Title: Hiddn Majesty
Author: Pip (dannysgirlsg1)
Summary: They knew better, but that knowledge wasn't enough...
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers/Warnings: This is a very risque fic (at least, for me), so it probably will push the limits of the PG-13ness at times. Still, there shouldn't be anything too graphic for most people. I try and make my fics readable by all! Oh, definitely Daniel/Vala. Maybe Cam/Carolyn in the future.

A/N: Here is yet ANOTHER AU story that my brabbits demanded of me. It was inspired by a combination of reading the season 1 novelization of The Tudors (a very FANTASTIC show, for anyone who has not seen it! I HIGHLY recommend it!), and just an urge to do something different. It's a period AU piece, set in and 'England type Renaissance Period'. I'm trying NOT to make it England because I don't want to deal with ACTUAL history, but yeah...

Anywho, hope y'all enjoy... these AUs are very precious to me.


Forbidden Desires

The banquet hall was filled with its usual evening festivities. There was laughing, dancing, flirting, and alcohol - a lot of alcohol. Only the kingdom's highest and noblest could take part, and take part in it they did. They drank and behaved like the money would never run out, and their statis couldn't be cut away in an instant. They had no care but for themselves and that of their king.

She stood off to the side of the head table, watching on with mild disgust. The whole ordeal, the same mishmash of lewdness and frivolity every night, wasn't much of a pleasure to her. Neither was the fact that he flirted openly with every lady whose dress line dropped just low enough when she was present. She knew he did it just as much when she wasn't around, but when he claimed to have her affections with all his heart, and then drunkenly drooled after her best friend for all eyes to see, she couldn't help but be slightly put off by it all.

Looking up, she caught a familiar gaze from over the king's shoulder. He inclined his head towards her, out of respect and duty. It went on unnoticed by the many others around, for it was custom for knights of the king to acknowledge her, but she understood the message behind it. Quietly, she turned on her heels and slipped out of the hall.

He watched her go, sipping from his goblet to hide his smile of anticipation. He let the moments pass, even if it was torture, before setting his cup down on the tray of a passing servant. He waited until the king was giving his full attention to the latest young addition to court, then he carefully made his way to the other side of the hall and slipped down a corridor hidden behind a hanging tapestry.

His legs couldn't move fast enough as he trotted down the dimly lit passage. Turning down a side alcove, he walked the short distance it ran. His hands trembled with excitement as he pushed aside the curtain that hung before him. The main corridor from the banquet hall was before him, and not even a moment passed before soft footsteps could be heard approaching.

She looked over her shoulder slowly, making sure she wasn't followed. It wasn't easy for someone of her statis to go anywhere unnoticed, but it seemed the wines had been blessedly good for she saw or heard nothing. She went to look back down the way before her when a strong hand latched onto her right wrist unexpectedly.

Her gasp of surprise was quickly smothered by a warm mouth enveloping hers. The hand she had raised to strike her assailant instead moved to the back of his neck, drawing him in closer. Their lips and tongues attacked the other in a passionate, lust-filled kiss of fire. A moan escaped from his mouth into hers, as did the faint taste of wine.

Pulling back from him abruptly, her grey eyes snapped open to stare into his startled blue ones.

"You've been drinking." She said to him in an accusing whisper.

He gave a short laugh, giving her a roguish grin. "Only a little." He admitted, again moving to take her mouth in a needy kiss. She breathed in deeply, letting his lips assault hers for a moment. Then she pushed him back just enough that his lips hovered inches from hers, slightly parted.

"Even a little can cause the greatest man to falter." She hissed to him desperately, her gaze burning into his. "We are taking a great risk, Daniel. You cannot afford to get drunk."

Again, he smiled in that way that had ultimately drew her to him. "I'm not drunk." Daniel said with a shake of his head, brushing his nose against hers before kissing her again.

And again, she only allowed him to do it for a moment. "This isn't the right corridor." She pointed out to him. As he stepped back and took in his surroundings, she pushed off the wall and pointed slightly. "We were supposed to meet up three alcoves down."

Daniel stepped back up to her, lightly bringing a hand to rest on the small of her back. "What does it matter, Vala?" He asked softly, leaning down to take her mouth in a soft, delicate kiss. "My need for you just brought us together a little sooner."

"And closer to the banquet hall where everyone we don't want to know about us is at this very moment." Vala's lips turned up in a slight smile as Daniel moved his mouth to her neck and intensified his advances on her. She gasped as his teeth nibbled on her flesh, gathering a handful of his tunic to pull him flush against her.

He groaned, thrusting against her as her back collided with the wall again. Vala lifted her leg slighty, rubbing her thigh against his hip - playing her body right into his hardening shaft. Daniel buried his face in the warm flesh of her neck as she shifted purposely.

Gently kissing his way up to her lips, Daniel placed sensual kiss there as well. His hands came up to cup her face as he deepened it, dipping his tongue into her mouth. If it was even possible, Vala pulled him closer against him. It felt like his body was practically crushing hers into the wall, and she loved it.

As he pulled his lips away, Daniel rested his forehead against hers. His blue eyes gazed into hers with unbridled passion and burning desire. "Gods, your beauty has me at a loss for words." His voice was soft and affectionate, almost trance-like.

Vala peered at him in the flickering light of the torch burning a few feet down on the wall. She leaned up, pressing her already swelling lips to his in desperate need. Their tongues battled it out for a minute, then Daniel started to work his way back down her throat. One of his hands came down to fiddle with the strings holding her bodice tight against her.

She pressed her lips desperately close to his ear. "Take me."

Head snapping up at her command, that roguish grin returned to Daniel's lips. "Yes, my Queen."


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