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Chapter 4



It was raining again in Konoha. Not the kind of rain that made loud noises but the kind of rain that was heavy enough to make people not want to say out to long. The perfect kind of weather for the council to hold this mandatory meeting. With in the shadows of the night and rain you could see dark figures walking into a dark ally and passing through a door. Whispers and mumbles that could not be heard by the human ear but by the others could hear.

"Why on earth are we here? I see no point in making all of us come..."

"Not matter to that! We're here already aren't we? No use in complaining."

"Yes, yes I know but I want to know why I was pulled out of my sleep to come here."

"You didn't hear did you?"


"The council called a mandatory meeting-"

"I know that! I am not an idiot-"

"Shh! I am not done yet..."



"Okay okay... this meeting is mainly because of those 'teens' at that High School."

"Pshh! I knew sending those kids to school was a bad idea. Should of stayed with their families."

"No time to regret now is there."

"I assume not..."

That's right. It's the ever so dreaded meeting of all. The council has called upend every creature of the secret, unknown, special society. They lived with the world of the living but, they were all but immortal. As life moved forward their lives would stand still. Their lives would fallow time but they would never change. The meeting was decide today... this afternoon. No one knew why though. Only those of the council of course other than that everyone showed up with only questions kept in their head and their mouths shut. All fallowing orders not wanting to say anything wrong. For the council never called a meeting and not telling what it was about unless it was mandatory or important that everyone must find out once they got to the area.

.x. the Vamps .x.

Meets were always a suit and tie event for the vampires. The guys would only take an hour or so to get ready... the girls on the other hand always took two times as long as the boys. Even if this was a casual event that never stopped them. It was only proper after all. Besides they each were from an elite family therefor it was only expected they would look great tonight. With them getting read they were all worried heck all of the teens that were expected to enter the meeting were scared. Who was the cause of this? What was the reason they called it out of no were? Only one way to find out right? Of course.

"Sauske..." Itachi said as he entered his brother's room. Wearing a black suit and fixing his red tie. He look around the room to see his brother fixing his tie in front of the full body mirror.

"What do you want?" Sauske hissed through teeth not looking up from were he was looking. He was fixing his blue tie in front of the mirror not wanting to look at his own brother after this afternoon's insistent.

"Your still mad I see," Itachi spoke smoothly as he sat down at Sauske's desk moving the char backwards. Itachi looked at the white board over the desk only to see words written down, a calender, and few pictures. One picture only seem to catch his eye, the rest were blocked out of his view. The picture was only taken during Sauske's childhood. It was Sauske, their mother and father along with Sauske. Their parents smiling along with Sauske... Itachi being the only one with no facial expression. "Hm..."

"What are doing here? Shouldn't you be waiting down stairs or something?" Sauske ask now turning to his brother.

"Well... its not even quite time yet. So, I decide to hang out hear for a while," Itachi replied look around Sauske's room. He's eyes slowly stopping at one shiny object on Sauske's dresser. Itachi walked up to it and grabbed the shiny thing. It wasn't new or borrowed. It was old. Very old if you ask a regular person. To others... it was just a object that was priceless. What was it? The bracelet... the one Sauske was going to give her.Until... she walked out on him. Left him for he was a "monster" to her eyes. And that... ended everything Sauske thought of love was gone. A chance to be with someone wasn't possible after what she did to him. What happened to her? Where is she now? Who was she? She left and found a person like herself. She is now down in the dirt in side a coffindead. She... was the part of the reason why Sauske is cold... emotionally.

"You still have it huh," Itachi whispered holding the bracket up so he could get a better view. His brother, was quite and making his way to his bed to lay down. As he did so Itachi watched Sauske from the corner of his eye... more like what his eyes were saying. And his answer? The were completely blank no emotion, no nothing. Just blank. It was quite for a few moment till one of them broke the silence...

"...Is there a problem with keeping it..." Sauske mumbled with his eyes closed and his arm above his eyes. Itachi shook his head, knowing his brother could at least hear the movement of his head going back and forth. "No... but, why did you keep it?"

"..." Sauske didn't know what to say. He was mute. He couldn't answer that question. So he simply said this, "Hn... I guess... I don't know... you tell me your older than me. So, you should have an answer or theory of why I kept it."

