This story was originally intended to be a one shot chapter. However, it's gotten too long. To make it easier on the optics to read I've broken it down into chapters. It ties into chapters 32 and 33 of My Beautiful Rising Star (second story about my creation Kaceystar the daughter of Optimus Prime and Elita one). However, you do not need to read my Kaceystar stories to enjoy this story. For those who have this is simply a bonus story.

This is based in the 2007 movie-verse. Magnus will be OC because he always seemed a bit stuffy in the cartoon so I loosened him up a bit. But he is still an honorable mech and is a loyal friend to Optimus Prime.

BACKGROUND FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ THE KACEYSTAR STORIES (For those who have, you can scan down to the story's title and begin)

Ok, on with details. You already know Optimus, Ironhide, Ratchet and Bumblebee's alt forms from the 2007 movie. Here are some alt forms I had picked out for my Kaceystar stories. Each alt form was picked based on the personalities of the mech or femme and can be found on the internet if you want to see what they look like.

Elita – silver Mercedes 2008 ML63 AMG (only the best for my Optimus plus it makes her tall which I needed for my stories. She's a head shorter than Optimus and very slender.)

Prowl – 2007 Dodge Charger Police Patrol (I made him a little taller than Bee)

Sunstreaker – orange 2008 Dodge Viper SRT 10 with silver racing stripes (both brothers are the same size as Bee in height and width)

Sideswipe – red 2008 Dodge Viper SRT 10 with silver racing stripes (I changed the twins to muscle cars just like Bee was changed. In my opinion they deserved it.)

Chromia – black 2008 Ford Mustang (She's a little taller than Bee but slimmer)

And of course:

Ultra Magnus – red 2008 Chevy Trailblazer SS with Silverstone metallic trim. (I know this makes him significantly shorter than Optimus. Almost two heads shorter by my estimate. His frame is a little wider than Bumblebee's frame. This is what makes him strong, nimble, and quick. In my AU to be the best warrior doesn't mean you have to be the biggest.)

Scene from chapter 24 of Hope's Journey, from Elita's POV

"Ultra Magnus you slaggin spawn of Primus!" I grinned. "I never figured you would get captured by the Decepticons."

"It was six to one. I took down four before they called for back up."

I laughed. Good old Magnus. He wasn't the biggest mech but he was the scrappiest one as he loved to take on multiple Decepticons at once just to see how fast he could take them down during a battle. And rumor had it that he helped to teach Optimus in hand to hand combat.

That was Magnus' introduction scene in Hope's Journey. At that time I couldn't remember what his character was like. It'd been a long time since I saw the original series. Which is why he's a bit OC. Also, he is much older than Optimus, sorry. But they are good friends. For the one shot, I'm keeping him that way to stay in tune with the main stories.

In chapters 32 of My Beautiful Rising Star, Optimus' daughter, Kacey is now eighteen. It has been almost eight years since Mission City. The Autobots numbers have slowly been increasing as they make Earth their new home. The setting of this story takes place entirely at the Autobot base.

a/n: italics denote flashbacks and also internal communicators or comlink chatter

WARNING: ADULT CONTENT! These are mature mechs and femmes here! You all know what that means. If not, then you're too young to be reading this.


My internal chronometer beeped to wake me from recharge precisely at 06:00 am Western Pacific time. That's our local time here for the Autobot base that's hidden deep in the Northern Cascades in the state of Washington. We've managed to keep it hidden and safe from the Decepticons and the humans for over seven years now.

Yes, it's even hidden from the humans, for their safety as well as our own. If our liaison, Mr. John Keller, is needed on the base one of our shuttlecrafts picks him up at Nellis Air Force base then brings him here. And thanks to Hound and Wheeljack's inventiveness we use holograms to disguise the surrounding area of the base, helping us live peacefully.

I lay in the darkness thankful for this time of peace, for our new home, for a chance at a new life. It's nice to actually get a good night's recharge without getting interrupted from an attack or living with the threat of an attack. Since arriving on Earth, I've been able to relax and enjoy my time with old friends and new friends.

Perhaps…with one new friend in particular.

"Akima," I whisper, smiling as I get to my feet. I hit the panel on the wall near my bed turning on the lights in my quarters before moving towards the washroom.

