Epilogue: Peace at Last (Draco's POV)

It's been two months since Harry and I tied the knot that Christmas Day. I had never dreamed that it would turn out so well, excluding my son's near death experience. We were still livid on that aspect and although I thirsted for her blood, my desire to see her dead was less than Harry's.

Even before we got married, Harry had seen Scorpius as one of his own and when he was hurt, Harry wanted her head on a silver platter. I was more than happy to oblige my love's wish. I had Moody and a group of Aurors hunt down the crazed bitch as I am writing here. Somehow, Merlin knew that I was impatient today.

"Headmaster Malfoy," An Auror named Ryans said as he came into my office, looking as if he had dragged the road with him. "We found her." I looked at him and smiled evilly. Finally, our troubles would be over. I followed Ryans out of my office and into the dungeons in where my aunt was on her knees, although she was bound, snarled like an animal. I had to step back for a moment as I looked at her. She was barely recognizable.

Her hair was more matted and crazed than before. Her features were more haggard and her sounds were those of an animal. Even her eyes were crazed. I knew that there was nothing to be done. Death would be the only release for her. I was about to walk to her when some held onto my arm. I turned to face my uncle.

"Uncle Lucas, what are you doing?" I asked. My uncle looked at me and smiled.

"I will take this Draconis." He said to me as he glared at Bellatrix. "You already took one out and can't another right now. Besides, we have history she and I..." I looked at him and was confused but I knew that he would tell me later. With a nod, I stepped aside. My uncle walked to her and for the first time, I saw fear in her eyes. It was as if, she knew that this day would come. My uncle cupped her face between his hands and looked at her.

"Bella," He said dangerously. "Do you think I have forgotten of what you have done to my mother?" Bella looked up and him and tried to speak. However, my uncle shut her up with a look.

"You thought I wouldn't find out?" He asked. "I have seen the letters that you and my father had sent to each other. I read his promises to you. It sickens me to no end." I looked at him and was more confused. What did my grandfather have to do with this?

"You are nothing but a common whore Bella." My uncle hissed. "You were my father's then the Dark Lord's….then who else, the entire Death Eater circle? Your father is probably rolling in his grave. Your actions end here." I saw that my uncle's hands turned into claws but he didn't lean into her as if to kiss her. I heard a sickening crack and saw my aunt's lifeless body slump forward. As soon as it hit the floor my uncle ignited it and a black circle was all that was left. I breathed a sigh in relief and closed my eyes. She was gone. I left him and went to my mate and my brood.

Harry was on our bed, playing with the children and I had to smile. They were in an all out tickle war and I snuck in and held my love from behind.

"Hello," I purred. The children looked at me and giggled, hugging me briefly before they left one by one. I smiled and watched as my lover rested on the pillows. His cheeks were rosy from play and I noticed that his hands were rubbing his stomach. I looked at him and smiled.

"Drake," I heard my mate call out to me as I placed my own hands over his. "I went to see Poppy today because I felt dizzy. I didn't think it was possible, but it is. I'm pregnant Drake." I looked at him and my heart pounded in my ears. I was to be a father again! I was excited and felt as giddy as a school boy. I couldn't ask for a better gift. I had the family I always wanted with another on the way, love and adoration in endless supply, and the one I love beyond all else at my side.

Author's Note: Now, I will leave this up in the air. Sequel or no sequel….that is up to you readers to your reviews, if any.as for the note on chapter 18 had received two really big flames and was insulted just because I wasn't familiar with the UK calendar. If I would have known that there was no Thanksgiving, I wouldn't have written it. Now it's been changed and hopefully can quell down any future flames. Thanks for reading.