"Hn..." Itachi paused and looked at the bracelet once more, until speaking again, "I think... you keep-ed it because... you well, you either didn't want to waste a good piece of jewelry and waste a good memory or..." He paused again and shook his head, "never mind just forget it... doesn't matter matter anyways. I'll see you down stairs okay." With that he left in an instant. Literally too.

Sauske walked towards his bed to pick up the bracelet. As he held it up to the light, he suddenly paused. Her face flashed before his eyes. Her hair. Her eyes. Her laugh. Her smile. Her necklace. Her everything. If he's heart could beat, it would have melted and soon turn back to ice. He's eyes turned from soft to cold and his hold on the bracelet was tightened. He threw the jewelry on the top of the dresser with his hatred. If you looked close enough at that wooden dresser you could see a small dent. He turned his body to leave. Closing the lights in the room the last thing he saw was that bracelet before closing the door.

"It's time..." He heard Shino mutter down stairs. Sauske looked at the clock... the boy was right... it was time to face them...

.:the Wolves:.

Great just, great. All of their parents were coming. When I say, all I mean all. That's right Tenten and Kiba were going to see their mother and older sister, Hana tonight. Kiba and Tenten dreaded seeing their family again. The only reason they picked going into Kimmimaru's pack and going to Konoha was to stay away from their family... but no not tonight. Tonight they would see them and be tortured by their family. Even though they loved them they hated the constant embarrassment after embarrassment from them. Kiba was mostly a disappointment to his mother that he never grew up to treat Akumaru like a really dog. He only treated him as a best friend it was right but sometimes he need to separate the meaning of play time and work time with him.

"Tenten! I am panicing here! I can't take it! I don't want to go anymore!" Kiba yelled from the living room.

"Please! I am panicing too here! If I have to go so do you! Got that!" She screemed back from upstairs of her room. She was rush from her room to the bathroom and back. She was doing this for the past couple hours ever since that call. Well not call more like voice message...


"Hello! Yo! Loser and little sis! Guess what? Me and Mom are coming to the meeting today... so be ready to see us... love you! I mean you Tenten... Kiba... maybe... haha Talk or see ya later. Remeber! This is Hana! Your big sister! or did you forget... better not... bye bye!"


Who would have thought one voice message from your older sister would cause such a problem... for both younger sister and brother. Well it is. You see one of the reasons they came to Konoha was to get away from their mother and older sister... they were how do you say this? Crazy? Weird? Embaressing? Nuty? Please stop me when I get this right. Other reasons were basically being able to be in a pack and/or being out of the Inazuka family estate.

"Tenten! We need to hurry u-" He was cut off with her hitting him from the back of his head as he looked up to see his sister. Was this really her? her hair was put into two messy pig tails and she was wearing a red kimmoto shirt not pink and black jeans. She looked like his sister but at the same time like something else was a part of her that he hadn't seen about her (even though he's known her for as long as he was born and then some.)

"Happy?" She scowled. Ya there's the real Tenten... He thought smiling and called Akumaru.

"Ready to go and face them?" Kiba asked heading for the door and his sister right behind him.

"Ready as I'll ever be..." She mumbled closing the door behind her and straightened her hair... this was not what she was used to.



"Tenten! Retard!" Both of them turned already knowing who it was. Seriously who wouldn't turn around when someone called their name... or old nickname given by the oldest Inazuka daughter. Kiba sighed walking forward with his sister right behind him.

"Hana! Don't call me that!" Kiba hissed. Said girl chuckled and took him into a hug. It was warm... just like many in the past. Then she did what she always did... she hit him in the back of the head ever so slightly making Tenten laugh. How could he fall for that... again?

"How are my favorite siblings?" Hana asked bring her hand into her hair. Like any other Inazuka she had the family markings. The red triangles on her face and brown hair.

"Good..." "...Fine." This made Hana shake her head. Her siblings never changed. Not a the very least.

"Guys, you haven't changed at all," Hana stated grabbing the two by the arm. "Hana. Let go of me!" "Um... sis let go."

"No way you two. Mom is probably already mad as it is," She began pulling harder. "Let's go inside, before she kills all of us... and Kiba?"

"Um... ya?" He asked scratching his head as he tried to keep up with his sister. She cleared her throat and pointed to Akumaru. "Make sure, he doesn't do anything wrong go it?"

"Ya, whatever." He answered turning his head to Tenten. "Yo, Ten."

