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The Second War

The Beginning of Another Adventure

Aang woke with a start. Something had hit him. He looked around, and saw a small rock on the bed next to him. He looked up, and saw Toph standing in the doorway to his bedroom, her hand full of small rocks.

"Wake up, twinkle-toes!" she said with a smile. "Today's the big day!"

Aang sat up fast. "Oh no, I completely forgot! Are the others up yet?"

Toph smiled even wider, tossing the rocks carelessly in the air and then catching them. "I'm working on it."

When Toph had gone, Aang got out of bed, dressed, and looked out the window. All of Ba-Sing-Se lay before him. After Zuko had become the Fire Lord, the Earth King gave Zuko a gigantic palace in the heart of Ba-Sing-Se. Zuko invited Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Suki to live there with him. He even made a stable for Appa and Momo to live in. Now that the war was over, they all accepted his invitation, creating a bond of friendship greater than ever.

Aang left his bedroom with exciting thoughts swimming through his mind. Today was the day Fire Lord Zuko, Avatar Aang, and their companions were going on an expedition to the Southern Water Tribe. Now that the world was in a state of peace, the Fire lord and the Avatar knew it was time to help rebuild the Water Nation.

Aang ventured through the maze that was the network of hallways and passages that made up Zuko's palace. By now he knew his way around the palace well. After a few minutes of walking and descending stairs, Aang came to the kitchen, where breakfast with set up on the table. He took his normal seat on one side of the rectangular table and began to eat. As he took his first bites, Katara, Zuko, and Suki came down the stairs.

"Where's…," but Aang was cut off by Toph dragging a sleepy Sokka into the kitchen.

They all sat down to eat.

An hour later they all left the house and made their way to the Earth King's palace. The airship they were to take to the Southern Water Tribe was parked in front of the palace. There was a large crowd gathered around it. As they approached, the crowd parted to make a path to the airship. Everyone bowed to them. Among the crowd was the Kioshi Warriors. They all waved goodbye to them, sad that their leader was going to. Also, halfway through the crowd, they found Mai. She stepped into their path and hugged Zuko.

They climbed the stairs to the airship's platform. Zuko stepped forward and said to the crowd, "Today starts a new generation, where now that the world is at peace, the Fire Nation will help the other nations, instead of attacking them. Today we set off for the Southern Water Tribe. I am sad to admit it, but it is the Fire Nation's fault the Water Tribe has been reduced to very few. Therefore, we leave today to help those who were once our enemies, just like the Avatar." Zuko ended his speech with a gesture towards Aang. The crowd roared with approval as Aang stepped forward next to Zuko. They looked at each other, and led the way into the airship, the crowd behind them still applauding.

Once everyone was in the airship, the guard outside the door closed it, silence sweeping over them. As soon as the airship took off, they all relaxed.

Zuko stretched and said, "Well, I'm gonna go pick my room." He saw everyone's puzzled faces, and added, "It's a long way to the Southern Water Tribe. We'll be sleeping aboard the ship."

At this, they all got up and chose their rooms. The airship was like a palace itself. It had twelve floors and many, many rooms, all for different purposes. Every now and then crew members could be seen in the various rooms, talking in hurried voices.

On the third day in the airship, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, and Zuko sat in the hallway on the tenth floor.

"I'm so boooooooored," said Sokka.

"Hey, I got an idea!" exclaimed Aang, with a smile on his face. "When I lived with the air nomads, there was this game we would always play. It was called the… Nose Pinching Game!"

There was a silent pause, and then Sokka and Toph were rolling around o the floor, laughing hysterically. After a half a minute of their laughing, Sokka sat back up and said, "The Nose Pinching Game?"

"Yeah!" said Aang, and he laughed at himself. "I know it sound silly, but it's actually hard. You see, what you do is you pick two people out of the group that is playing, and they try to pinch the other person's nose. It sounds easy, but it's not."

Now they were all on the floor laughing. But Aang, still determined to play, asked, "So, who wants to go first?"

And with that, they were put into pairs and played the game. In the end, Aang beat Sokka, Zuko beat Toph, and Suki beat Katara.

"Wow Aang, that actually was pretty fun!" exclaimed Suki, who had used her Kioshi Warrior techniques to outsmart Katara.

"And hard!" said Sokka, who had been creamed by Aang.

Just then, the airship shook violently for a few seconds, and then stopped.

"What was that?" asked Zuko in a hurried voice.

Just then the captain walked in. "We've landed."

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