This is it. The final chapter of the Magnus fic that I wrote specifically for Phoenix13 because she's this super Ultra Magnus fan girl. Of whom I also converted to an Optimus fan girl. Woohoo! Plenty of room for her to love both mechs. ;)

Anyways, I want to thank all those who've review, favorite, and alerted the fic. I hope you all enjoyed it. Sorry it's taken so long to finish. Sometimes my muse can be a real pain in the aft. So, without further delays the final hours of A Day in the life of Ultra Magnus.

Warning: Adult content (we're talking protoforms doing the horizontal tango and then some here) Uh, does someone want to volunteer to pick up Phoenix13 off the floor? I think she just fainted!

After ten minutes when Akima hadn't emerged from the washroom I started getting worried. Worried that I had pushed her too far way too soon. Worried that I damaged our relationship…our friendship beyond repair. Worried that I may have lost the only femme I would ever consider bonding to.

Yeah…the B word. I was that serious about my feelings for her. I knew that now. There were no doubts in my processor.

At 7:15 pm when a full twenty minutes had passed I started berating myself for thinking with my interface systems and not my processor. I sat on the edge of my bed growling to myself, calling myself a stupid idiot and slag head while going over multiple ways I should apologize to Akima.

My spark sank as low as it could go. I literally felt sick to my holding tank.

For her to take this long meant I really fragged up.

"Stupid fragger," I muttered to myself.

The door to my wash room finally whooshed opened.

I slowly rose to my feet, head bow down slight, my processor deciding what to say.

"Sorry it took me so long," she said, somewhat bashfully almost giggling even. "I was drying off and the…the fragging towel snagged on my armor and unraveled. Then it was stuck and I couldn't get it off. There was string everywhere! I made sure to clean it all up and will get you a new towel."

My processor balked and my mouth fell open, "Uh?"

Akima looked at me and just laughed, "Please don't tell me you were out here beating yourself up."

"I…um…well," I stammered, rubbing the back of my neck. "Yeah…kind of."

"You're really one sweet mech, you know that," she smiled, coming over to me can caressing my face affectionately. "I wasn't upset with you. I was more upset with myself for being so…inexperienced."

I took hold of her hand, holding it against my cheek, speaking softly, "We were all inexperienced at one point in our lives. A mech with my experience still should have known not to pressure you. For that, I am truly sorry."

"That's just it. You weren't pressuring me. I…I thought I was ready. I kind of got scared. I don't want us to interface and lose what we've built together so far." She paused, ducked her head slightly. "Then at the same time, I…I didn't want you to be disappointed in me."

"Akima," I sighed, wrapping my arms around her. "I think I know and understand you well enough now to say that it's highly doubtful that there's anything you can do to disappoint me. You're brave, intelligent…beautiful. You have a wicked roundhouse kick and punch combo."

She giggled, leaning against my chest, tracing the edges of my armor with her fingers.

"Come on," I smiled, kissing her forehead then grabbed hold of her hand. "Let's go. Kacey's holding up starting the movie until we get there. I think we've made her wait long enough. She said she picked one especially for us."

"I've never seen a one of the human's movie before."

"Kacey said that won't matter," I said, leading us out of my quarters. "That it's one you would still understand."

"Oh, how did your training session with Kacey go today?" Akima asked brightly.

I couldn't choke back the groan fast enough! I swear even my interface panel throb from the memory of the pain it had to endure earlier today.

Akima just burst into an uncontrollable laughter.

"What's so funny?"

"That look on your face! Oh Primus!"

"Let's just hurry," I pleaded. "I'm not sure how many more shots my ego can handle today."

"You're ego is safe with me," she countered, giving me a look.


"I know everything that happened today. About what Kacey did during her training session. About why you were chasing Bumblebee and the twins all over the base. I thought it was sweet how Optimus and Ironhide went out of their way to help you out. Even Prowl, although he's not good at making stories up. You might want to get him to work on that for next time."

My jaw dropped.

"Come on, don't want to be late," she purred, pushing my jaw back up the slowly then sauntered away, looking over her shoulder.