My spark flutters every time I think of her. She was the one femme I never saw coming. I've been with…several femmes during my lifetime. Not one of them made me feel this way. Not to take anything away from the others, they were all beautiful, intelligent femmes whose company I thoroughly enjoyed both intellectually and physically.

But with Akima…it's more, it's different, it's strange, it's…indescribable. For the first time in my life I'm off balance and unsure around a femme. I find myself doing the oddest things I'd never done before. I swear my cerebral processor even stops working from time to time when I'm near her for I am at a loss for words.

Is this what love is?

Or am I just getting up there in years and imagining things?

"Primus, I don't know," I sighed turning the shower on.

See! This is one thing I've never done before. Showering first thing in the morning, every morning! Back on Cybertron I used to go for days without a cleansing just like the majority of the mechs. Of course we were constantly fighting and couldn't spare the energy to run the showers most of the time. But when I came to Earth I still only showered once or twice a week unless I was out on patrol. Then it'd be a month before I was anywhere near a washroom.

That all changed when I met her…Akima.

As the cleansing solvent grows hotter, penetrating all the gaps in my armor I smiled recalling the first day I met Akima. She'd only been on Earth for a week, passed her Medical exam with flying colors, finished her orientation of Earth's cultures, and picked an alt form. I had walked into my private sparring room, where I give individual lessons as well as train myself, and there she was…beating the slag out of a drone.

At first when I heard the familiar grunts, hits and slaps, I was miffed that would someone was in my private training room sparring with a drone without authorization. This was my sanctuary. One was not permitted within unless they had an invitation from me or was here to deliver me a message or was an officer eager for an aft ripping.

However as I crossed the threshold all my anger faded and I gasped. I literally gasped, vocal processor slightly opened and my optics were ogling.

The purple and silver blur of her armor was so mesmerizing that my optic covers ceased to function and locked open. Her slender form was pure grace and beauty as she lunged, kicked, punched, and dodged in her ballet of battle against the drone. And I would have continued watching her if the drone hadn't knocked her down. The moment she hit the floor I came to my senses, shaking my head slightly.

"Stand down," I immediately ordered the drone before it advanced on her.

I fought the urge to rush to her side to aide her and instead moved slowly across the room. Only through my many, many years of experience was I able to mask my emotions. But Primus help me, my spark was quivering like mad within its chamber.

"Are you ok?" I asked as she got to her feet.

"Yes, I'm fine," she replied. Right away I could tell by her tone she was a no nonsense kind of femme. Good, I'm not into femmes who are too bubbly. "I saw you out of the corner of my optic and was distracted."

"I apologize then. But this is my private training room. The public one is the next door down."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize," she quickly said. Wow! She was even lovely when she was flustered! "I just walked in saw the drones and…"

"It's quite alright," I smiled kindly, interrupting her. I couldn't stand to see a femme in any kind of distress. "I saw a little bit how you fight. Your technique is a bit unorthodox but you have some very good moves."

"Well, growing up on the outskirts of Kaon in an underground base wasn't easy. I had to learn what I could from any soldier who would teach me. I learned early that in order to survive I had to fight."

Primus, she looked so sad as she said that. My spark ached to want to comfort her, hold her, to want to find out why she was sad.

"Obviously, you've done well to have made it to Earth…hrr, I'm sorry, I don't believe I know your name."

"Akima," she smiled and my spark nearly exploded.

Wow! Her entire face lit up with that smile. Her lovely blue optics seem to just sparkle.

"I'm Ultra Magnus," I replied calmly, gently shaking her hand.

Now it was her turn. I thought she was going to faint!

"The Ultra Magnus?!"

Wow! She knew my name!! Sweet!

"There's only one unless there's an imposter out there."

"Sorry," she smiled sheepishly, blushing even. "It's just that…wow! I've heard so much about you. About how you saved Optimus Prime from being a prisoner during the Decepticon raid at Decagon."

"I had a lot of help!" I quickly but modestly inserted.

"You single handedly took down sixty Decepticons during the fight on the Axion planes."

"I think someone was exaggerating," I chuckled. "It was only like…twenty of them and not all at once. But who's counting?"

"You're…you're a big war hero!" she said excitedly, her optics wide as could be.

My spark sank. Figures, the one femme that sends my spark and processor fritzing is a fan.

"Akima, I'm not a hero," I seriously said. "I'm just a mech doing his duty as a soldier."

