I awoke the next evening by a stern knocking on my door. I got out of bed and opened the door. It was of course Dracula. He gave me a list of chores then left. I got dressed then ate my breakfast. As I ate I looked at my list of chores. It was long to say the least. I quickly got up and started on it right away. I had to mop, dust, monitor the digging of the soil, get blood, serve the blood to Dracula and his brides, and wash their clothes. I stared at it and gulped. "Oh dear.." I mumbled. "This is going to take forever.." I said. I put it in my dress pocket and washed my face. I put on my shoes and opened my bedroom door to see a mop and bucket with soap and a feather duster. I sighed and picked up the bucket. Hell had come again.

I dusted the hallways again and all the rooms then mopped the floors. My hair had been tied back when I was dusting but by the time I was a third of the way done with the mopping my hair was loose. I could hear the gypsies working down below as I mopped. I sighed. I'd rather work down there with my friends than up here with those horrible brides of Dracula. As I was almost finished mopping my ribbon was very loose. The brides walked through the halls and Verona snatched the ribbon out of my hair and threw it into the bucket of soapy water. I put the mop back into the bucket and started to mop the floor with it and my hair ribbon. When I saw it I gasped and got down on my hands and knees to untangle it. I saw the brides walking down the hall. I knew that one of them had put it in there. They hated me. They wanted to make my life miserable. I tied the ribbon around my wrist to let it dry and continued mopping. I was waiting for them to come back so I leave a big giant puddle of water for them to slip on. Dracula checked on me. "How are your chores going?" he asked. "Good my lord." I replied. "How many have you done so far?" he asked. I looked at the list. I dusted and mopped so I had done two. "Two my lord." I answered. He nodded. "Very good." he said and walked down the hallways to his study. I put the list back in my pocket and continued mopping.

When I had finished mopping I went down the stairs and into the area where the dirt was being dug up. I watched the gypsies dig and dump the earth into crates. I had to stand near a stake with a skeleton impaled on it. It seemed to stare at me with empty eyes. I shuddered and tried to ignore it but I could feel it watching me. I kept myself focused on the packing of the dirt. After a while I went back upstairs to get blood. "Where am I going to find blood?" I asked myself. Then I remembered the village and my house. I had chickens.. I would bring them to the castle. I told Dracula where I was going and he nodded in understanding. I went to my house and put my chickens into cages, three per cage. I went to the barn and found my horse happy to see me. She butted her head against my chest and neighed happily. I stroked her nose and ruffled her mane. "Hello Beta." I cooed to her. She snorted and nuzzled my face. I kissed her nose. I saddled her and since I only had 2 cages I would get through it in one trip. I had handles on the cages and I wrapped blankets around the cages so the chickens wouldn't scratch me or Beta. I rode back to the castle with the chickens and my horse. I hoped that Dracula would let me keep her. I found a stable and 4 horses already inside. Hopefully that meant that he didn't mind horses. I dismounted with the chicken cages and put the chickens in one of the empty stalls. I would get a small crate to put water and their feed in. I led Beta into one of the stalls and unsaddled her and put her tack away. She didn't want to leave me and tried to follow me around the stable as I took care of the other horses. I let her because I missed her too. When the horses and chickens were taken care of I had to put her away. She nosed the gate and whinnied and neighed pitifully. I felt horrible having to leave her there alone with those wicked women able to reach her. I would check on her often. I kissed her nose and patted her neck. "I'll check on you later." I promised her and with that I left and closed the stable doors.

I went back into the castle to get a knife. I would have to kill my chickens. I got the knife and went back to the stable and hid the knife in my bodice. I took a chicken and took it outside. It knew that it was going to die. "I'm so sorry sweetie.." I said with tears in my eyes as the chicken looked up at me in fear. I gave it a kiss and said that I would miss it. Then I snapped it's neck. It squawked pitifully as I broke it's neck and killed it. With teary eyes and a shaky hand I slit down the chicken's side and held it over a bucket, squeezing it's corpse to get every single drop of blood from it. I was crying as I did it. I felt so horrible about killing one of my birds but it had to be done. I couldn't risk a human's life. When the chicken was bled I gave the carcass to a gypsy so they could get the meat to cook and eat. Then I took the bucket inside and poured it into 4 glasses. I put the glasses on the tray and took them upstairs.

I braved the brides first. I took three glasses off the tray and set them down on the low table. They sat before the glasses all the while glaring up at me. I left as quickly as I could. Then I went to Dracula's study and placed the last glass on his desk near him. He looked up at me and I lowered my eyes to the floor and curtsied to him. I turned and left the room. My chores were done at last. It was almost sun rise and I tiredly made my way to the stable. I opened the doors and was greeted by Beta. I pet her for a bit and even brushed her. Eventually when she calmed down I left the stable and closed the doors and locked them. I went to my room and took a quick bath. I brushed my hair and put on my nightgown. I got into bed after having my dinner and fell asleep to face another day of serving Dracula and his brides from hell.