Part Two

Sometime before Alice and Bella go back and stop Edward from breaking up with Bella in Time

Vampire Bella POV

"You. Didn't."

I always knew there was a reason to fear Alice, to be aware of how lethal she could be if she really got mad. And now, I had proof.

I watched in awe, amusement, and mostly fright as she absolutely blew up at Emmett. I couldn't remember the last time I saw Emmett look this… terrified, and somehow, I couldn't blame him.

Alice's once perfect canary yellow 911 Porsche now lacked one side mirror, currently cradled in Emmett's large hands, limp in shock. "I swear I didn't mean to, Alice. It was an accident. Please forgive me. I'll pay for the repairs, I promise. Don't be mad…" he trailed off as he watched Alice's livid expression.

"I am not mad," she murmured softly. I am FURIOUS!" Her voice clawed up the musical staff. I was no Alice, and yet I still I saw that one coming. "You can't get around without knocking off the side mirror of every damn car in Forks!"

I began to get anxious, aware that Alice hadn't been very emotionally stable since Jasper's death. While she had been doing better recently, she was nowhere near the way she was before, and nobody blamed her for her distraught state. The only reason she stayed alive was because of us, the remaining family that held her together now. Recently she had been doing better, and I hated to see her this upset.

I looked up at Edward who was lounging in the Jeep and watching the scene taking place, but he didn't seem too worried. He winked lovingly at me, and I had to smile, momentarily forgetting the scene before me. Carlisle sighed and leapt from the front seat of the truck soundlessly and walked calmly up to us.

"Alice, I know you are very upset, but we do have to leave if we want to be back by the end of the weekend." It was true; all of the guys were heading out for an all male hunting trip, and Emmett, with his undeniable bulk, ambling past Alice's car in the garage had accidentally, well, demolished her side mirror. The fact that a vampire with his reflexes could possibly accidentally run into anything would have been hysterical if not for Alice's undeniable rage.

Alice's expression only grew in resentment, so Carlisle swiftly stepped in again. Wisely and in an attempt to settle her down, he coaxed, "I don't think Bella would enjoy her first day of school as a vampire without Edward." I looked down at the ground, suddenly finding deep interest in every tiny dirt crystal. "Once we return, we will make any reparations needed for your car, but now is not the time," he added with authority. Emmett huffed out a breath of relief, probably thankful for the stall time.

I watched as Alice's face gradually pacified into a mask of calm. I frowned down at her; there was something… off about her eyes. I blinked and looked back up.

"I'm sorry, Carlisle. Leave; we'll be fine here… but when you come back…" she trailed off, glaring venomously at Emmett, her angel's mask disappearing, not having anyone deceived. He made an odd, gurgling, whimpering sound very quietly that I had to strain to hear, even with my enhanced senses.

With that, Esme strolled out of the house with Rosalie; they had clearly been listening until the worst was over. Edward left his refuge of the Jeep to say goodbye, the coward. He walked slowly up to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and rested his forehead against mine, waiting until I looked up at him. "Hey," he murmured gently, making an effort to grab my attention. He had it instantly.

"Be careful, and please make sure Alice behaves. I don't know what she's got planned, but from her thoughts, it's not ideally amiable." I widened my eyes, trying to think of what Alice could possibly accomplish in her rage of fury. The potential outcomes made my grip tighten on Edward's shirt collar. He shook his head and reflexively strengthened his grip on my waist. Not having the strength or the patience, I kissed him, and I was completely lost. Emmett cleared his throat.

I ignored my brother- in- law.

Edward grinned against my lips. "Maybe I'll stay…" he mumbled against my lips, a low growl barely audible started to build slowly from somewhere in his chest. He suddenly grew rigid, and he rolled his eyes before kissing me again, breaking away sooner than I found necessary. "Emmett is ready to rip my head off if I don't leave now." He kissed my wedding ring softly. "I love you."