"But you're so good at it!"

"Ah, Magnus, should I come back another time for sparring?" Bumblebee asked, standing in the doorway. He was on time for his scheduled session.

"Oh, sorry! I'll go now. I'm sure you have important warrior things to do," Akima smiled, her optics seemed a bit glazed over as she stared up at me. "It was an honor to meet you, Sir."

"Likewise, Akima," I sighed.

I had never felt so dejected in my entire life as I stood there watching her go. I didn't even care that Bumblebee was there to see it.

"Are you ok?" the young mech asked, seemly very concerned for me.

"It's nothing," I frowned.

"Please forgive me, but I saw how you were looking at her before she went on the hero worship trip. I've seen that look on a mech's face a number of times when they fall for a femme."

"And, so what about it?" I countered rather defensively.

"If she means that much to you, then make her see you for who you really are."

"I don't know, Bumblebee…"

"Magnus, trust me," Bumblebee said and had the most serious tone I've ever heard from him. "If you don't follow your spark, that love you keep inside will just eat at you everyday. That's not a kind of pain you want to live with."

He meant it. He truly meant it so much it was as if he'd gone through it before. But when? I've never seen Bumblebee take any interest in a femme…or a mech. I don't even think he's interfaced yet despite the fact that Sunny and Sides, his closest friends, have done it now, several times to my surprise. Those three were like brothers always doing things together, getting in trouble together, but always taking care of each other.

"Now come on, Magnus," Bee smiled brightly as if he didn't say such spark felt words. "It's time for me to kick your aft."

"We'll see about that…runt," I smiled back.

Needless to say, I took Bumblebee's advice. It took some time to break down the pedestal Akima had me on. But it was worth it. As a result we became good friends and excellent sparring companions. I fell for her even more than before. It took me a few days to gather up my courage to ask her out on a date.

Kacey helped me out by preparing a shuttlecraft and giving me the coordinates for a spectacular view of a meteor shower. It was the most memorable first date I had ever been on. Akima and I didn't speak much, nor did we touch the high grade we brought along for the show. It was just Akima leaning against me with my arm around her shoulders as we watched the meteor shower.

I haven't forgotten how warm her lithe form felt against mine. Even now I can almost feel how delicate her hand felt in mine. And I will never forget how my spark was hammering nervously within its chamber when I had kissed her good night just outside her quarters.

It was a spur of the moment decision. We had both said good night but didn't she didn't enter her quarters. For a long moment we just stared at each other. And so, I kissed her, just a soft pressing of my lips to hers. The contact was brief but the effects seemed ever lasting as I fell into recharge that night with the biggest grin ever on my face!

And for a week straight I've taken Akima out on a date. Sometimes to the recreation room for some high grade. Sometimes we'd just walk through the forest outside of the base in the moonlight holding hands. But each night, I'd gently kiss her goodnight outside her quarters.

Only, last night's kiss was…wow. Yeah, that about describes it. Wow! Hands caressing (in respectable places like arms and upper backs), warm almost hot bodies pressing into each other, and lips parting tongue probing kissing. It might have progressed even further if we hadn't heard someone walking down the hall towards us. But the second we parted, experience told me the moment was over and thus we bid each other good night again before parting ways.

But today was a new day! We had another date tonight! And because of that passionate kiss last night I found myself in this situation now, standing in front of the washroom mirror preparing to wax my armor. The last wax job I had was…Primus, five years ago when Kacey talked me into going through that carwash!

"Frag! Sunny, how do you do this every morning?!" I asked, staring at the wax in one hand and the rag in the other while trying to figure out how I was going to reach my backside.

I started wondering if Akima would even notice if my armor was shiny or not. Pfft, what am I saying? Femmes notice everything. Especially how shiny your armor is! Why I've even seen femmes ask Sunny how he gets that extra gleaming shine. Femmes are always looking for a way to capture a mech's optic. Honestly, we're not that complicated.

I groaned, "I can't believe I'm doing this! I hope she notices otherwise I'm never doing this again."

It was a little awkward at first because I had no idea what I was doing. So, I figured I'd start with my leg armor since it was the easiest to reach. Once I got going I found it was easier than I thought. I was even flexible enough to get most of my back side.

"Magnus, can you report to my office immediately please?"

"Orders acknowledged, Optimus," I answered, giving myself the once over in the mirror.

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