I sighed with a dopey smile on my face. What a femme I thought admiring the view! And she was mine.

"Quiet down there," I muttered under my breath when I felt my interface systems vibrating softly.

Before Akima got too far away, I hurried to catch up with her. Hand in hand we headed to the recreation room. It sounded rowdy before we even got to the door. I distinctly heard Kacey's voice, sounding more and more like Elita's everyday, in a commanding tone to settle down. More specifically for Sunstreaker and Sideswipe to stop jumping on the couches like a couple of sparklings.

I peeked in, protectively keeping Akima behind me just in case a random cup of drained high grade came my way. None came. And I saw that Sunny and Sides were actually listening to Kacey's orders as they returned to their seats with Bumblebee.

"Great, the idiot duo are over energized already!"

"Can't say I blame them. You gave them a good aft whipping," Akima counted as we finally stepped into the recreation room.

"They giving you any trouble, Kacey?" I asked, glaring at the young trio.

"Nothing I can't handle. Here, I saved these two seats for you both," they young femme smiled, indicating the two seater couch. The same couch I usually see couples making out on! Nice thinking kid!

I smiled helping Akima take her seat. She then promptly snuggled against me after I sat beside her. My frame relaxed, wrapping an arm around her, enjoying the feel of her warmth against me. I was so relieved that I didn't mess things up between us. I would have been at a loss as to how to fix it.

"It's a short movie I picked out just for you two love birds," Kacey smirked, lowering the lights.

I watched her go sit with Bumblebee and the twins, presumable to keep them quiet during the movie. I had to give Kacey credit she could control the twins better than most of us, including Optimus and Prowl.

"Woohoo!" Sunny cheered when the large LCD monitor lit up and the movie started. The mech was immediately shushed by all in the room.

Of course, when the title of the film came up I immediately accessed the internet to find out about it. Anything so I could anticipate how Akima might respond to it.

A children's movie?

I glanced over to see Kacey smiling at me. I gave her a puzzled look, like what the frag is up with this? She just gave me the thumbs up and pointed at the screen obviously insisting I pay attention and that all was well.

"What's wrong?" Akima asked.

"Nothing," I quickly smiled, leaning back.

I guess I was going to have to trust Kacey on this one.

Of course, it didn't take long for me to realize why the femme picked this particular film. True, the robots made it easier for Akima to relate to so she could understand the story better. But it was also filled with action, adventure, and most importantly love.

I snuck little glances over at Akima to see she was totally enthralled as WALL.E and EVE danced in space. I think she was even more enamored when she saw how devoted the two robots were to each other, that they were willing to do whatever it took to save one another.

By the time its climactic conclusion came I found myself unable to look away from Akima. I was totally captivated by her beauty, her smile, her laugh as she watched. My spark fluttered wildly within its chamber. My processor was completely at ease. No more doubts about myself in relation to the femme. No more worries about the choices I made about her.

I loved her.

Before the movie's end credits even started Akima turned to me as if sensing my gaze. My spark stilled. The rest of the room seemed to fall away leaving only us. There was so much emotion…affection…perhaps even love in her optics as she looked at me. I found myself unable to speak. I think I even stopped breathing.

Soft music sounded from somewhere in the distance and only seemed to enhance the moment as we continually stared at each other.

There's a calm surrender to the rush of day

When the heat of a rolling wind can be turned away

An enchanted moment, and it sees me through

Its enough for this restless warrior just to be with you

And can you feel the love tonight

It is where we are

Its enough for this wide-eyed wanderer

That we got this far

And can you feel the love tonight

How its laid to rest

Its enough to make kings and vagabonds

Believe the very best

There's a time for everyone if they only learn

That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn

There's a rhyme and reason to the wild outdoors

When the heart of this star-crossed voyager beats in time with yours

"Oh for frag's sake! Kiss the femme!" Sunny's voice crashed through instantly killing the moment.