And then Emmett yanked my husband away by his jacket and tossed him into the Jeep casually, but Edward flipped fluidly to the seat. I raised my eyebrows; Edward just let Emmett fling him into the car. He smirked and grabbed Emmett's arm as Carlisle started the truck down the road. I watched Edward throw an unsuspecting Emmett out of the car, speeding away into the trees. But Emmett wasn't going down without a fight.

With great force, he heaved Edward with him, obviously not taking into consideration that his opponent could read his every move before he did it. Edward used Emmett's body as a springboard, kicking off from him in mid air, pouncing twenty feet back into the still moving car, leaving Emmett to crash into the ground. Emmett just happened to land right in front of Alice. He flinched away from her poisonous stare instantly as if by instinct.

"Revenge is a sin…" I caught him mutter under his breath, disgruntled as he jumped out of the ten- foot hole, storming across the path and started to sprint, now unseen in the forest, speeding to the Jeep. Everyone listened as Emmett advanced to the quickly moving truck, expecting to hear the soft thud of his body hitting the car seat. Instead, we heard two boulders colliding with great force, resulting in Emmett's triumphant laugh. I could feel Rosalie's eyes on me, but I just held up a finger, anticipating the upcoming sound.

Soon enough, Edward's chuckle was easily heard, followed by Emmett's "What the hell?!" and a very loud clash of thunder. Rosalie hissed in frustration. I rolled my eyes at the silly competition she held in her mind.

"Boys!" Esme's clear voice rang the loudest through the whole area, and everything stood still. Nobody breathed.

"Sorry," Edward and Emmett mumbled in unison, both obviously now seated properly in the truck. Esme looked displeased. Carlisle laughed quietly, and the Jeep was too far away to hear anymore.

I turned to see Alice looking blankly out into space, somehow still keeping the toxic gleam in her stare as she watched the future. I half expected the plant under her gaze to burst into flame. Then she blinked, and her eyes focused back into bone chilling- malice.

"Alice," Esme said, looking at the short woman intently. I watched as Alice's face slowly transformed into a masquerade of quiet disappointment before she turned around to face her mother. Esme's face was shocked; she obviously expected a different look to be on Alice's face. Probably one of hate. Rosalie snorted, not fooled.

"Oh, Alice, we'll fix your car. I'm sorry, I know how special it is to you, but it's not the end of the world." Alice's jaw clenched by a hair of a centimeter, but she managed to keep her mask on.

"I'm going to go hunting with Rosalie nearby; her eyes are getting too dark," Esme continued. "So I want you, Bella, to make sure Alice behaves while we're gone. When I get back, I want the house to be in the same condition it is now; I'm redoing the kitchen this weekend, and I can't do that if the house is on fire."

Apparently, Esme wasn't fooled either.

I nodded absentmindedly, trying to imagine a weekend alone in the house with a deadly Alice Cullen. "Can I go with-"

"I'm sorry, Bella, but Edward wants to take you hunting Sunday night right before school starts- just the two of you, and Alice hunted yesterday." I frowned, looking at Alice's eyes. They were onyx black… with fury.

But I could wait one weekend with Alice for alone time with Edward, couldn't I?

I hoped so.


I tried to sit as far away from Alice on the couch as possible. She seemed perfectly calm, and that was what was scaring me out of my wits. I listened in dread as Rose's BMW engine purr leisurely grew more and more distant with every sorrowful second. Then, I was officially left alone with Alice. And not just bubbly, energetic Alice. This was devious, fuming, revenge- thirsty Alice, using this recent tragedy with her car as a distraction from mourning her husband's death.

"Bella," she began.

"No." Distractions or no distractions, I was not going to allow her to suck me into a plan that would possibly lead to illegal acts of violence or distructions.

Her eyes narrowed. "Emmett deserves to be punished," she stated simply, thoughtfully. I scrutinized her carefully.

"He's not here anyways. Don't you think that you would need him here to get your payback?" I asked hopefully, but unfortunately in vain. She smiled to herself.

"Oh, he doesn't need to be here for me to get even." Of course not.

" Did you hear what Esme said at all?" She rolled her eyes.

