shukaku re-awaken and find them the only nearby victims. (Shukaku will be a separate entity at times in the story, more quirkily and at times charmingly human than monstrous, no surprise there)

Given his recent betrayal of the leaf and his insane levels of power, he is in an isolated area of the Konoha hospital, as far from the others as is possible. Not even his siblings seem to hang around for long after checking in now and again.

Hinata, still healing from her battle with Neji, is barred from hard training until her chakra system and internal organs have returned to normal, giving her free time that she would rather not spend at home, subjected to her father and cousin. As such, she spends her time at the hospital, checking on her friends, helping the nurses, generally making herself feel at least a little bit useful.

As is inevitable, she finds herself peeking into Gaara's room, feeling sorry for him in this sorry state. Spending time tending to his room and his wounds, she finds that she likes the solitude that he is given, and her actions go unnoticed for a short while. Once discovered, she is scolded and warned not to be near that monster.

She chooses to ignore the warning, and eventually, the nurses give up, forcing the promise from her that she will leave the room immediately if and when he stirs, and call it to their attention.

The two will find their true selves in the eyes of the other, and the pair will form a relationship that shocks the village to its core, as will the transformation that each member finds themselves undergoing.

Will the two be ripped apart before they can find themselves? Or will they find comfort in one another's arms. Find out as the story unfolds…

The Beauty of the Beast

Coming soon; Chapter 1: Konoha Rebuilds, The Beast Sleeps