Chapter 1: New power?

It was a new day at Road Rover Headquarters. All was good, and everyone was gathered for breakfast. Everyone took their seats, Hunter sat down next to Colleen and they both kissed each other, "How are you today Colleen?" Hunter said.

Colleen smiled, "I'm great Huntie thanks for asking." It has been a few weeks since they both admitted their love for each other. They both couldn't be any happier since that night. Everyone supported them on their relationship, even Blitz. They were both glad that Blitz supported them as well. He hasn't been nagging on Hunter anymore and he stopped trying to hit on Colleen. As Hunter looked around the table he noticed Axel wasn't in his seat. He looked around the room and he wasn't anywhere. Hunter spoke, "any one seen Axel?" Everyone shook their heads. Hunter got up. "I'll go check to see if he's in his room." Hunter started to walk to where Axel's room is. When he got there he knocked, "Axel you in there?" he heard small sound then a few seconds the door opened and appeared Axel, he didn't look that good. "Axel you alright?"

"I'm fine I accidentally turned the temperature on my AC way to low and I caught small cold. Don't worry I'll be fine

Hunter was surprised, "Wow, glad to hear your fine. You coming down for breakfast?"

Axel nodded, "yes I'll be down in a few."

"Ok," Hunter said. 'Man I hope he'll feel better in case if there's a mission.'

"I agree with that," Axel said.

Hunter was surprised, "What?"

Axel was confused, "I was agreeing with what you said."

Hunter was confused, "with what I said?"

"Yeah…you were hoping I would feel better in case there was a mission," Axel said.

"I didn't say that," Hunter said. 'Ok this is weird.'

"I know it is weird," Axel said

"What?" Hunter said.

"You said this was weird." Axel said

Hunter shook his head, "no I didn't." 'What's going on.'

"Wait I heard you say something but your lips didn't move," Axel said.

"Wait can you hear what I think?" Hunter said.

Axel couldn't believe it then thought of an idea, "Hunter think something."

Hunter nodded, 'can you hear me?'

Axel nodded, "yes I did."

Hunter was surprised, "Axel…are you telling me you can read mind?"

Axel was confused at this, "it appears so."

"But how? And when?" Hunter asked.

Axel shook his head, "I don't know. Professor Hubert said I would have additional powers maybe this is one of them."

"What are you going to do?" Hunter asked.

"I don't know but I going to talk to the Professor about it," Axel said.

"Need company?" Hunter asked.

"Sure," Axel said. He then exit his room, closed the door and they both walked to Professor Hubert's lab.

(A/N: i don't know much on psychic properties so i made some of the next things up)

Few minutes later

Hunter and Axel were both in Professor Hubert's lab. Axel explained what was happening and was interested in this. When Axel sneezed the Professor asked what was wrong, that was when he told him about his small cold. The professor was suspicious of something and asked, "Axel how long have you been able to read minds."

"Don't know I just found out today," Axel said.

Professor Hubert began thinking, "Interesting, very interesting."

"What is it professor?" Hunter asked.

"My theory is that cold must have slightly altered the way your psychic power works which ended up manifesting into your mind reading power," Hubert said.

Axel seemed to understand, "makes sense, are you sure about it?"

He nodded, "yes but to make sure I need to try find the brainwave that controls it and observe how it's functioning." He then sat Axel down on a stool next to his computer and put stick on wires all around his head. Then he turned his attention to his computer and started typing on it. He spent a few minutes typing until, "I found it." He said out loud. Axel and Hunter both looked at the screen that Hubert was showing them. It showed the wave that controlled his mind reading power. He then typed some more and another wave came up. "Axel this one controls your mind reading, and this one is your future seeing power," Hubert said pointing to them, "As you see both are different." They looked at it. Both were the same size but they were moving different.

Axel was amazed, "Wow that's…achoo," Axel said sneezing. The Professor was looking at the wave when Axel sneezed then noticed it functioned differently when it happened. He was surprised at seeing it. "Wow, Axel the wave reacted when you sneezed."

"So does that confirm your theory?" Axel said.

Hubert nodded, "yes it does. And judging by it when your cold goes away the power will go away also."

Hunter was amazed at all this, "Wow that's too cool."

"I never thought it was possible for something like this to happen," Axel said.

Hubert then turned off his computer, and started removing the wires on Axel, "Strange things can when we think it can't." the Professor looked at a clock and turned to both of them, "well I have to see you two." With that he left his lab.

Hunter looked at Axel, "wow temporary mind reading

"Yeah who would have thought," Axel said.

Hunter nodded, "Are you going to be ok."

Axel nodded, "Yes the cold is small it won't interfere with my normal day stuff."

"Well that's good to hear," Hunter said.

"I know," Axel said. "And for some reason I'll be glad when it's gone."

Hunter asked, "Why?"

"Because I might eavesdrop when some ones thinking of something," Axel said.

Hunter nodded, 'should we tell everyone else?'

Axel couldn't help but chuckle, "that's not funny."

Hunter laughed, "I know."

"Yeah lets go tell them now," Axel said. Hunter nodded and they left the lab and headed to where everyone was. Little did they know that they would soon be called upon again.

A/N: hope you like. chapter 2 will be up soon.