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The Falls of Rauros, 3019 TA, February 25

Boromir barely managed to struggle to his feet, his sword flashing in the afternoon sun as he was herded toward a sheer drop. The hobbits could do nothing to help him, even as they struggled against their' captors using the tricks that Aaron had taught them. But all their' efforts were for naught, as they were being carried further and further away from the Gondorian. Aaron herself was in no shape to help them, seeing as she had blacked out when a bolt went straight through her shoulder.

It took only one misstep for the Uruk-hai to have Boromir to his knees. The Uruk-hai jeered at him as they passed but did nothing more. They had a delivery to make. Again Boromir struggled, to get up, to fight, only to have another bolt planted into his chest. He was sent to back to his knees, staring down at the shaft piercing chainmail, clothing, and flesh. The Uruk-hai archer was coming towards him once more; crossbow raised and ready to finish him off. The sandy haired Gondorian could do nothing; save stare at his would be murderer as the bolt released.

Boromir closed his eyes, the agony in his chest quickly becoming unbearable. Time seemed to slow to a crawl. The Stewart's eldest son knew that he was going to die; he only hoped that his actions both good and ill would turn out for the better of his people. Suddenly, the familiar clash of metal on metal rung throughout the forest, as a spinning dagger knocked the bolt off course, implanting itself harmlessly into the ground. Boromir was barely able to crack open his eyes just in time to see His savior charge at the Uruk-hai archer, intent on saving Boromir's life.

He watched as Aragorn, furiously combated against the sadistic being. In his rage the ranger had little of the grace that elves had taught him. Yet it was effective all the same, as Aragorn battered against the Uruk-hai's defenses. The ranger even managed to cut off the beast's crossbow arm! However, as many hits as Isildur's heir was able score against the foul creature; the Uruk-hai just came back for more and then some. The Uruk-hai refused to let his missing arm be a hindrance as he kicked Aragorn, sending him flying into tree just paces away from Boromir.

The downed Gondorian made to call out to the-would-be-king, only to choke on the blood swiftly rising up his throat. The Uruk-hai swiftly approached Aragorn, wanting to finish off what he started, before turning his attentions back on Boromir. Brains scrambled, the ranger desperately grasped for he hilt of his knife, seeing as he lost his sword mid flight. The Uruk-hai was faster, stepping on his wrist and nearly breaking Aragorn's hand in the process. Saruman's creation snarled, baring yellow and black stained teeth as he cocked his fist.

Ducking under the fist that would have planted itself firmly in his face, Aragorn reached out blindly and managed to grasp a slender piece of metal. And beheading the Uruk-hai pinning him down Isildur's heir breathed with harsh gasps. Stumbling to his feet, Aragorn went over to his fallen companion, hardly paying attention as Legolas and Gimli finally joined him. Looking down at the weapon Aragorn recognized it as one of his sister's blades. The ranger kneeled over Boromir silver eyes alight with sorrow, "Oh Boromir." Desperately gasping for air the lord of the west grasped at his tunic, "They, they took Aaron… and the little ones, you most go after them." Looking down at the bolt still lodged in Boromir's chest Aragorn shushed him as best he could.

"We will find them, together." It was a hallow assurance, because Elrond's foster son was sure that Boromir would not last the next few minutes. But that didn't mean he wasn't going to try anyway. Reaching for the arrow, Aragorn's hand was stilled by the groan issued from Boromir's throat when he grasped at the bolt. The son of Denethor coughed, "Frodo, Where is Frodo?" he asked urgently. "I let Frodo go." Aragorn informed him tiredly. Boromir nodded with a sad miniscule smile, "Then you did what I could not. I tried to take the Ring from him, Aragorn. I failed in my duty, my pledge, and my sworn word." The agony was clear as day in Boromir's eyes.

The exile shook his head. "The Ring is beyond our reach now." Aragorn said, "Frodo has left the company." Boromir's eyes only further clouded over in remorse and pain, "Forgive me. I did not see it. I did not believe its treachery was so foul. I have failed you all." Had she been there, Aragorn mused, Aaron would have probably agreed with the dying noble. As it was Aragorn tried to give all the comfort he could without moving. "No, Boromir." he said softly, "You fought bravely. You have kept your honour. It has not deserted you. You overcame the Ring's pull in the end. You have kept your honour, Boromir, son of Denethor."

