Bella POV-

By the time that we got back to our apartment with Connor, he was extremely cranky and ready to take his nap. Edward put him down for me, and I lay down on the couch, trying to relax. Alice had filled me in on Tanya in the kitchen, and we had shared a good laugh over it. It was obvious she was pretty proud of herself. I would have been too. I jumped slightly when Edwards lips brushed my forehead, jerking me out of my thoughts. I'd been thinking too hard to hear him approach.

"Ugh." I said, flinging my arm over my eyes. It felt like I'd gotten a total of maybe five minutes of sleep. Edward simply chuckled to himself before lifting me up and moving me over, settling himself beside me. He began to twirl his fingers in my hair, and I rolled over onto my side, burying my face in my chest.



"We need to talk about something, so wake up." His voice was serious, so I forced myself to open my eyes, and propped myself up with my elbow.

"What would that be?"

"Well, a number of things, really. Let's start with that kiss…"


I thought this was a little weird. We weren't exactly in high school anymore, and it's not like I rejected him. I mean, I even told him I love him…

"Um, well, we both obviously… enjoyed it. But I'm just kind of wondering what that makes us now. Doesn't it feel like you should be asking me that question? I mean, that is such a girl question."

I cut his rambling off with a kiss, but pulled away quickly. "What do you mean, a girl question? I don't think this can work if you're sexist." I kept my tone teasing and light.

"I just felt weird saying it, but never mind. Bella, I love you. And this may be slightly old fashioned, but will you be my girlfriend?"

I felt a smile creep over my face, which seemed to be contagious as it spread to his. "Of course, Edward. I love you too, you know. "

His smile grew to a grin, and I was soon engulfed in a hug.

"Can I ask my other question now?" He whispered in my ear, causing me to shiver.


"Will you and Connor move in with me, permanently?" Although he probably didn't notice, it meant the world to me that he included Connor in the invitation. Obviously he would come with, but he had addressed both of us, not just me.

"I basically have been, but yes. I don't want you to feel obligated to take care of Connor, though. He's been pretty good around you." I laid down on the couch, and snaked my hands around his neck, pulling him down with me. We were now laying on our sides, facing each other.

"But what if I want to? Bella, part of the reason that I want you to move in is so that you can have some time to yourself. It has to be hard to be a single parent, especially since he's so little still. I want to be able to take care of him and watch him grow with you."

I couldn't help it, but the tears welled up over my eyes and spilled across my cheeks. He was just so… perfect. Connor was really my only achievement that I was proud of, and look at all Edward had accomplished. He was a lawyer and co-owned an apartment complex, for Pete's sake.

"Bella. Please don't cry." I shook my head and half laughed- half cried. "What's wrong?" He wrapped his arms around me, and put my head on his shoulder.

"Nothing. I'm just happy. You do know you're incredibly sweet, right?"

He rolled in response and seemed relieved when there was a knocking at the door. He sat me upright, and kissed my forehead. When he opened the door he blinked a few times, just looking.

"Um… Mom, dad. It's… good to see you. Come in?" He opened the door wider, running his fingers through his hair and sighing.

"Edward? What's wrong with you? You're not usually so flustered. Are you getting sick?" Said who I assumed to be his mother. She froze when she saw me. Oh, shit. She looked to be raking her brain for something, and her face lit up in a smile soon after.

"You must be Bella. No wonder Edward was acting strange. It's nice to meet you." She stuck out her hand and I shook it. Edward and his father were talking in hushed whispers a few feet away.

"And you must be Edwards mother. Esme, right?"

She nodded and turned towards who I think is Carlisle. Edward had only mentioned them briefly. Esme cleared her throat loudly, and when the boys didn't respond, said something about being rude. Both of them looked over with the same look of shock, Edward resembling his father probably much more than he cared to admit. It appeared as if they had completely forgotten about us, lost in the depths of their conversation. Esme turned to me, shaking her head.

"Men. I thought I'd raised him better. So, have you and your son been staying here with Edward since your recovery?" Shit! Edward! I wish that I knew what Edward had told his parents, so I could at least say something similar. I decided that the truth was the best way.

"Yes. We actually came back early, we weren't supposed to be back from our camping trip today, but a mutual friend eloped, and when we heard the news we had to say congratulations. "

"Oh, really. Who?"

"Alice and-"

"Jasper." Carlisle was suddenly behind me, looking at his wife.

So that was what they'd been talking about. How could I have forgotten? Edward, Emmett, and Jasper were brothers, making Esme and Carlisle Jaspers parents too. And I'd almost gone and told his mother about it, rather than Edward or Jasper. And then it occurred to me that Jasper hadn't called his parents yet. Ouch. At least we had only found out this morning, and it hadn't been months or anything. But still.

"I can't believe they haven't called you," Edward and I spoke at the same time, and then turned to each other and smiled, only to become hit with the seriousness of the conversation again.

"He still lives here, though, right? I think we should go visit him, Carlisle." Esme was starting to tear up, and I wished that I were in the position to hug her. Luckily Carlisle noticed and did just that.