"Honestly, Bella. I'm not going to do anything to the house at all. I'm just going to get back at that bas-"

"No," I rejected, in a what-seemed to be firm, no nonsense voice. And then she unleashed her lethal, alarmingly hazardous glare on me, her target. If looks could kill… I swallowed unnecessarily.

"I just want you to help me, Bella. I've done so much for you, and the one thing I really want you to do for me, you refuse!" she hissed at me, and I was frozen in shock. It was just a car, an easily replaced vehicle. .

"Carlisle said-"

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him," she said through clenched teeth, staring me down. I nodded, alarmed. She beamed, seeming pleased with herself, looking like an angel… with horns.

"Thank you, Bella. I knew you would understand," she piped happily. "Okay, now," she murmured, leaning her elbows on her knees and resting her chin on her hands, face serious and fatal again. "Let me think," she mumbled before closing her eyes, looking into the future. I had half a mind to creep up the stairs to my bedroom and lock the door, to keep her away for only a few seconds so I could jump out the window and escape…

"Don't. Even. Think. About. It," she growled through her teeth

Never mind then.

Five minutes later, Alice slowly looked up at me, and I knew something terrible was going to happen. She smiled. "Bella, did you know that Emmett has a fireworks collection that he's saved up from the 1940's?" I only stared at her, abiding for the horrendous cue of her catastrophic course of action.

"A lot of them have been named illegal to have; too dangerous or big. He has a massive variety that takes up one of the garages. One of them is as tall as me. He's been saving them for one day when he claims to set them all off on a dry July. He might sell half of them. But if something were to happen to them on accident…" she trailed off, clearly satisfied with herself. I grimaced. This wouldn't be good. We would probably have to flee the country before they returned. No more school for a while."Don't worry, Bella. I've got everything planned. Now, follow me," she said in a no- nonsense tone that had me running after her, around the house to stand in front of Edward's Volvo. I stared at the silver car, wondering what this possibly had to do with Emmett.

Alice rolled her eyes. "Calm down, we just need to use Edward's car to carry all of the fireworks." I relaxed as much as I could with the current situation. Of course, Alice couldn't drive her own car with a missing side mirror. What was I thinking?

"If you ruin this car with your stupid revenge, I swear Alice-" she cut me off, revving the engine loudly. I hissed crossly as the tires squealed, jumping off the road and into the forest's barely there trail. Soon, we were parked in front of one of the five garages.

Alice was a black and white blur running into the pristine building. I followed at my own pace, reluctant to see what was inside. As I walked through the iron doors, I could only gape at the mountains upon mountains of boxes of fireworks. Most of them were completely coated with dust. One box stood alone in the middle of the room, and it was, in fact, as tall as Alice. I frowned, wondering where my sister would take all of these for her vendetta.

"Hurry up, Bella. We have work to do," Alice demanded impatiently, already coming in for a second trip, picking up a stack of boxes twice her size and running gracefully out in less than three seconds. I pressed my lips and followed, carrying a stack five times bigger than Alice's and the largest firework rocket, obviously Emmett's favorite, enjoying my effortless strength.

She came scampering in again, throwing me a dirty look. "Please keep up," she pleaded.

"Sorry," I mumbled. Alice picked up another looming tower of cardboard boxes, making me hold my breath when the stack swayed ever so slightly, freezing just when I thought it would fall. I shook my head and ran after Alice to shove the fireworks into the backseat. I snagged the extra set of keys from Alice that she stole, only to have them snatched back.

I sighed. "You don't know where we're going," she reminded me. I gritted my teeth and slammed my door, making sure not to dent the car. It wouldn't be good to explain a dent on Edward's Volvo when he came home; these people and their cars... Alice started the engine again and the trees blurred into a jade wall around us while I chose to stare dejectedly out the window. Alice sped at a very unreasonable speed around the forest for twenty minutes, swerving impossibly close to a tree, then veering away at the last minute, driving me insane.

"Calm down, nothing is going to happen to Edward's precious car. Unlike mine," she added through gritted teeth. I bit my lip and swallowed my sarcastic remark bubbling on my tongue. Alice noticed. She smirked, staring straight ahead. I watched in horror as we sped faster and faster to a large, green, gaping gorge.