Akima and I blinked out optics covers as if dazed and watched as Kacey, Bumblebee (who had been playing the music I'd find out later), and Sides where all beating up on Sunny. They weren't hitting him hard and I think Kacey was actually tickling him more than anything.

"Way to ruin the moment you aft!" they shouted.

"I was just saying what we were all thinking!" Sunny said in his defense between his shouts of pain and laughing.

"I think you should save him," Akima spoke softly.

"Are you sure?" I asked, wrapping both arms around her.

"I think you beat him up enough earlier. Do it for me, please?"

"How can I say no to you?" I smiled, kissing her tenderly. Then I pulled away, rising to me feet. Akima took hold of my hand and stood up beside me. "Ok, leave the idiot alone. He's been abused enough today."

"Are you sure?" Kacey asked.

"Regrettably, I'm sure."

"Thank you, Magnus!" Sunny yelped as the others backed off.

"Don't thank me, thank Akima. I wouldn't mind a second feature watching you get your aft kicked."

"Oh haha," Sunny frowned.

Sides sat beside him, wrapping his arm around his brother. The two of them started whispering, no doubt planning their revenge upon me. In the meantime, it'd been a long day and I had an even busier day tomorrow.

"Well, thank you very much for the movie, Kacey," I smiled.

"Yes, it was rather enjoyable," Akima agreed.

"It was my pleasure."

"OW! SUNNY!" Bee wailed.

Kacey rolled her optics and sighed, "Well I have more sparkling duty to do for the next film…"

"We heard that!" the twins and Bee shouted.

"So, I'll bid you two a wonderful rest of your evening," she smiled.

With that Akima and I made our way towards the door. The lights dimmed and the next movie was up and running making everyone cheer. From the sounds of explosions and gunfire I heard as we strolled slowly down the hallway, it was one of those action movies Kacey and the twins loved watching.

I lost count of how many times Sunny and Sides tried to re-create some whacky car stunt they'd seen in a movie only to end up in Ratchet's medbay. I pray when Kacey gets her transformation abilities back she doesn't try the same thing. Bad enough she tried some of the fight movies with Nitro.

"Did you have a nice evening?" I asked when we entered the living quarters of the base.

Akima's response was a bit surprise but welcomed.

She pulled me down and kissed me passionately. As the kiss deepened her hands caressed my armor in a somewhat needy fashion. She even dared to grab my aft. I of course, reciprocated the gesture and then some, probing her mouth with my tongue, squeezing her aft and pressing my body into hers until her back was up against a nearby wall.

"HEY!" an irate voice snapped, making us jump apart. Ratchet was standing there, fuming and covering his daughter's optics. "You have a room to do that in! There are younglings up at this hour still!"

"Did Magnus and Akima have sparks like when WALL.E and EVE touched?" Kayla innocently asked, making me cringe where I stood.

Ratchet's left optic cover started twisting and his core temperature started climbing. Kayla was his precious little untainted femme. No one and I mean NO ONE dared do anything like what Akima and I just did in front of her innocent, young optics!

"We are so, sorry, Ratchet!" Akima said, grabbing my hand and pulling me with her. "We'll be more careful next time! Promise."

"YOU'D BETTER!" he warned just before we disappeared through the door of my quarters.

Akima and I started laughing and kissing each other. Primus, that was close!

"I'm so in trouble for my next maintenance exam," I chuckled.

"I didn't even think about it when I saw them in the recreation room to watch the movie."

"I didn't even notice them!"

"That's because you couldn't take your optics off me," she smirked.


Frag, only she can get me so flustered that I'm at a loss for words.

"Just kiss me, silly," she laughed, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"As you wish."

Again, we kissed passionately, deeply. And it was then that I noticed a slight change in Akima from when we'd kissed earlier in the shower. She seemed more confident.

She grabbed my aft, squeezing it roughly.

Oh…definitely more confident!

"Magnus…can…can we interface?" she asked, breaking the kiss and thus confirming what I felt.


"I admit I'm nervous about it. But I know that's how I'm always going to be until I actually do it."