"Let's go. Edward, Bella." He nodded his head and he and his wife left our apartment. Edward walked over and shut the door behind him, and then leaned against the door. Suddenly he jumped up and ran towards his cell phone.

When I gave him a questioning look he said, "They did just get married, and have no clue that are parents are about to give them a surprise visit." I simply sighed and sat back down on the couch while Edward quickly filled Jasper in.

When he hung up he came back to sit down and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"This is crazy." I whispered.

"I know. Your mom knows that we live together now. I hope you had told them."

He thought this was humorous and chuckled. "Of course I told them, Bella. My parents and I have a very good relationship. Needless to say, if we eloped tonight, they would be able to tell something was up and would be there when we said our vows to Elvis."

I couldn't help but be reassured by this. Not that we would be accompanied by his parents should we elope, but that he had such an open relationship with them. Who doesn't want a boyfriend who is best friends with his parents? I realize that it is more common after you move out and grow out of the teenage hormones, but it had never happened with my parents and I, so it was all new to me.

"Don't even think about it. I am not getting married in front of Elvis. Isn't the point of eloping that you're away from friends and family?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I suppose. I'm sure everyone views it slightly differently. How do you think the conversation is going in Jaspers room?" He asked. I could tell it was killing him to have to wonder what was going on. I was sure that he felt he had every right to be there, and yet didn't want to encroach on a conversation that would obviously be personal. I tried to soothe him by rubbing circles on his back. I knew that it had worked when he sighed and leaned into me.

Of course, because it always seems to happen this way, as soon as both of us had relaxed the phone rang. Edward got up with a groan and went to answer it.


He stood there listening for quite a while, nodded, which I didn't see the point of, and said a few words. Then he hung up.

"What was that about?"

"I need to go down to the office and organize a case. If my parents come back and you get bored of them send them down." He kissed my forehead and then disappeared down the hallway. I swear, we should just have a door leading directly to the office from the living room.

I wandered around the apartment, thinking about what I could do. Then it came back to me. Whenever I got mad or really bored when I was younger I would clean. I started by doing simple things like dishes and making the bed, which led to vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting. Before I knew it I was in the bathtub scrubbing away with yellow gloves.

I sighed and threw away my gloves, satisfied that our apartment was now dust free and sterilized. I walked around for a bit more, rearranging things and lining things up. I color coded Edwards closet, and thought about bringing over some of my things, but decided it would be weird if his parents came back. I settled to alphabetize his CDs, movies, and books. By the time I was done with this Connor was awake, and I was seriously worried about what was going on.

I fed Connor an early dinner, and paced around a bit more while he played with some of the toys I had brought over. Finally Edward came back, shutting the door behind him a little harder than usual.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, it just turned into much more than I thought it would. I had a spur of the moment meeting that I couldn't bail out of. I'm sorry for not calling." He took his hands and put them on either side of my face, and leaned forward so that our foreheads were touching.

"By the way, I saw my parents heading out on my way back. They're staying at a nearby hotel." He whispered. Then he inhaled deeply. "You cleaned, it smells a lot better."

"I always clean when I'm nervous." I admitted, biting on the side of my nail.

"I'm sorry. How's Connor?"

"Good. I really need to move the rest of our things over if we are moving in. He doesn't have all of his toys, and you know how his attention span is." Edward nodded understandingly.

"We'll move things tomorrow. It's getting late now." He went over to Connor and sat down. Connor crawled in to his lap and Edward started reading 'All The Places To Love' to him. I sighed, remembering that book from when I was little. It truly was a beautiful book.

"Ook!" Connor screeched when Edward was finished. He quickly scrambled towards his bag full of toys and pulled out another. When I figured out what he meant I started laughing. I was going to have a bookworm on my hands. Part of me was proud. I had always been a bookworm when I was younger, and still loved to read.

Edward looked at me and flashed a brilliant smile that could melt a million girls hearts. I totally understood how Connor could be at ease with him right away.

This continued into the night until we'd run out of books. Then Edward had gone on and gotten the newspaper off the table I'd layed out, and began reading that. Even though there weren't as many pictures, it was still cute to watch as Connor exclaimed over every picture.

"Okay boys, time for bed." They'd been reading for almost three hours, now, and I knew that Edward would need a break.

"Da!" Connor yelled as soon as I had picked him up. He flung himself towards Edward, and just about hit the ground when Edward grabbed him. I let out a huge sigh, and covered my eyes with my hand.

"You'll be the death of me, kid." I muttered.

"I'll put him to bed. Just try to relax, Bella. Connor, tell mommy night night."

Connor waved and blew kisses towards me and I leaned over and kissed his forehead.

"Night, pumpkin."

Edward went to tuck him in, and I heard him wind up the music box my mother had given him when he was born before he came back out to the living room.

"Big day?" I asked. He slid down towards me and pinned me up against the back of his sofa, kissing me. He bit the bottom of my lip, and I gave him access to my mouth. We remained like this for a while, and his hands began to slide up underneath my shirt. All I wanted to do was let him continue with whatever intentions he had, but I knew that we would regret it if we didn't stop soon.

