Words in italics are flashbacks. This is just an idea, let me know how to improve or if i should even continue with this idea. I'm not that happy with how it turned out, but i don't really know how i could improve. constructive criticism would be amazing. Thanks!

Jacob set the baby in my arms, our baby. His eyes were brimmed with tears of joy. The long months of pregnancy had been hard on her, but now she could see that it was all worth it. The baby looked up with shining bright green eyes, and Bella felt her heart melt. She was sure that they were ready to be parents for a long time, and now it was finally happening.

"Let's name him Connor Matthew."

"That sounds perfect. How are you feeling, are you tired? You should probably get some rest…" Her husbands voice was full of concern for her.

Bella shook her head. That had been almost a year ago. Jacobs voice hardly ever held anything kind in it anymore, much less concern. Things had gone horribly wrong since Connor was born. She was so sure they were ready, but clearly she'd been wrong. She gazed down at the little boy sleeping in his crib, rubbing his back as he stirred slightly in his sleep.

"Well, I'd better get dinner ready before your father gets home. We don't need any reasons to make him mad at us, now, do we?"

She stood up and gently closed the door to the nursery, walking briskly over to the kitchen, and opening the fridge. She took out the ingredients to make chicken primavera, and was almost ready when Jacob walked through the door. She immediately shifted her weight uneasily. Last night was not forgotten yet. It was the first time he had truly hit her, and it scared her to death to see him so outraged. He had always been so gentle towards her, and she had no idea where the violence came from.

"How was Connor today?" Jacob asked, she wondered if he thought he was forgiven. He wasn't, but let him think what he wants.

"He was a bit cranky, I think he's getting another tooth. He's still sleeping now." Connor had gotten his first teeth when he was eight months old, his top two, and it was a difficult process on all of them. He didn't want to eat, sleep, or do anything, really. The medicine had really come in handy, and she made a mental note to look for it once dinner was cleaned up.

"I hope you remember where that Orajel stuff is. It sure seemed to help."

"It's in the medicine cabinet. But we really need to talk." Why was she so nervous to talk to her husband? Was this always going to be between them now?

"About what?" he looked confused.

"Last night."

"Bella, all I did was toss you around a bit. it's hardly anything to get upset over. You're my wife. I didn't do anything wrong."

"What do you mean, you didn't do anything wrong? You hit me, in front of our child. I don't care if you're my husband or not, it wasn't right." it was hard to defend herself, but even so, she heard how weak her voice sounded. Jake had always been very sure of himself, and never backed down. She knew right away that she was going to lose, but she had to at least let him know how she felt.

"If you listened to me, it wouldn't have happened. You know you're supposed to have dinner ready when I get home, and have the house cleaned. I support you, the least you can do is take care of my house. I thought that was understood." He was getting angry now, and she took the food off the stove and put it on plates, setting them on the table among the salad she had prepared earlier. He was next to her, out of nowhere.

"Jacob. Stop."

He had his hand wrapped around her wrist, and before she knew it, threw her against the wall of the nursery. She fell, and heard crying from the other side of the wall.

"Good job. I thought you said he was sleeping." Jacob strode into the nursery, coming out with Connor on his hip. He had never really taken much liking to Jacob, probably because he was never home. When he saw Bella sitting on the floor he reached over to her, and she stood up, taking him in her arms.

"Hey, big guy. How was your nap?" She kissed the top of his head, and set him in his playpen, while they ate.

They didn't talk much throughout dinner, but Bella was glad of it. She knew she had to do something before this got out of hand, and he seriously hurt her, or their baby. She glanced around the room, looking at their small apartment, and wondered where she could possibly go. Her family was across the country, and she hadn't talked to them in years. Jacob hated her family, and the feeling was mutual, so it was easier to just avoid them. She couldn't help feeling hopeless, she was a mother of a young child, with no job. Where could she possibly go? She decided to call her friend in the morning. She needed a second opinion before she did anything rash.