"Alice!" I shrieked in panick. She smiled calmly and veered sharply to the left, turning the car horizontal, the tires screaming. The Volvo abruptly came to a treacherously hazardous stop parallel to the very edge of the gorge. I swallowed loudly as Alice giggled hysterically.

"Oh, you should have seen your face!" Her tiny frame vibrated with laughter, making me want to hit something. While it was wonderful to hear her laugh after what seemed to be ages, the joy was overridden with my growing sense of hate and rage.

I opened the door angrily, but halted in my tracks. Below my foot was nothing but air for miles until the cliff reached the bottom of a muddy river. I glared at Alice who was watching me in deep amusement. I climbed soundlessly out of the Volvo and clambered gracefully to the roof. From there I easily jumped off, landing on soft dirt on the other side of the car, pleased with myself.

Alice clapped sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes. "So what do you plan to do, Alice? Ruin Edward's car in vengeance of your own Porsche's minor blemish?" I questioned, fuming. She ignored me, opening the back door of the Volvo and pulling out a sealed cardboard box. She ripped it open and walked over to the rim of the ravine, grinning as she slowly dumped the contents of the box into the gully. We both waited in silence as we waited for the loud splash! of the demise of the ancient and rare fireworks.

No, she couldn't just drop them into a pool, she had to drag me twenty minutes outside of Forks and nearly scare me out of my mind, almost destroying Edward's automobile in the process.

All because of her stupid side mirror.

"I'm going to run back and get the last stack; I'm faster than the car. While I'm gone, I need you to start throwing those down the gorge. Once they get wet, they're ruined. Hurry, Esme and Rose are going to be back in an hour." I saluted and walked to the car as Alice disappeared. I worked swiftly as I chucked the firecrackers and fireworks down the large valley in the ground, waiting for the large slap of water each time they collapsed in the small river that I could barely see, even with my advanced vision.

Alice hadn't arrived once I was done, and this annoyed me. I leaned against the nearest tree, waiting. I smirked, turning around suddenly to experiment. It had been a year since I was transformed, and my strength had begun to ebb. I punched the tree, laughing when it left a hole that I could see through.

I karate chopped it, gaping as the top half toppled… right beside the Volvo. My mouth formed an 'o' when the enormous tree missed the car by a hair. I tensed to get in the car to move it, but realized Alice had the keys. I growled in frustration. I would have to pick up the car and move it by hand. I mounted on top of the oak, its diameter at least four feet wide, ready to step forward and grab the Volvo.

Then I heard the crack.

It would have shattered my eardrums if I was still human. The ground started shaking under the oak, under the Volvo. Crap! The Earth gradually started to decay right from under my feet, and with a deafening groan, I started to fall.

Right with half the tree and the Volvo.

I jumped reflexively, landing on my back a few yards away from the now wider gorge as the ground continued to crumble inches away from where I rested on safe land. I watched in frozen despair as the Volvo fell to its doom."What the hell did you do?" Alice screamed, her voice echoing through the entire forest.

"You couldn't see this coming?" I spluttered.

"Only if you decided to kill the Volvo ten minutes ago!" she spat.

I scrambled up to rise next to her, both of us petrified when we heard the high-pitched whistle, and the hollow pop.

That was nothing compared to the sound of the Volvo engine exploding with the millions of firecrackers inside of it. Seconds later, the enormous firework rocket I had picked up earlier soared in the air, flaming. Then, it detonated… At the exact same time as the flames blasted from the Volvo and other fireworks.

The brilliant colors flashed blindingly across our faces as the explosion erupted into one million different shards of light. As I stared at the dreadful beauty of the scene, I began to lose all feeling of my body, though I knew it was only an illusion. I wanted desperately to move, but I could only stand next to Alice, gazing over the gorge at the now blazing Volvo bonfire.

I shared a long glance with Alice. "You know what this means, right?" I asked her once I found my voice. She arched an eyebrow.

"Blame Emmett?"


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