Chapter 5: Fighting Off the Taffy Monster

It was quite a face off between Samurai Jack at the taffy monster which the evil shape-shifting wizard Aku had crafted up with his magic. The samurai stood firm, with his sword griped tightly in his fist ready for anything the taffy monster would throw at him.

"Now samurai, you're going to get it!" cried the taffy monster.

It charged right directly toward the samurai, yet he was able to dodge an oncoming fist from the taffy monster. The monster tried again to smash the samurai into the ground, yet the samurai was able to dodge that as well. Jack, with one swipe of his sword managed to slice off an arm of the taffy monster.

"Bwahaha, you think that'll stop me?" laughed the taffy monster.

Suddenly the chopped off limb from the taffy monster then began to regenerate itself onto the original body. Yet as the taffy monster was about to make another move against the samurai, grey aliens came out of the crashed ship armed with some sort of hi-tech weapons.

"Get to the portal samurai!" cried one of the grey alien soldiers, "We'll freeze this creature!"

"Thank you" replied Jack.

The samurai then rushed toward the crashed ship where the time machine portal was said to be inside. Yet while the samurai was trying to find his way into the crashed ship, Captain K'nuckles, along with Flapjack, Peppermint Larry and his Candy Wife arrived on the scene. Peppermint Larry was especially astonished and shocked to see that his taffy monster he had created was harming the grey aliens.

"This wasn't suppose to go down like this!" cried Peppermint Larry as he got on his knees in quite shock

"You're responsible for this monstrosity?" asked one of the grey alien soldiers who was firing at the taffy monster.

"Yes, but it wasn't meant to harm other people, only for the samurai!" cried Peppermint Larry as he then began to start crying.

"Well, you better find a way to stop the monster, even our hi-tech weapons have no effect on us" replied the soldier.

"Wait a second, you're saying this monster is just made out of taffy?" asked K'nuckles.

"Apparently so" replied Peppermint Larry as he was still weeping.

"Then let's just eat up that monster, shall we Flapjack?" asked K'nuckles.

"Adventure!" cried Flapjack with joy.

As the two approached the taffy monster who was able to knock down some of the grey alien soldiers unconscious, all K'nuckles along with Flapjack then did was being able to just simply bite the taffy monster. The taffy monster felt the pain, as both K'nuckles and Flapjack then began to start their large taffy dessert meal. Back in Aku's lair, the evil shape-shifting wizard was quite concern on what was going on.

"That's impossible!" cried Aku as he was looking at the entire scene through his magical vision, "How the heck are these two being able to defeat my monster?!"

Even the grey alien soldiers were shocked to see that K'nuckles and Flapjack were swallowing all of that taffy. Scarfing it down, like an average meal was quite disgusting to even Peppermint Larry and his Candy Wife.

"How the heck can any normal person can even eat something like that at a fast pace?" asked Peppermint Larry.

This of course made Aku, back in his secret lair quite concern that his plans would not succeed in stopping the samurai from once again, escaping back into the past, and stop his evil reign.

"Bah, those two morons are ruining everything!" cried Aku to which he noticed some de-activated robots within the crashed ship as the samurai was trying to explore it to find the time machine portal, so the evil shape-shifting wizard, once again sent his magical potion through the vision he saw and the robots that were de-activated suddenly came to life.

Back inside the crashed ship, the robots which were de-activated mech workers for the grey aliens became activated with glowing red eyes thanks to Aku's evil magic. As the samurai passed through a row of them, he then began to notice they were literally coming to life and suddenly armed themselves with the hi-tech laser guns left behind by the grey aliens who went out to fight the taffy monster.

"This does not seem right" said Jack as he took out his sword.

The samurai then began to dodge the lasers that were coming right at him, and using his sword to slice open and destroy the robotic mech workers that were coming at him in hordes. As the samurai continued his fight, he then noticed an area of the crashed ship that had the time machine portal he was looking for. Yet as the samurai then began to charge toward it, with the portal wide open, a large robotic mech worker stepped right in front of the samurai readying a large laser gun of some sort.

"No, please!" cried Jack as he noticed the robotic mech worker aimed its weapon at the time machine portal instead.

The large mech worker then fired the hi-tech laser gun at the portal, which then began to damage it quite heavily. It fired again, yet this time, the samurai leaped in with his sword, slicing the weapon in half. Yet the weapon itself was about to explode along with destroying the large robotic mech worker as well. The samurai had no choice, but to not head into the time machine portal. The robotic mech worker then exploded into pieces, destroying the time machine portal. This made the samurai quite angry, as he then began to charge at the remaining robotic mech workers, slicing them all with his sword and destroying them one by one until a pile of scrap metal was all that was left. Once again, the samurai felt disappointed that he was unable to go back to the past and defeat Aku, as he stepped out of the crashed ship, he noticed that K'nuckles and Flapjack were quite large and full as they had successfully defeated the taffy monster by literally eating it.

"Adventure!" cried Flapjack with one burp.

"You said it" laughed K'nuckles, "say it's our friend in the dress, did you manage to find what you were looking for?"

"Yes, and unfortunately it was destroyed, I must now leave and go on my way now" replied Jack as the samurai then began to head deeper into the jungle.

"Say Captain, where do you think that other adventurer's going?" asked Flapjack as he was still quite full.

"Don't know" replied K'nuckles as he managed to get himself up on his feet, "but we better leave with Peppermint Larry and his Candy Wife away from this island and head back home."

"I wonder how much that samurai had to deal with these people" sighed one of the grey aliens as K'nuckles, Flapjack, Peppermint Larry and his Candy Wife left the scene.

"I'm sure the samurai will have to find another way home" added a second grey alien.

The scene then changes to Jack continuing his exploration of the island's jungle, where Jack continues to hope to find his way home with the scene then fading from there.