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This story takes place after DH and I know that although the kids were supposed to be in different year (the boys vs. Lily) but I just couldn't bring myself to separate them! I'm too sentimental! There will be more changes to come along the way so read on to find out!

Chapter 1: A Savior's Heartbreak

Harry Potter, who was formerly known as the Boy-Who-Lived, looked up from his paperwork for the twentieth time within the hour at the clock. Ginny is still not home yet. He thought as he dipped his quill into the inkwell and sat back at his desk in his home in Godric's Hollow. This is the fifth time in a week. I wonder what is going on… With a sigh he went to check on his children who were in the living room and smiled. His two boys, James and Albus were playing a video game on the floor, their sibling rivalry almost sky rocketing. On the couch, sitting cross-legged and with a book in her hands was his only daughter, Lily. Harry loved each of his children since the day they were born but he had noticed that Ginny had begun to change. It seemed that she no longer had an interest in their children or in him. So to keep the kids happy, Harry has taken every moment of free time he had and spent it with them.

"Daddy?" Lily called to him softly as she climbed into his lap. "Daddy, is Mommy coming home?" Harry looked down at his youngest and sighed.

"I don't know my little phoenix." Her father said as he played with her hair. "Mommy must be held back at work."

"Again? That's five times in a row!"

"I know," Her father said with a sigh. "How about we just start making dinner?"

"Ok Daddy." She said with a small smile as she climbed off her father's lap and followed him into the sun-bathed kitchen. She climbed onto her little stepping stool and waited for her father as he gathered all he would need for dinner. She watched her father begin chopping up tomatoes, sage, and basil for a sauce. She also noticed that as he was working that he looked very sad. She was mad at what her Mommy was doing to her Daddy. Mommy is being selfish! Lily thought as she continued to watch her father. He was very handsome, his black hair had grown out, reaching to mid-back and was not only tame, but had some red high-lights in it. His body was lean and well muscled, thanks to his daily routine of Quidditch matches with James and Al. His face was kind, yet careworn and all he met felt welcome around him. It broke the hearts of Lily, James, Albus and their god-brother, Teddy. When the phone rang, Harry went to reach for it but was beaten to the punch by an excited Albus!

"Al," Harry said with a pout as he saw his middle born son grab it and smirk. "Give me the phone…"

"No way Dad," The dark haired rascal said with a grin. "I win again! First in Quidditch and now the phone! You're losing your touch!"

"It's sheer dumb luck!" He heard his father call out from the kitchen. Albus' blue eyes widened at that and turned to glare at his older brother. James had a huge grin on his face and in rebuttal, Albus flipped him the bird! James and Lily were shocked.

"Daddy!" Lily called out, "Al flipped James the birdie!"

"Albus Severus Potter!" His father said sternly from the kitchen as Albus winced. "What did I tell you about that?"

"Sorry Dad!" Albus called back as he turned to take the phone. As he brought it up to his ear he heard laughing from the other end. It could only be one person…

"Shut up Teddy!" Albus said with a blush. The voice hiccupped and calmed.

"Hi Albe!" The other boy crooned, deepening Albus' blush. "What's shaking?"

"Wish I can say all is cool but it's not." Albus said with a frown. "Mom's not home yet."

"Again?" Teddy asked. "That's the fifth time in a row I take it."

"Yea I know," Albus sighed. "So Wolf, how is the stay at Uncle Ron's?"

"It's cool so far." Teddy said. "Uncle Charlie came by and showed me pics of all the dragons he had worked with. He is so cool! Oh and Rose said to tell you you're a stinkweed and that you sucked in Brawl!"

"Tell her she a traitor!" Albus said with a mock growl. Teddy cracked up again and then calmed.

"Look here; did you get your letters yet?" Teddy asked. "There's news in them!"

"What sort of news?" Albus asked. Teddy's voice made a noise in his throat and Albus felt his god-brother's grin.

"What made you think I'd tell you?" Teddy said. "Anyway, Uncle Ron needs to talk to Godfather. Is he too busy?"

"I don't think so." Albus said. "DAD! Teddy said Uncle Ron has got to talk to you." Harry swished his wand and muttered a charm to do the work for him. Lily squealed in delight and watched the show as Harry took up the phone and mouthed 'watch your sister'.

"Hello Ron, what's up?" Harry asked as he smiled at his brother-in-law.

"Harry," Ron's somber voice said over the phone. "I have to tell you something and…Listen Harry, can Teddy go out and hang with James, Al and Lily? It's not really a good idea to hear this." Harry blinked at this. It must be really bad...