My interface systems were excitedly agreeing with her. I told them to frag off. Now was not the time to act like an over eager youngling. No, it was a time for experience, for finesse, tenderness. This femme needed to learn about the art of pleasure and I was more than willing to be her teacher.

"I have an idea," I said to her, leading her to my recharge berth. "I want to do something for you Akima. But I need you to trust me."

She nodded her head, looking nervous.

I smiled, retracting my battle armor to show her my protoform, "Please, retract your armor. Our protoforms are most sensitive when they're not covered with armor."

"I've never…not in front of a mech, unless it was for my maintenance exam with a doc bot," she said shyly, even her optics avoided looking at me in my most vulnerable form.

"Shh, it's ok," I cooed, gently cupping her chin in my hand. "You can trust me, love. I will not harm you in anyway. I'm going to overload you without interfacing with you."


I chuckled softly at her innocence.

"That is what I want you to find out. Interfacing is so much more than just two mechanisms joining. I want to show you that. Allow me to overload you and experience pleasures you possibly could not imagine."

"Do you want me to do anything?" she asked, still sounding a little nervous but I could see the eagerness in her optics.

"Just retract your armor, lie down, and concentrate on what you're feeling," I whispered to her, my fingers softly tracing the sweet curve of her face, across the thin jaw, and down that slender neck. "Allow me to do this for you, Akima."

I felt her tremble beneath my fingertips. But it wasn't like earlier in the shower. I boldly smiled then kissed her deeply. One hand slid over her heaving smooth breastplates, the other slid down her backside, cupping her petite aft. Pressing my form into hers, I maneuvered her towards the berth. Once there, I slowly lowered her down onto it.

"Retract your armor," I spoke softly, kissing her audio receptor, kneeling to one side of her.

This time Akima did not hesitate. I watched in anticipation as the armor slid, glided and retracted to reveal her slender beautiful protoform. Her optics remained fixed on mine when I looked back up to her face.

"You are so beautiful," I whispered, moving, hovering over her so closely that I could feel the heat from her body radiating near mine. "Just relax."

I began my pleasurable assault on her by suckling what I knew to be a sensitive hot spot of a femme's body, on her neck just below her audio receptor. From there I affectionately nibbled up her jaw, teasing her lips with my own before moving down the other side of her jaw and finally to just below her other audio receptor.

But enough kissing.

"I want you to close your optics and concentrate on what your body feels," I spoke softly into her audio receptor.

"What about my interface panel? Should I open it now or when you tell me to?" she asked when I gently nuzzled not nose against hers.

"Open it when you feel comfortable," I smiled, kissing her deeply.

Moving beside her, my hands started exploring her body, taking my time. Her slender neck. The rise of her bosom. The flat, taut belly. The delicate curve of her hip and strong thighs. Fingers gently needed various parts of her body, experimentally searching for her sensual hot spots. Akima would moan and lean into my touch if I hit a particularly sensitive spot.

Once I felt confident I knew some of her pleasure zones, I boldly stroked her inner thighs. Slowly, moving upwards making her legs spread apart. I dared to let one finger lightly graze over the center of her heated interface panel.

It instantly slid open and a trace amount of lubricant seeped out.

I smiled. Youth and inexperience. Oh well. She will learn how to extend certain pleasures as she gains experience. As a result, I purposely stroked and caressed the sensitive soft metal skin that surrounded her port. In a sense, I teased her to see how she'd react.

Her hips grew restless and she spread her legs a little further apart. All signs of an invitation. But not yet. I wasn't going to rush her into her first overload. That wasn't my style. The art of intimacy cannot be rushed if one was to enjoy it to its fullest extent.

However, it was difficult. My interface systems were as eager as her. It was only through skill and experience that I was able to maintain control and not allow my interface systems to dictate my actions.

"I'm going to try something. Please tell me if it hurts in anyway."

"Ok," she rasped, keeping her optics closed.

With one finger, I swiped up the small amount of lubricant then slowly slid my finger around the rim of her small port. She mewled loudly. The soft, gently action triggered more lubricant to seep out. I repeated the slow, teasing, action with a feathery touch.

