Ello! This story takes place during the New Moon time period, starting with this first segment which fits in with Chapter 3 of New Moon- when Edward meets Bella to have a "talk" with her in the woods. Bum bum bum.

Hope y'all enjoy. :)

(Unknown POV)

I watch as Edward Cullen sits in his Volvo parked in front of Charlie Swan's house. His head rests on the steering wheel, anguish clear on his perfect face. I hold my breath. I'm noiseless and invisible where I crouch in my hiding spot.

The roar of a rusty red truck chugging its way up the street breaks the silence and pulls itno the driveway next to Edward. His head immediately shoots up before the human driver can see, and he walks fluidly to the girl when she steps out of her truck. She seems staggered when he reaches to take her book bag only to place it back in the truck, but he doesn't seem to take any notice.

"Come for a walk with me," His voice is stiff, almost cold or callous, and he takes her hand before she can utter a reply. Bella's face is a look of surprise and… not fear, but panic as he pulls her along to the edge of the forest and stop after just a few steps, still visible from my hideout.

I look around slowly before making my way closer to get a better view.

Our one and only chance is rapidly approaching.

Bella POV

Some walk, I thought dryly. My heartbeat was thumping so violently that I had no doubt in my mind that Edward could hear it with perfect clarity. Not that he showed any sign of it. He leaned against a tree, staring at me with an indecipherable look.

"Okay, let's talk," I suggested with a calm and fearless voice that defied my inner turmoil. . Edward took a great breath, daring himself to talk. He opened his mouth to speak, and then….

Time froze.


Apologies for the short length, but I have a lot more planned, promise. :)