"Sure Ron send him through the floo." Harry said and smiled when he heard Teddy's protests of going by Floo. Teddy was very much like Harry and hated the Floo Network! In less than five minutes, the flames in the fireplace went green and after hearing Teddy's 'I'm here!' sat down at the side table. Something felt wrong with this.

"Ron?" He said as he made sure all was safe and clear to speak. "What is it?"

"Harry….'Moine and I…caught Ginny."

"Ginny's at work Ron…"

"Harry, she hasn't been to work in a while now. Her boss let her go."

"But then….what does she do all this time?"

"'Moine and I were in Diagon Alley earlier and we saw Ginny getting intimate with…."

"With who Ron?!"

"Cho Chang!" Ron said. Harry sat in his seat, shocked and enraged. He couldn't believe that his wife would do that to him. With a guy or a girl it was still cheating!!

"The Ravenclaw I dated…."

"Yep that's the one." Ron said. Harry saw red. He wanted the slut out! He sat straight and tried to hide his tears. Ron knew that his brother-in-law wanted to cry.

"Harry, look why don't you bring the kids over for dinner on Saturday..." Ron said. "We would love to have you."

"Sounds good...I'll talk to you later. And don't worry about Teddy. He'll be fine here. You take care of yourself Ron and say hi to 'Moine and the kids." Harry said sadly as he hung up the phone as he looked at the clock. It was a quarter past seven. A timer charm told Harry that dinner was ready to eat. With a sigh he controlled himself and went to the kitchen and smiled. He remembered that Teddy was here and knew that his godson stayed with James, playing the game in Albus' place.

"Chow time!" He called out. His green eyes widened in mock-shock as the kids ran in, each holding a letter and smiling.

"Daddy!" Lily cried out excitedly. "We're going to school!"

"You got one too Dad." Albus said as he passed a scarlet colored envelope to his father. Harry looked at it and was about to open it when Ginny came in. Harry looked at her and curbed his anger. Ginny looked at her husband and blanched. She knew that she was in trouble and Harry had somehow found out.

"Ginny," He said shortly. "After dinner, we talk." With that he turned on his heels with the kids in tow and Ginny gulped. He knows.

Dinner was silent and the tension was so thick that it could have been cut with a knife. Albus, Lily, James and Teddy looked to the two adults and knew that they had to come up with something. Luckily it was Albus who broke the ice. He grinned and looked at his unsuspecting brother and with a flick of his wrist, slung mashed potatoes at James, hitting the other boy dead in the face! Teddy and Lily looked at the boy and laughed. Harry tore his gaze from his treacherous spouse and looked at his older son who had been mashed. Before he could ask, James wiped his eyes and glared at the culprit, who was in fact, grinning like a loon.

"Al!" James growled. "Look what you did!"

"Teddy told me to do it." Albus said with a smirk. Teddy looked at the other boy in shock and allowed his hair to change from sandy brown to purple.

"Hey I did not!" Teddy pouted. Harry had to laugh at the antics. He enjoyed it when they did mischievous things. They made him feel young again where he and his friends pulled pranks and had their adventures. To him, it had seemed like fifty years had passed. He sat back in his seat and looked at the kids.

"So did you open your letters?" He asked them kindly as he continued his meal. The four of them looked up and nodded.

"We're going to Hogwarts!" Lily said. "All of us."

"Dad did you open yours?" James asked. Harry blinked, mentally cursing himself for forgetting his letter, which he had left on the side table when he saw Ginny. He looked at his son and shook his head.

"No but later on I will, let's just finish our dinner." The family ate and soon enough when the kids had finished, they had excused themselves and left the two adults alone to talk. Ginny looked at her husband and spoke.

"Harry, I meant to tell you…" She began as Harry began to clear the table. "I just didn't think…"

"That's the problem Ginny." Harry said dangerously. "You didn't think. And with Cho too, if you felt that way why did you marry me Ginny?"

"Harry, all my life I have had an unshakeable crush on you." Ginny said. "And face it, anyone would have killed to be me when we dated and married."

"So you married me to have fame?"


"No Ginny." He said as he placed the dishes in the sink and began washing them, needing his hands busy and a way to calm down. "I don't want to hear it. You broke my heart. I want you out. The children will be just fine here. Please leave. I will send for you when the divorce papers come. You have a half an hour to pack." Ginny looked at him, angered but removed her wedding ring and engagement ring, setting them on the counter and leaving without a word. She packed quickly and without saying goodbye to their children, god-son or Harry himself, Ginny was out the door and out of their lives forever. The kids looked up to the dark haired wizard and noticed that for the first time, the former Boy-Who-Lived had discovered yet another 'curse': Heartbreak