Akima gently nudged at my appendage, needing more.

I smiled. It was now or never.

Carefully and slowly, I slipped my finger into her port and slid it around, stroking the inner wall. This time Akima cried out to Primus, grabbing hold of the bed with her hands. Not the first time I've made a femme crying out to our God during a passionate moment.

But as expected, she had a rather sensitive port which had to be handled delicately. I feared that as I continually moved my finger in and out and around her port that she'd overload. I didn't want to overload her that way. At least, not today. Perhaps another time.

No, what I had in mind was perhaps a little more intimate.

So, I pulled my finger out slowly and moved between her spread legs. Getting down closer, I pressed my lips to her metal skin just above her port. She was growing more restless and I knew she was more than ready to the next step.

Mouth open, I suckled along the rim of her port, enticing her, pleasuring her. Then I stuck my tongue into her port, licking the sensitive pleasure node located within her port just below the outer rim. Akima bucked and cried out in surprise, making me have to hold her legs down with my arms.

Looking up I saw her supple chest rise and fall rapidly. The more I teased, licked and nibbled the node the faster she panted. From experience I knew I was close to overloading her. She writhed and mewled before me as I continued to stimulate her over and over until finally her first ever overload erupted through her systems.

Akima threw her head back, arching into me instinctively and gasped loudly. Feeling her legs relax in my arms, I let them go then sat up and watched her in her relaxed state, taking in every lovely detail.

Her body was still trembling from the after effects of her overload. Her beautiful face expressed the contentment that came after a good climax. It made me smile that I was able to do this for her. Then her optics fluttered open and my smile grew more affectionate. Soft blue orbs mirrored her body's state. Her lips stretched into a loving smile.

"Wow," she sighed, her voice husky from the exertion on her systems.

"That about sums up an overload perfectly," I smiled, snuggling beside her, my one hand caressed her body lovingly.

"What about you?" she worriedly asked.

"I'm fine," I replied.

"You're running hot. I can hear your cooling systems."

"Don't worry about me," I insisted. "I have patience and can wait."

"What…what if…" she started then turned all shy on me, blushing madly.

"What if what?"

"I want to experience more," she said softly. Then added firmly, optics filled with a flamed passion I had not anticipated from her yet but welcomed it none the less. "Magnus, I want to interface with you. Please."

"Are you sure?" I asked, pulling her up against my chest.

Akima nodded then kissed me deeply. The passion I had for her didn't take much to be reignited as we stroked and caressed one another. The scent of her sweet smell still lingered in the air around us only adding to the moment.

Perhaps I was a little eager but I could not stop my interface panel from retracting, allowing my interface rod to fully extend as I moved on top of her. I gasped into her kiss when she raised her leg slightly, grazing my interface rod. Akima immediately noticed a change between us.

"Is that…" she said.

"Sorry," I smiled sheepishly, pushing myself up off her so she could see.

"Wow…you're kind of…big!" she exclaimed, optics a bit wide.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked, my arms starting to tremble, not from holding myself up but from the burning need of my interface systems.

"Yes. I'm ready."

"If I'm hurting you just tell me to stop and I'll pull out."

She nodded and I saw her optics were focused between us, watching what I was doing. I shifted my weight to one arm and reached between us, positioning the tip of my heated rod near her port opening. I know she has a small port but Primus made us all able to fit together. I knew it would stretch to allow my girth to penetrate her.

As a skilled lover, it was my responsibility to not hurt her in anyway. And so, carefully and ever so gently I slid my thick, throbbing rod into the opening of her moist, hot, tight port and watched Akima's reaction.

The curious femme opened her mouth slightly. I wanted to make sure I wasn't hurting her so I took it slowly. The further I moved in, the more of a reaction I got out of her. With her optics now shuddered, she dropped her had back and arched her sinuous neck up towards me, tempting me.

I could not hold back from tasting it, feeling her moaning against my lips. The rise of her shapely chest jutted up, pressing into mine. Her hands that had been gripping my shoulders, were now sliding up and down the back of my arms. All telltale signs that she was feeling…good.