"Huh?" She asked moving her feet fowarded.

"Shikamaru is coming right?"

"Ya. What make's you think he isn't?"

"Oh... nothing... nothing at all." That's important right now...

/the Demons/

They were already in the building. Each one sitting down as commanded by Zabuza. Kin was only opening and closing her cell phone over and over. She was truly bored. Naruto and Haku were talking to one another. While Gaara? He was out of it today. He never was like this... till today he would be talking to Kin or Naruto and Haku. Though he was not. He was but looking at his shoes. Kin looked over to said boy and only raised her brow thinking What is up with him lately?

Haku noticed this as well and said "Let him be... he's just thinking about her."

"...Your kidding me right? Her? Of all people you still think of her! Move on man! She's dead already!" Kin screamed at him. Gaara didn't even look up. What was he suppose to do? He was only thinking about her... he could have saved her. But he didn't. He was too foolish. He couldn't save her therefor she had to pay by dying and he wasn't able to save the one he loved. He wanted to say something but nothing came out... he just listened to her yell. "How many years has it been? How many? ...Your still mourning over her death. I get that you loved her... but still what's the point now? Move on! Go out there! Maybe you'll fine the one again or something close. I mean you couldn't have done anything to stop her death... it was all that stupid va-"

"SHUT UP! ALREADY KIN! JUST SHUT... up..." No one yelled at Kin. She was the deadly four's only girl. No one yelled, slapped, hit, or did anything to hurt the only girl. Everything was silent with the four. Kin sat there stunned. Naruto's eyes popped out. Haku with his mouth hanging out open. Gaara frozen like ice only looking at Kin with sorry eyes.



"...Kin... I'm..."

"Don't Gaara..."

"Kin... really..."

"Just don't Gaara!" She yelled at him. She almost stood up and walked out of their row and off to the bathroom or outside and not come back completely. She was never treated like this... and from Gaara... he was the last person she would picture to do this to her. After all his was main one she knew the longest. Out of all of them Gaara was the only one that really talked to her when she first came into their little family. Then again Gaara and Naruto were with Zabuza from the start then Kin and finally Haku came and completed the circle.

"Sit down Kin..." Haku mumbled taking her arm and pulling her down in an instant. She turned to glare at him, but instantly stopped as she looked into his eyes. He was telling her something. Something she could only tell. Something that made her turn her head around to see her. Her being... Tusande, the most highly respected member of the council and society... after all she was one of the very few...

"Lady Tusande."




All three turned to Naruto. He didn't address her in the proper matter. No lady before her name. No sama or san after her name. No respect. Tusande on the other hand smiled and went up to Naruto... and hit him on the head.

"I am not that old you idiot!" She snarled and Naruto shook his head.

"Ya you are."

"I am younger than you, Naruto."

"Technically you are... but within appearance wise..." He coughed twist.

"I don't have time for this," She mumbled and turned to the other three. "Haku, Kin, Gaara, good to see you three... I must be off though. The meeting must start soon." The other three nodded and sat down, with Gaara and Kin pulling Naruto by the arm making him sit.



Everyone was seated and everyone was starting to get restless. Where were the council members? When was this meeting going to start? What was this all about? Why are they still waiting? Who's fault was it for a such out there meeting? Then they came. All eight of them. All of them that were respected. All of them that we're most powerful. All of them that could kill anyone of the members of the society at the snap of their fingers, for any reason. They were the Council of seibutsu yoru(creature(s) (of) night.)

The Hokage.
The Kazekage.
The Mizukage.
The Raikage.
The Tsuchikage.
The Three Legendary Sanin.

"Silence!" Yell the Raikage, soon everything went quite and everyone looked up to the council table. "This meeting... has official begun as of NOW!" And what he said became word... all eyes were on the council waiting for them to began.

She cleared her throat... and lifted a paper and she read aloud. "The council and myself, have decided on a meeting tonight because of the resent activities with the High School students at the near by High School." At her words everyone narrowed their eyes... at the students... of Konoha High.


"NO!" She screamed as she left her nightmare. Only a dream, Sakura... it was nothing... nothing at all... She told herself. He nightmare was like no other from the past... why had it come now? The night after her first day at school? She got such a dream... and then it happened again. She saw it. Their eyes... their red eyes. Their speed as the chased her, through the forest. Their teeth... their sharp... fangs? She shook her head and touched her forehead. She was actually sweating. Calm down. Get a glass of water and clam down... Okay. I guess your right Inner... Sakura sighed getting out of bed and walking towards the door.