Again, he tried to reach the man, but Boromir knew there would be no saving him now. "Leave it! It is over. The world of Men will fall. And all will come to darkness. The shadow shall consume all." he said in despair, "And my city to ruin…" Aragorn shook his head sadly, "I do not know what strength is in my blood." he said softly, but with conviction, his eyes locked on Boromir's, "But I swear to you, I will not let the White City fall. Nor our people fail. Not while I live." And he meant it; Boromir realized with starting clarity, despite his reluctance to take leadership, Aragorn would forsake his personal freedom to see Gondor to its true glory.

"Our people", Boromir desperately gasped out each word, "Our people…" He imagined what his homeland would have been like should he had survived to see the son of Arathorn to take up kingship. Even as the ranger kneeled over him, Boromir could see the winged crown gleaming mightily above his brow. I would have followed you, my brother, my captain. My king…." It was then that Boromir son of Denethor took his last breath. Aragorn closed the dead man's unseeing eyes for the last time, "Be at peace, son of Gondor."

The remaining fellowship returned to camp with Boromir's body after Aragorn found his sister's other blade. It didn't go unnoticed by any of them that one of the boats was gone. Nor did it go unnoticed that some of the supplies were gone as well. And then Legolas heard whimpering as Gimli helped Aragorn prepare Boromir's body for a hasty funeral. He followed the sound to a nearby tree. The wood elf found Kennonomoi's two wolf cubs hidden among the tree roots along with her pack.

Soothing the tiny beast, Legolas took off his quiver and slung on the pack and replacing the quiver, put the cubs inside the satchel. Yipping contently Tango and Cash settled down, somehow managing to find comfortable quarters in the cramped space. He then joined his two friends at the rivers edge, helping them push the boat that they put Boromir into the water. Silently they watched their' fallen comrade's body floated off to the waterfall sending their' prays for his safe journey to the after life. Legolas immediately went to prepare one of the remaining boats, "come, we can catch up to Frodo and Sam if we go now." Aragorn tucked away Kennonomoi's blades, "we are not going after them." Both of his remaining companions looked at him incredulously.

"So this is how the fellowship ends, broken?" Gimli moved to stand at the ranger's side looking, angry, tired, and grief stricken all at the same time. Isildur's heir smiled grimly, he had failed in protecting the hobbits but he would not fail them again. 'Nor you, Kennonomoi, never again.' He vowed silently. Out loud Aragorn spoke, "Nay." He stood to his feet clasping the dwarf's shoulder, "But, I will not leave Merry, Pippin, and Aaron to torment." Legolas and Gimli seemed to stare at him for a moment, soaking in the new resolved that seemed to encompass Aragorn. Then finally Legolas smiled back grimly and Gimli growled his approval. Turning to retrieve his pack the son of Arathorn called out, "We travel light, Lets go hunt some orc."

Fords of Isen, 3019 TA, February 25-night

Théodred son of Théoden, Second Marshal of the Riddermark surveyed the enemy at a distance with the scouts and advisor at his side. "So it is true then, Saruman has truly become foolish in his arrogance." Harod, his lieutenant stood at his side, battle sharpened eyes looking over their' enemy as surely as he. "Now we have proof my lord, Wormtongue will be unable to refute this." The prince's eyes narrowed, "for the sake of our people Harod, I hope you're right." What the two warriors didn't know was that they were walking into a trap that would cost more than just Théodred's life.

Location Unknown, 3019 TA, February 27

'Waking up was probably not the best idea.' Kennonomoi admitted to herself with a silent hiss. The brawler could feel the sharp burning sensation electrifying her entire arm and abruptly remembered being shot. And then memories of exactly what had happened slammed into her already bruised psyche. Boromir was dead the fellowship broken, and she and her pupils were captured. She nearly gagged at the smell of orcish musk registered in her brain. "Can't you see? She's hurt, she will die- "Shut up Halfling lest I cut off your feet, seeing as you won't need them."

