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The Second War

Heading North

About one day later, the three canoes met and landed in the Earth Kingdom. They all got out of their boats, and the warriors navigating the canoes immediately left them.

They all turned around to see (besides Toph, who saw through her feet) that they had landed on a little sandy outcropping jutting out of a forest.

"So, where do we go now?"

"North, I guess," said Aang.

"Sounds good to me!" said Sokka, and he started trooping into the woods, but then turned around and noticed that nobody was following him.

Katara looked up at the sky. "It's getting dark. Let's just rest here and start tomorrow.

So they all set up tents and started a fire. They had a small meal of bread, for they had brought little meat and wanted to save it.

The next day they headed into the forest. At noontime they stopped for a quick meal and were off again. At around two o'clock they came across a little village in the heart of the forest.

They entered the village by the road, so as not look suspicious.

Aang said, "Katara, Toph, get some supplies we'll need." Aang handed them a small bag of coins out of one of their packs. "Zuko, Sokka, get us some more food. The food we have won't last forever." He handed them a small bag of coins, too. Suki, you're coming with me. We'll all meet here in fifteen minutes."

They all parted.

"What do you need me for?" asked Suki curiously.

"You see that building over there?" Aang replied, pointing to a giant building in the middle of the village.


"Well, I'm getting this feeling from there." He pointed at the building again. "It's not like the building is calling for me, but it's like I shouldn't go near the building. Which is why I have to go in and investigate."

The passed many people on the main road to the building. When they got there, they crept around to the back of the building. They made sure nobody was looking, and Suki jumped, grabbed the rail surrounding the deck on the second floor of the building, and flipped up onto the deck. Aang used his airbending to jump all the way up.

The darted silently across the large deck and into a door. The door opened up to stairs leading down. They took the stairs down one flight and heard voices coming from a room next to them. They pressed their ears hard to the door, listening.

"Have your men gotten any leads?"

"No, none of them have heard anything of this orb yet."

"Well, if you hear anything, even the smallest iota of information on the orb, report to me immediately. If we are to rule this world, we need that orb."

"Yes sir."

Suki and Aang looked at each other, eyes widening. There were others looking for this orb, and by the sound of it, they already had a leader and a small army.

They silently went up the stairs, out the door, and jumped back down to the ground.

When they got back to their meeting place, Zuko was carrying a bag of food and Katara was carrying canteens of water to strap on her waist so she could bend if they were in danger. Toph was carrying some dark green hooded cloaks for them to wear when they went into a village. They were risking discovery right now, with Aang's arrow showing and Zuko's scar.

Aang and Suki quickly explained what was happening while they all put their cloaks on and threw the hoods over their heads so you couldn't see their faces. After they explained what happened, they quickly left the village and became hiking through the forest again.

That night they made camp on top of a mountain range overlooking a desert.

"Hey guys," said Sokka. "Isn't this the desert with that library that has that bird thing that attacked us?"

"Yeah," said Aang. "And I've been thinking: we could go around the desert, but what I we went through to see if we can get in the library. I'm sure there would be books about the orb."

"I don't know Aang, it's pretty risky trying to travel the desert with what little water and food we have," said Katara.

"Yeah, I traveled through the desert in a flowerpot to escape bounty hunters, and the heat really tires you out. I don't think we could make it," said Zuko.

"You escaped in a flowerpot?" said Toph, and she started laughing.

While Toph was laughing, Aang said, what about that little village at the oasis. We could stop there for supplies."

"True," said Katara.

"Let's take a vote," said Sokka. "Who wants to go in the desert and check if we can get in the library?"

Aang, Katara, and Sokka raised their hands.

"All in favor of going around the desert?"

Zuko and Toph, who had stopped laughing, both raised their hands.

"What about you, Suki?" asked Zuko.

Suki looked deep in thought for a moment. "Well, this library does sound interesting. All right, I vote desert."

"The desert it is," said Sokka.

With that, they all lied down and went to sleep, thoughts buzzing around in their minds. However, Aang was the only one thinking about the library. Sokka and Katara were thinking about their dad, who was currently helping restore Omashu to its original state.

Zuko was thinking about Mai, but mostly about his Uncle, Iroh, who was helping restore Ba-Sing-Se to its original state.

Suki was thinking about the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors, who were supposed to have returned to Kyoshi Island to help rebuild their village after Aang and the others left for the Southern Water Tribe.

Lastly, Toph was thinking about her parents. She wondered what had happened to them after she left.

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