She walked towards the kitchen in mostly dark. She looked at the glowing digital clock in the living room. It read 12:16 AM. Was it that late? In the middle of the night... she got another nightmare. This time it wasn't like before. It wasn't like what she had back home... it was the complete opposite. Maybe it's the books? She thought to herself. Ya that's it... no more late night reading about that stuff.As she reached towards the fridge she turned on the light of the kitchen.


She quickly turned around and saw Shizune. She sighed and waved. "What you doing up this late Shizune?"

"I could ask you the same thing," She raised her brow at her niece walking towards the pantry and getting out two glasses. Sakura shook her head and went into the fridge and got out some milk and cookies. Perfect mid night snack. Perfect to get her mind off things. As they sat down and drank milk they were scilent.

"Did Tusande get back from work yet?" Sakura asked breaking the scilences. Shizune shrugged.

"To be honest with you," She took a bit out of her cookie. "I am not sure. Though she should be rapping up soon." Sakura nodded taking a drink of milk and whipped her mouth with her sleeve. She slowly began to examine the kitchen and soon the living room... well the parts she could see. Then her gaze stopped. It was the glass case right behind Shizune that stopped her examination. The thing that stopped her from looking at anything else was a book pearched in the center. It seemed like it had golden pages and the outer cover was black with pink and red designs and letters or figures she could make out in the dark.

"What's that?" Sakura asked pointing to the book. Shizune turned with a small smile on her face. She was bouned to find it... or noticed it... She thought getting out of her chair and walked towards the glass case and opened it taking out the book and carefully setting it on the table. Sakura looked at its beauty and saw the small golden lock. Her hands slowly felt the cover and the book itself... and she slowly smiled. Then her mind slowly began to ask questions. What was this book about? "What's the story?"

"Hm?" Shizune watched Sakura carefully. "It's more like stories and diaries in one." She explained taking a bit out of a cookie and taking a sip of milk before speaking again. "All girls wrote in it though, they all are blood relatives too. You see, the book is very big still because of the many empty pages it has towards the end. It is said the next one to receive the book must read all the entries and write their own in the next empty page."

"Really? Who are these girls? Are they famous? How old is this thing? How come you have it?" Sakura began to ask. She shut her mouth before she can say anymore. Her hands slowly stopped on the lock. She bit her lip before asking her last question, "Where is the key?"

Shizune chuckled and slowly got up from her seat again. "Get the book and fallow me okay? I tell you everything promise." Sakura nodded and grabbed the book and fallowed her aunt down the hall... to find out more.

"Have a seat," Shizune said. They were in the study. Sakura nodded and sat down on the chair in front of the desk but not behind. She slowly set the book down in front of her, on the desk. She crossed her legs and put her hands in her lap waiting to be told.

"Now what we're you wondering?" Shizune asked.

"Who are the girls and are they famous? How old is the book? How did you get it?" Sakura sighed. "Where is the key to it?" Shizune nodded and sat in the seat behind the desk and went threw the desk drawers until finding it. A box. She slowly opened it and held out what she was looking for, the key. The golden key, that opened not only the book, but a locket...

"Here is the key," Shizune told her putting the key on top of the book. "The girls? They are famous you can say and who are they? Simple, they are past Haruno women. The book age is a secret for now, Sakura. How did I get it? Well, me and Tusande are Haruno women ourselves." She smiled and watched Sakura who went in aw.

"Then..." She reached for the book and key. "May I read it? I been dying to find a new book to read. Please?"

"You can read it and have it." Shizune got up from the chair and pushed it back. She began to walk around the desk and handed both items to Sakura. "After all the book is meant to be passed down, why not give it to you right?" Sakura nodded getting out of her seat and fallowing Shizune out of the office.

"Good night Sakura," Shizune mumbled walking back to her room. Sakura ran towards her door and closed it shut. She opened the lap next to her bed and slowly took the golden key and put it towards the lock. She stopped as the key hit the entrance. Maybe... maybe I should read this later... I need my sleep after all... She thought putting the book on the dresser and pulled the covers over herself. Little did she know what the book really held... what the key really could open...

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