Authors Note:

Hi! I know I hate these too but I've made a hard decision. The following stories are up for adoption:

Almost Dead

Golden Eyes

I See Dead People


No One Lives Forever

When You Say Nothing at All

The requirements are:

1) You must have a completed story in the Category. If it is a crossover you need to have read both book series and have one completed story for one or the other.

2) Write in English.

3) Keep the major conflict. I will tell you when I choose you.

4) Don't Kill any major characters unless it's part of the plot.

5) Finally, Keep me in the loop. Let me know if you write a sequel, or just ask me to Beta, I would be happy to.

The following stories I need a Co-Author:

When You're gone

The Requirements are:

1) You Must like or enjoy Slash stories.

2) Write in English.

3) Have a completed Slash story in Twilight. (not really required but it will help your chances.)

I'm sorry if I have let you down. I hate that I have to write this. but I got in over my head, and it caused me to loose interest in my stories. I have so much other stuff going on at the same time with my life that I have no time for them. Again, I'M SO SORRY!