Dizzyingly the she warrior tried to think straight, with little success as jolts of pure agony shot up her nerve endings. Closing her eyes, Kennonomoi fought the bile that wanted to burn a path up her throat. She no longer paid any attention to the two hobbits imploring their' captors to give aid to her, nor the threatening menace that the Uruk-hai presented. Her brother, Gimli, and Legolas would be coming to rescue them soon. Not to mention the slaughter that was sure to come via the Riders of Rohan, so it was best to save up her strength while she could. And unbeknownst to her clever Merry managed to drop the broach given to him in Lorien for the rest of the fellowship to find.

Rohan, 3019 TA, February 29-Night.

Kennonomoi woke up again, if possible in more pain than before. She couldn't even hold back the gasp of misery from issuing from her lips. Automatically her eyes snapped open, and were confronted by a set of starkly yellow eyes glittering with malignant glee down at her. "STOP IT!" "YOU'RE HURTING HER!" Had she the air to breath, Kennonomoi would have told Merry and Pippin that was most likely why the foul beast was doing whatever he was doing. Looking down she noticed abruptly that she was bleeding profusely, the bolt that had been stuck in her shoulder gone.

The former brawler wanted to tell her pupils to shut up, even as the Uruk-hai raised a flaming hot blade to cauterize the wound. The unholy creation of Saruman wanted their' fear, fed off her pain and the more they cried out for her the worse it would become. Abruptly, white hot torment lashed throughout Kennonomoi's nerve endings. 'MOTHER FUCKER, he didn't even take off my shirt.' Elrond's foster daughter bit down on her tongue barely holding on by a thread. Yet she couldn't prevent the tears from spilling behind closed lids. The dark beauty was barely distracted by the tang of her blood on her own tongue. "Come now scream pretty for us."

Harsh pants were his only answer as he pulled the red hot poker from now charred flesh. The other fiendish creatures in his company cheered him on. Since they couldn't do whatever they wanted to their' captives, they could torment the Easternling that their' master wanted under the guise of treating a serious wound. But even with all the blood she lost and the agony of being burnt, the female refused to scream. However infuriated by this the creature was, he knew better than to go any further with his, attentions, lest he draw the wraith of his master upon his head.

"Come on!" his fellows jeered, tired and filled with bloodlust. "No." He roared back, "Master wants them, unspoiled." One of the more manipulative of their' company stepped forward. "We have been running for four days, and we've yet to taste man-flesh, just the bark of stupid trees." The foul beast threw down said piece of bark, intent on tearing into the feast that was dangled in front of him for four days and four nights. Focusing solely on the mutinous creature the Uruk-hai didn't notice Kennonomoi roll over painfully toward her companions.

"Aaron, don't move." The two hobbits hissed in sympathy as her eyes glazed over in pain. "When the opportunity presents itself, I want you to run." She told them. Both of the sandy haired Halflings looked incredulous. "I mean it, Merry, Pippin, when I say run, you better very well damn do it." Seeing the sudden burning intensity in their' teacher's eyes the two troublemakers nodded with a gulp. For her part, Kennonomoi was aware of the dissention that was happening just a few feet away from them.

And was planning on making a hasty exit as soon as the Rohirrim made their' appearance, she didn't plan on being there for the slaughter would follow. Like clock work the she warrior suddenly heard the thunderous hooves penetrate the still fighting Uruk-hai. She didn't even wait to hear the sound of neighing horses and screaming orcs before hauling herself to her feet, "Run!" Terrified as they were, the troublemaking duo didn't think to disobey her as they stumbled to their' feet and proceeded to duck and dodge around the two clashing forces.

Kennonomoi wasn't as lucky as her motor skills were still par to that of a drunk. She managed to stumble only a few feet before being caught by an orc. Sneering at the dark beauty, the orc raised his curved sword intent on ending her life. Kennonomoi however wasn't willing to die, ducked forward and smashing shoulder first into the monster's shins. The blistering pain was worth it seeing as it took the orc of his feet long enough for Kennonomoi to get away. Stumbling to her feet once more the brawler made dogged steps toward the forest, where she was sure that her students fled. She never made it.