Chapter 6: Wonderful

The Rovers arrived home and were in the briefing when the Master stood in front of them. "Good work Rovers, thanks to you all the cores have be transported to its rightful destination. And Colonel Burton is serving life sentences for acts of terrorism. Your good dogs Rovers Good, Good dogs."

Hunter turned to everyone, "To The Power Of The Pack!!" they all responded in the same unison, "AAAAHHHHRRRROOOO!!"

As everyone left the room Axel went next to Hunter, "Hey Hunter can I talk to you?"

"Sure what is?" Hunter asked.

"Well I wanted to say sorry for not helping when back there when Burton had you at gun point." Axel said.

Hunter sighed, "it's alright you couldn't do anything in that position and you did help."

Axel was confused, "How?"

"You distracted him long enough for Colleen to help me," Hunter said.

"Oh I didn't really think about that," Axel said.

"See don't sweet it," Hunter said starting to walk away but stopped. "Oh another thing great job with the mind reading it helped a lot."

"Thanks…but there's something I haven't told you guys yet." Axel said.

"What is it," Hunter said.

"Well I noticed it when we were heading home. I could barely hear any ones thought," Axel said.

"Are you losing it?" Hunter asked.

"I believe so, the Professor said it would go away when the cold left and I've been feeling better for a while," Axel said.

"Well it's a shame that power could have come in handy in the future," Hunter said.

"I know what you mean. Thanks see ya," Axel said.

"Later," Hunter said.

Later that Night

Axel walked into the rec room and found Shag, Blitz, and Exile watching TV. He walked up and sat on the couch. Exile spoke, "how's it going comrade?"

"It's official my mind reading power is gone," Axel said.

"That's too bad, that would have come in handy," Exile said.

"Ja it could have made all of our missions a lot easier," Blitz said.

"I know but It makes me wonder what other powers I may have," Axel said.

"Could be better then the mind power," Exile said.

Axel looked around and spoke, "Say where's Hunter and Colleen?"
Blitz spoke, "they went out, and they wont be back for a few hours."

"Oh," Axel said. They all watched TV in silence for a while longer.

Hunter and Colleen were at the park. They both had just finished a romantic picnic and were close together looking up at the stars. Both were happy just being together.

Hunter turned to Colleen and spoke, "Colleen."

Colleen turned to Hunter, "What is it Huntie."

"I just wanted to say thank you for saving my life earlier. I thought I was going to be dead if you hadn't helped when you did." Hunter said.

Colleen smile, "I wasn't going to let him take away the dog I love away."

Hunter smiled, "Thanks Colleen."

"Anytime Huntie," Colleen said. They came closer and had a passionate kiss; they broke when they needed air.

Hunter spoke, "So Colleen how do you like tonight?"

"It's abso-bloomin-lutely wonderful Huntie," Colleen said.

"Colleen would you like to dance?" Hunter said getting up.

Colleen got up too, "I would love to."

Hunter walked over to the Street Rover and turned on the radio to the song 'Always and Forever' By Luther Vandross.

Always and forever
Each moment with you
Is just like a dream to me
That somehow came true, yeah

As they were dancing the world around them seemed to fade away as it was only them in their own world.

And I know tomorrow
Will still be the same
Cuz we got a life of love
That won't ever change and

Everyday love me your own special way
Melt all my heart away with a smile
Take time to tell me you really care
And we'll share tomorrow together
Ooh baby, I'll always love you forever

Ever, ever, ever
There'll always be sunshine
When I look at you
It's something I can't explain
Just the things that you do
If you get lonely
Call me and take
A second to give to me
That magic you make and

Everyday love me your own special way
Melt all my heart away with a smile
Take time to tell me you really care
And we'll share tomorrow together
Ooh baby, I'll always love you forever

As the song ended they both just stared into each others eyes. Both could see the undying love in them. Hunter spoke, "you're a wonderful dance Colleen."

"So are you Huntie," Colleen said.

They both kissed passionately under the moonlight. Both of them knew that their love for each other would keep them together forever.


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