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(9:00 AM London)

Edward Falcon was currently sipping tea like a sissy next to a roaring fire while talking to one of his best friends Wang Tang. "DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!" yelled Wang Tang.

"Nope not a clue," Falcon replied cheerfully.


"Because I just wanted you to get over here." He replied -in a mocking tone. "WHY I OGHTA KI- BOOM

(8:15 AM somewhere)

Kurogane was currently holding off hoards undead zombies that where at least two stories high while Fai just sat there watching.

"Go Kuro-tan!" he called out in a cheery voice.

"ARENT YOU GONNA HELP ME!" Kurogane roared back at Fai.

"But I have to watch over them," Looking at the slumped images of a passed out Sakura and a beaten up Syaoran, "Also, I don't want to commit any sins." Fai piped.

"Okay, first that's why you have confession, two you are not Christian!" Kurogane yelled out. All of a sudden, all the zombies turned into a 100 story tall zombie giant, "This sucks," he commented looking up at the giant.

He jumps and tries to cut off its arm only to be swatted behind the giant. When he got up he got crapped on, literally crapped on, by the giant. "OMFG THAT IS IT!!" He yelled.

(sorry due to gore and graphic images we will have to skip this part)

In three seconds Kurogane was breathing heavily on top of a pile zombie pieces. "Woot (whistles) that's Kuro-tan for ya." Then a voice came out of the rubble. "Self destucting in 10..9..8..". "Oh shit…."

Mokona opens up a portal in its mouth quickly.



There was a bright flash then they could see smoke coming out of a gaping hole out of the north of the house. The two fighters jumped out of their seats and got ready to fight anything that came out of the smoke. What they saw somewhat amused them. A ninja-like man (Kurogane) looked like he'd been crapped on and was sucking on his thumb.

Falcon was the first to speak, curious about the scene before him "Who are you and where did you come from?"

"We are travelers from a faraway place." Fai answered.

Then, another samurai and a girl in a pink short kimono came running in. "Hey Falcon, Wang, you guys okay?" the samurai in a blue and yellow ronin suit asked. "Yeah we're okay but, we're still wondering who these guys are," pointing directly at the battered group that came from Mokona's mouth.

(9:30 PM London )

"Come here everybody."Falcon opened a book and showed the group (or really just Sakura and co.) the fabled stones called the power stones.

With an unlikely gasp, Kurogane swayed and faintly not so gently onto the floor, and Syaoran started shooting questions at a rapid speed toward Falcon.

After all the explanations of their own journey, Syaoran explained and pointed at the diagrams in the book. The Power Stones held a feather of Sakura in each stone.

Suddenly, the door to the study room opened, and a mummy-liked person walked in with a big, bright colored jewel with him.

"Yo, Jack!" Falcon greeted from his comfortable seat on the plushy chair.

Sakura glanced back at the doorway to see a few more people entered. With a surprised noise, she called out, "Chun'yan!"

"Hello guys, Sakura!" she waved and smiled. Then they all had a group hug while the Power Stone characters looked at them like they were crazy.

Pete ticked off Rouge because he said she was fat. Then she used her flame attacks to burn him to bits.

But one of the attacks accidentally hit Ryoma and Ayame. She thought Ryoma hit her so she sent endless waves of giant shuriken and senbons at his poor ass.

He dodged most of them except one senbon which was placed very close to his precious "family jewels". The rest of the dangerous weapons hit everybody else and started a big fight amongst everyone.

(After the battle)

Everybody was cut up, beaten, and bruised after 4 hours of battling. Falcon just sat there mumbling how his dad (Pride Falcon) was going to kill him, while other were K'O, and moaning about their injuries.

(8:50 AM)

"So, Syaoran looks like we're enemies now," Falcon said tiredly. "What do you mean Falcon-san?" Syaoran asked. "We're looking for the same thing but for different purposes, so I guess we'll have to fight each other sooner or later."

"Yes, I supposed we will," He said disappointedly. After the Tsubasa group packed they headed out to find the fabled stones of power.


"GOOD LUCK TO YOUR GUYS TOO!" Fai yelled back.

"YOU KNOW WE WON'T GO EASY ON YOU GUYS !" Falcon screeched.

"WE KNOW!" Kurogane was getting irritated.

"JA NE!!" both groups hollered.

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