A deep groan rumbled in my throat when I slipped effortlessly in the rest of the way. My hips moved with careful deliberation when I pulled back then pressed inward. Gliding. Sliding. In. Out. In. It didn't take long for Akima's hips to move hungrily against mine. She was young and I expected that.

I continued to move steadily, methodically between her opened thighs. Akima began responding more and more. Moist desperate kisses. Her body was undulating beneath me in rhythm with my own. Her hands grabbed my aft, forcing me down on her harder, as if wanting me to plunge deeper into her pleasantly warm center. Her cries of pleasure were growing in volume and fueled my craving for her even more.

I was on the verge of losing what little control I had left.

Then the walls of her port suddenly constricted around my rod as she moaned my name loudly and I was catapulted over the brink into pure ecstasy anxious to reach the pinnacle. Akima instinctively wrapped her legs around me as I thrust against her faster and harder.

"I love you, Akima," I panted between my kisses that moved over her neck and face.

My mouth found hers at last. Surprisingly, she forced her tongue into my mouth before I could do the same to her. I held it captive, suckling it, caressing it, relishing in her sweet metallic taste it with my own tongue. Finally, I released it, feeling my overload was now moments away.

"Talk to me," I urgently gasped, pressing my forehead against hers, slowly my hips to regain some semblance of control. "I need to know…I want to feel you overload."

Her face scrunched up slightly as if frustrated at the same time her hips thrust hard up against mine.

"Tell me what you want, love," I whispered. "Tell me what you need."

She whimpered, trembling hands caressed my chest.

"Shh, relax…let it come," I told her, adjusting my hips slightly, driving into her with a slight gyration that changed the angle I slid within her.

"Ahh, Magnus!" she gasped, mouth wide open, arching her back.

"You liked that," I smiled, knowing my rod slid with just the right pressure over her sensitive inner node.

"Oh yes!"

I did it again, just a little bit harder.


Again, a little faster. Then again even faster and harder, making her shout.

"Magnus…" she moaned loudly, her optic covers fluttered and I new her overload was about to happen.

I grunted, closing my optics covers I focused on driving my hips as before, feeling her deliciously tight port completely engulf my swollen rod over and over. The energy within my interface systems was building up quickly with each pelvic push. Akima's pants and moans increased in frequency until her voice called my name out in orgasmic intoxication.

A moment later, my own overload accelerated from my interface rod to the rest of my body in an electrical current of sexual euphoria. Utterly lost to the sensations, I collapsed on her. Together our bodies trembled and convulsed, riding out our climax to its fullest extent.

It took several long minutes before I was able to lift my head up to see the relaxed, pleasant smile on Akima's face. To me she was the most beautiful femme in existence.

"You're so beautiful," I whispered as tender fingers caressed her face.

"Hmm, thank you," she sighed, lazily opening her optic covers. "You're rather handsome for a mech wrecker."

I blushed, making her giggle softly.

"I'm so tired now," she said, barely able to keep her optic covers open. "Does interfacing always wear one out?"

"Not always. But this was your first time. So it's normal for you to need a long recharge afterwards."

"Ok," she murmured, snuggling up to me. "Thank you…my handsome mech.

"You're welcome," I smiled, kissing her lips. "Recharge my love."

My smiled widened as she was in recharge before I even finished my sentence. Careful to not disturb her, I slowly slide my rod from her port and heard the distinct soft click of her interface panel automatically closing up. Then I moved onto my back, holding her to my chest, but making sure she was in a comfortable position. Moments later I contently fell into recharge for the night, feeling wonderful about my future with this lovely femme.

For those that do not know, the song is by Elton John, called Can You Feel the Love Tonight. I swear I'm such a hopeless romantic as I was nearly in tears during that scene. I hope everyone enjoyed the fic. Sorry it took so long. I had to finish it before posting the final chapter of MBRS. I hope you really ENJOYED that Phoenix13. That was for you girl!