"Humph. Edward." Everything was just a muffled noise. He managed to get what I was saying, though, and broke our kiss. We both struggled to breathe for a while before anyone spoke.

"Yes?" His hands were still tangled in my hair, and he began to play with it now.

"That was moving a little too fast, don't you think?" I tried to keep my voice light, but I knew that we weren't exactly 16 anymore, and that he may view it differently.

"Yes, I suppose so. I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable." He stared at me with his emerald green eyes and I felt all thought process suddenly slip away as if he ceased to exist.

"Bella?" He sounded concerned, and I immediately snapped out of my trance.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. No, I wasn't uncomfortable. I just didn't want you to regret it."

"Don't worry, love. I'll never regret anything that happens between us."

"Can I ask which case you had that meeting for today?" I was genuinely curious. Part of me missed working and knowing everything that was happening with the cases. Now that I was better I should be able to go back, as soon as Edward stopped taking me on camping trips.

"Yours." He looked at me to gauge my reaction.

"I wasn't aware I had one." I got up suddenly, feeling nervous and fidgety. Coffee. Coffee required preparation, stirring, adding things, stirring, drinking… Yes. Coffee. I made my way over to the pot and put a new filter in.

"I just started today. Jacobs lawyer had called me and asked for a date." His voice was cool and matter of fact. I wondered if he was trying to calm me down, or if he was simply telling me. Either way, I was still oddly nervous.

"When is it?" I stared at the ground now, waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.

"In a couple of days. I figured that we would just get this over with. It's not like he has a chance of walking out." I gulped. I knew what he did was wrong, but it still felt wrong to be putting my ex husband in prison. What hurt the most is that I doubt my parents would even acknowledge that he had beaten me. What they would be worried about was that their 'son' was in prison thanks to their daughter who probably just overreacted when she tripped, claiming that he'd pushed her. They'd never see him for what he was, and how he could have hurt their grandson, and it killed me. What made things worse is that I'd moved on right away. I wondered if they met him if they'd understand. How they'd see how he's just so perfect for me, perfect for Connor. I wondered how much they knew, if they'd even been told I'd been hospitalized. If they cared.

I didn't notice that my eyes had welled up with tears until they had pushed their way out of my eyes, finding my cheeks.

"Oh… Bella." Edward immediately wrapped his hands around me, one on my back, and one in my hair, holding my head to his shoulder. I sobbed openly for a few minutes, until the timer on the coffee maker beeped. Then I sighed and unwrapped myself from Edward, who was looking at me with a concerned look.

"I'm okay, I promise." My voice came out scratchy though, contradicting my words.

"Would you like to tell me what that's about?" He asked, putting a strand of my hair behind my ears.

"My parents, and Jake. They were always on his side about everything." I sighed. "I doubt they'll even believe me if I told them what happened."

"This probably isn't the best time to tell you, but your parents will be at the hearing."

"Representing who?"


"Of course. Were they at the meeting today?" I had to know, if they were at the meeting, then they had come all the way to Alaska just to help Jake, while I had come all this way just to escape him.

He nodded.

"What did they say?"

"Well, apparently they had found out about us, and are convinced that you and I were having an affair, and provoked Jake so that you would have grounds to get a divorce and be with me."

I nodded, the tears coming again. I knew that they wouldn't understand.

"Don't cry. I tried to set them straight… I almost got kicked out of the meeting for all the noise I was making."

I looked up at him in disbelief. He always made sure that he remained cool and collected in his meetings. He was a professional, and he had to show it. To know that he had freaked out on my parents and went against his own strict rules to stand up for me meant a lot.

"Wow… So they are basically saying that Jake had the grounds to get angry?" I needed clarification, and he nodded.

"So three days. Do they have a chance?" I asked.

"They might, if they can prove that we knew each other before you moved. But we didn't, so they can't. All they could have for evidence is phone calls, emails, etc. But we had no idea the other even existed. It's impossible." He sounded sure of himself, and I tried to see if he was telling the truth. Either he was an excellent liar, or he was.

"So Wednesday. Okay." I turned back to my coffee.

Three days. In three days I had to confront Jacob, my parents, the judge, everybody. I had to stand up there and tell everyone how Jake had stalked me and found me in that restaurant, and beat me and put me in the hospital. And hope, just hope, that they believed me. I couldn't decide who was more important, who it meant more if they believed me. My parents? The Judge? Jake already knew that he had beaten me, openly admitted it, but he didn't think it was wrong. Maybe that was the most important part, maybe not.

And maybe, just maybe, they would believe Jakes lies. That I had been cheating on him with Edward. The Edward who had kept me sane over these last few months, who had kept me strong and stable and helped me take care of my son. What I've known about love in my life, however pitiful it may have been, ended in beatings or with the cold shoulder, I knew that what Edward and I had was love. I'd never felt it before. I thought that I had. I wouldn't have gotten married if I thought I didn't love him. I do love Edward Cullen. I know some cynics say that a happy ending is just a story that hasn't finished yet. I hope mine never ends.

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