Once again, he felt the beads of sweat form on the palms of his hands as he entered her lab. This is the first opportunity he had to talk to her in over a week. Her father had died, and she had been on leave. He just stood there for a couple minutes, starring. She was so absorbed in her latest project that she hadn't noticed him coming in. That's the way she always was, though, focused and determined. It wasn't until she went to move to the other side of the table that she noticed the other figure in the room. She looked up, pink forming in her cheeks.

"Sir, how long have you been standing there?"

He didn't answer. He just walked next to her and wrapped his arm around her should, as he had done countless times before. Softly, he whispered into her ear.

"Don't marry Pete."

He could feel the surprise forming throughout her body. She wasn't expecting that.

"Don't marry him, Sam. You're making a huge mistake."

He felt her move slightly away so that they were face to face. He saw the normal seriousness in those blue eyes, but this time, there was also a spark of honesty.

"I know."

"You know?"

"Yeah. I broke it off with Pete a week ago..."

She moved in closer so that this time, it was her who was whispering into his ear.

"...for you."

There was a moment of silence as he felt his heart practically leap out of his chest. He couldn't help but smile.

"I was hoping that you'd say that...because I'm transferring out of the SGC and going to Washington...for you."

He wanted nothing more than to kiss her right then and there, and he could see that she felt the same way, but they were still under the same chain of command. His transfer wouldn't go through until the end of the month, but the wall between them emotionally finally broke. Everything finally came out of the room.

It was the conversation that finally changed it all.