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Chapter 1

I looked at my window seeing that the plane was about to land. I was moving to California to live with my godparents and my favorite cousin Alice Brandon. She was sort of my best friend. She'd come visit me in Forks and we'd hang out all the time.

"Please fasten your seat belts, we'll be landing shortly."

After I got off the plane I heard a familiar scream, "Bella!" I turned and saw Alice speeding my way.

"Hi Alice" She hugged me then started jumping up and down.

"I'm so happy your here, I can't wait for you to meet everyone." She took my hand and told me about everyone. She explained Rose her best friend, Jasper, Roses brother and her boyfriend. Emmett her cousin and Roses boyfriend then Edward Emmetts brother and her other cousin.

"Edward is..." She didn't know what to say.

"A player" I guessed.

"Well ya but he's not that bad when you get to know him." We went to her car and her boyfriend Jasper was there.

"Bella this is Jasper, Jasper this is Bella."


"Hello." Jasper took my bags and we went into the car.

"Bella theres a party tonight and..."

"You want to go but don't want to leave me alone."

"You can go too Bella everyone will be there and you can meet everyone before school starts."

"Fine just don't make me over too much." Alice stopped the car because we were home and she started jumping up an down.

"Yes thank you Bella I'm going to call Rose." She grabbed her phone and went to call Rose.

"What are they going to do to me Jasper?" He laughed

"If I were you I'd hide Bella."

"Stop scaring her Jasper were just going to dress you up alittle."

1 hour later

I met Rose and she was nice for a minute then they began there torture. Alice curled my hair and Rose did my makeup. Then they got ready and went to find me an outfit.

"Here Bella" Alice handed me a short black dress with spaghetti straps.

"I'll only wear it if the heals aren't to high." They smiled and Rose handed me a pair of small black pumps.

"These are perfect" I went to the bathroom and changed. After I looked in the mirror and smiled I looked hot. Alice and Rose were miracle workers. I walked out and Rose and Alice smiled.

"You look great Bella" I blushed and the doorbell rang, I went downstairs to meet the guys.

"Bella this is my boyfriend Emmett,this is Alices cousin Bella."

"Hey Bella"

"hi" I looked at Alice and she wasn't happy.

"Where's Edward?" Emmett and Jasper looked down.

"Damn Edward who's it this time?"

"Tanya" They both said, stupid player made Alice mad it takes alot to do that.

"You better keep Bella away from him." Emmett said.

"Don't worry about me Emmett I've dealt with players before and I'm not going back." Alice smiled at my comment.

"See we're related." Then we went to the cars.

When we got to the party everyone stared at me.

"Alice Brandon if you leave me alone-" She laughed and pulled me with her. We walked around for awhile until Alice stopped in front of a couple making out.

"Edward Anthony Cullen why the hell did you blow us off!" her cousin pulled back to glare at her.

"I didn't-" He stopped when he saw me.

"Hi I'm Edward Alices favorite cousin" I wanted to laugh ya right.

"I'm Bella and I'm Alices favorite cousin." He frowned a little.

"Edward leave Bella alone." Alice warned

"I didn't do anything Alice. So Bella your staying with Ms Brandon."

"Yes" I answered then looked around so I didn't have to look at him. This made him unhappy.

"Lets go Bella" Alice pulled me were Rose was.

"So you met Edward?" I nodded then heard Emmett laugh.

"Edward just scarred Jasper for life" Emmett was still laughing.

"What did he do now?" Alice asked "He was making out with Carly" I looked and saw him with someone else then turned to everyone.

"I can't believe him we just saw him with someone else!" I was annoyed.

"And you could be next Ms Swan." Edward whispered, I shivered stupid playboy.

If your wondering how Alice and Bella are cousins and Edward and Emmett are cousins well I explain.

Alices mom is Charlies sister and Alices dad is Carlisles adopted brother.

No blood relation.

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